Return of Evil is a recently released story in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It is the sequel to The Dusk Wolf, and the second story in the series to take place from Boulder the Lycanroc's POV. Enerjak returns as the main antagonist. The final story in the trilogy is Shadows of Vengeance.



A great evil has returned, foretold by the visions of a young Lycanroc warrior named Boulder. The young Megastone Rogue has since returned home after a long journey with his new friend Dawn, but when Enerjak takes Angel Island for himself, driving out Knuckles and the Chaotix, and overtakes Lycus for leadership of his Gang, the Alliance find themselves with some unusual new allies.

Detailed Plot Summary:

Prologue: The Prologue starts with Lycus' Gang driving Knuckles(Archie) and the Chaotix from Angel Island. When Knuckles tries to fight back, he is easily knocked out by his target, and taken away by the Chaotix. Lycus then leans against a tree as he is gloating with Rory, but Enerjak appears, noting that Lycus really only takes orders from "someone else" as Finitevus arrives. Lycus gives him a quick glance before retorting to Enerjak that Finitevus gave him the opportunity to go after the "worthless lump of fur" Austin Smith, and he took it. Silvally notes that going after Austin was all Lycus ever thought about, and the rest of the Gang(sans Finitevus and Knuckles), agree with it, and force Lycus to leave. The Lycanroc does leave, and Finitevus and Knuckles follow. Finitevus decides that they need help. Lycus growls if he's got any ideas, and Finitevus replies that he has one, but one he may not like.

Main Story: Boulder is practicing his Stone Edge attack with Finnick and Lucas, and when it's his turn to try it, he is overcome by a vision of Finitevus, Lycus, and Knuckles heading through Lamarkie Forest, waiting for a Red Fox Pack patrol to pass by before they head through the Pack's territory. Howling that Finitevus was coming, Boulder rushes over to the forest, and sees them come out. Finnick and Lucas join him; Finnick lets out a snarl, while Lucas gives a startled howl, alerting the other warriors. Austin and his close friend Storm the Buizel come out first, and Boulder sees Austin's blue gaze harden with hatred. Fox arrives, demanding to know what was going on. Lucas tells Fox that Boulder had a vision regarding their arrival, to which Austin gives a disbelieving snort. Lycus explains that he had been kicked from his Gang, and Fox growls that he needs to talk it over with the other leaders; unnerved, Boulder leaves, and hears Austin and Storm leaving as well. Later, Boulder is helping Austin clear away some branches, and they start talking about Finitevus. Austin growls that if Fox were a true leader, he'd have thrown Finitevus out no question. He then adds that if he were leader, then he'd have thrown Finitevus in prison to avoid any repeats. As Austin tugs on a branch, Boulder sees his eyes blazing with hate at something only he could see, and hesitantly decides to tell the older warrior about his vision of the night Michael was fatally injured. Austin explains who was in Boulder's vision, and the young Lycanroc sees him to swallow hard. Austin then snarls angrily that he never liked Finitevus to begin with, but now he hated him. He goes on to say that he and Michael had been the closest of brothers, but Finitevus ripped that away from him. As if unwilling to continue the conversation, Austin runs back to the Base, his hackles bristling. An unknown time later, Austin, Storm, and Boulder are practicing Z-Moves with Finnick, Lerry the Bear, and Shamar the Fennec. Finnick-with Shamar's help-demonstrates Continental Crush, and Lerry helps Storm use Hydro Vortex. When it comes time for Austin and Boulder to use Continental Crush, Boulder loses concentration, thus failing the move. When he lands, he has a terrifying vision of Mephiles, and when he recovers, Boulder senses his father's disappointment in his failure, and is just as unhappy. A couple of nights later, Boulder is unable to sleep because of his failure. He slips out to practice by himself, telling Thunder this when the tabby tomcat standing guard stops him. Boulder practices his leap by jumping into the air while using Stone Edge repeatedly. Austin appears, and asks Boulder if he wants to try again. After some hesitation, Boulder nods, feeling determined. The first few times they try, they fail. Finally, Boulder manages to keep his concentration while using Continental Crush, and successfully pulls off the attack. Exhausted but ecstatic, Boulder runs to Austin, who gives him a hug in their shared pride and happiness. Finitevus breaks in, stating that it was "Interesting. Very interesting indeed.", startling the pair. Boulder spots Finitevus looking at him, not Austin, and unhappily deduces that he must've seen them pull off Continental Crush. A furious Austin stalks off, and Boulder has a vision of the Battle of Angel Island on the Shrine Isle and the direct aftermath. In his vision, after the Battle, he sees Michael rush up to Austin, slightly calming his petrified brother. Boulder feels slightly envious, as he never had any siblings, so he would never truly understand or know the bond that held Austin and Michael so tightly together. The vision ends, and Boulder sees Finitevus still staring at him with interest. Trying to act nonchalant, Boulder walks away as confidently as he can, and slips off to Austin's room to tell the bigger warrior about his vision. A tired and groggy Austin explains what happened, and that Michael was part of the patrol that arrested Finitevus following the Battle. Later, Boulder decides to visit SwiftClan, but has a vision of a big German Shepherd warrior passing out by a pond, and is sidetracked when he finds an injured and unconscious Dakota Smith with his terrified Litten friend Flame. Flame says that a scary person in armor attacked Dakota and threw him into a tree. He adds that Dakota managed to drag himself over to the pond, but fell unconscious there. Boulder struggles to carry Dakota to the Base with Flame right behind him. Lucas runs to SwiftClan, saying that he's going to tell Sedgestar what happened. Boulder then has a vision of when Enerjak brutally attacked Dakota. In the following weeks, Dakota recovers quickly, and is convinced to forgive Dallas for his misjudgment in trusting Finitevus. Boulder is also allowed into a meeting in which the leaders try to figure out a good strategy to defeat Enerjak. The young Lycanroc closes his eyes and hears sounds of village life and sees buildings from Lamarkie Village, and comes up with a good plan to defeat Enerjak. Later, Boulder's plan is put into motion: He and Lucas howl together outside Lamarkie Village to lure Enerjak there, and Boulder heads toward Lamarkie Village, sneering at Enerjak to get him to follow. Enerjak then falls into the Alliance's trap, being battered by Fire Fox and several Charizards before they are all blown back. Austin decides to use Continental Crush with Boulder, and they successfully pull the move off, crushing Enerjak and ensuring defeat by ending his reign of terror. Afterward, Dawn the Lycanroc and Sky the Falcon tease Boulder, and they hear Austin singing, and Sky is amused. Dawn observes that the big warrior was much happier than he had been in a long time, and Boulder notes that Finitevus and Lycus leaving(as they had disappeared before the final battle) must have helped. Sky tells the two that Austin suffered much, and a lot of it was because of Finitevus. The old falcon then glides off to his sleeping quarters. Dawn trots off, saying she promised to watch Flame while Dakota went for a walk to stretch his muscles. Boulder says he's going to rest, and she acknowledges this with a wave of her tail. Boulder heads to his sleeping quarters and falls asleep.

Epilogue: Boulder becomes aware of a shadow at the edge of his mind. He opens his eyes to find himself in a black, empty void. The young Lycanroc hauls himself to his paws, wincing at his sore muscles, and looks around. A deep, menacing voice taunts him that he was very impressive(referring to his Z-Move), but that it won't save him when they return. Boulder shrinks back, recognizing the voice as belonging to Mephiles. He realizes that somehow, Finitevus bringing Enerjak back must've screwed with whatever was protecting the Worlds from darkness, thus allowing Mephiles to return. Boulder frantically looks around, trying to find Mephiles, but cannot due to the being's voice echoing around him. Mephiles continues to taunt the young warrior, saying that the Worlds will fall before him, and that Boulder cannot stop him. Boulder drops down, shuts his eyes, and places his paws over his ears, howling at Mephiles to leave him alone and that the Worlds will never be his; and Mephiles laughs at him all the while.

Included Characters



  • Austin Smith: A big male brown and black German Shepherd Dog in The Storm Fighters. He is relentlessly hunted by the mad villain Finitevus for his vast knowledge of the Four Worlds. He was temporarily a loner alongside his close friend Storm. Austin also worked hard alongside Boulder to master Continental Crush.


  • Boulder the Lycanroc: A young male Dusk Lycanroc in The Megastone Rogues with the odd power of "foresight", which allows him to have sporadic visions of the future and the past. He is the one to have predicted Finitevus' plans to bring Enerjak back to the Four Worlds again. Boulder also worked hard alongside Austin to master Continental Crush.


  • Dr. Finitevus: A mad, villainous echidna often scorned for his views of the Four Worlds. He cares little for others, relentlessly hunting young Austin Smith down out of his desire to have the Storm Fighter's vast knowledge. Finitevus is responsible for bringing Enerjak back to the Four Worlds, thus resulting in him getting booted from Lycus' Gang temporarily. He disappeared from The Storming Base shortly before the final battle with Enerjak.
  • Enerjak: A very dangerous, evil, Chaos-powered Echidna demigod somehow brought back by Finitevus in The Dusk Wolf. In the Prologue of the story, he manipulated the other members of Lycus' Gang into booting Lycus himself and subsequently Finitevus and Knuckles (Sonic Boom) out of the Gang. He was later defeated by Boulder and Austin via Continental Crush.


  • Lycus the Lycanroc: An antagonistic Midnight Lycanroc with an intense hatred of Austin Smith. He is the official leader of his own Gang, but was given the boot when Enerjak manipulated his own Gangmates into turning on him. He later disappeared from the Storming Base shortly before the final battle with Enerjak.



  • Fox the Brave: The mighty leader of the Storm Fighters. He is a tall, lean, hard-muscled red fox with green eyes and a very short temper. He reluctantly allowed Finitevus, Lycus, and Knuckles to stay after being booted from their Gang by Enerjak.
  • Lerry the Bear: A male American Black Bear. He only appears when he helps Storm use Hydro Vortex in the chapter Continental Crash.
  • Shamar the Fennec: A male fennec fox. He only appears when he and Finnick demonstrate Continental Crush in the chapter Continental Crash.
  • Dakota Smith: A young black and brown German Shepherd Dog with amber eyes. He appears after Enerjak attacks him and leaves him unconscious in SwiftClan's Forest. He is carried to the Base by Boulder.
  • Sky the Falcon: An old Peregine Falcon who serves as the main healer at the Storming Base. He appears in the final chapter(of the main story, not counting the Epilogue) when he is teasing Boulder alongside Dawn.


  • Finnick the Lycanroc: Boulder's Midnight Lycanroc father who cares very deeply for his son. He first appears when demonstrating the "ground-pound" Stone Edge to Boulder. He then works alongside Shamar to demonstrate Continental Crush, and makes his final appearance in Crushing Victory complimenting Austin and Boulder after they use Continental Crush to defeat Enerjak.
  • Lucas the Lycanroc: A rather reserved Midday Lycanroc who was Boulder's adopted father. He only appears when Finnick is demonstrating a Stone Edge to Boulder, and when he encounters Finitevus, Lycus, and Knuckles (Sonic Boom) outside the Base.
  • Flame the Litten: Flame appears when Boulder finds an unconscious Dakota and follows the Dusk Lycanroc to the Base when he carries Dakota there.
  • Dawn the Lycanroc: Boulder's love interest and the younger sister of an aggressive rogue named Crunch. She is also a Dusk Lycanroc, and appears in the final chapter(not counting the Epilogue) when she and Sky are teasing Boulder after the final battle with Enerjak.


  • Mephiles the Dark: A strange, shadowy, evil being shaped like Shadow the Hedgehog (Archie). He had previously visited Boulder in a dream(in The Dusk Wolf), offering to "help" Boulder prevent the disasters he sees in his visions, but is turned down when Boulder puts two and two together. He later comes back to haunt Boulder's dreams, and will return as the main antagonist of Shadows of Vengeance.



  • Michael Smith: A handsome white German Shepherd Dog with green eyes who was fatally injured by Finitevus while Austin and Storm were sheltering in Alola. He appears in one of Boulder's visions, but does not make an actual appearance.
  • Dallas Smith: A young white German Shepherd Dog with brown eyes who was tricked by Finitevus into following him, but later realized where his heart truly belonged and returned to The Storming Alliance. He was mentioned when Dakota found it in his heart to forgive his brother's misjudgment.
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Archie): The Guardian of Angel Island. Made a minor cameo in the Prologue but otherwise did not physically appear


  • Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic Boom): A big, brutish Echidna from Bygone Island who had been tricked into following Finitevus, but realized where his heart truly belonged while staying at the Storming Base. He makes a minor cameo in the Prologue but otherwise does not physically appear.


Several times in the draft, Continental Crush is almost called Continental Crash. This is due to the title of the chapter Continental Crash being used as a pun.

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