Revenge A.K.A. The Unknown Entity, is Rinku's greatest rival and main enemy.


how his story started is pretty much unknown other than being Rinku's enemy. He sensed Rinku coming so he went in the forest. He saw a chance to take Rinku's powers. He stole them and sent Rinku to the past were he would stay and not deafeat him. He went and gathered many objects to become ultimate Revenge, and destroy anyone who got in his way.


He seems to have many powers but the most used one's will be listed. Also it seems he is very powerful because he took out Shadow and Knuckles together with almost nothing.

Omnikinesis He took it from Rinku.

Super Speed He also took it from Rinku.

Chaos powers He had them.

Revenge He can take powers from people with a chaos emerald.

Super Form His super form is that of a monster.

Any other signauter move from the main series of sonic.


He can be described by his name. He is ruthless and was/is hated for it. He is somewhat like Rinku but More twisted. He is also a jerk. And on any website he spams and hacked into other peoples accounts to get them blaimed.


  • His name was originally going to be hatred.


So far his species is unknown. He has quills like mephiles(crystal form), and has dragon/tiger/dog/echidna characteristics.

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