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Retro Sonic is a real fangame effort by "The Taxman" (Christian Whitehead) to create a platform game

engine with the same capabilities as the engine built into Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The first game called Retro-Sonic was created using the MultiMedia Fusion authoring environment, then rewritten in Visual Basic. It was rewritten once more to create the current current incarnation, called Retro Sonic (without a hyphen). The current incarnation is written in the C++ programming language using DirectX and works on Windows and on the Dreamcast gaming system.

Retro Sonic EggGardens

Level, animation, and game editors are being worked on through the Retro Sonic SDK.


A demo of the game was released for the 2007 Sonic Amateur Games Expo. It featured one zone (Egg Gardens) and a custom rebuild of Emerald Hill Zone.


  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles


  • Sonic and Tails
  • Sonic and Knuckles
  • Sonic and Sonic
  • Knux and Sonic
  • Knux and Tails
  • Knux and Knux
  • Tails and Sonic
  • Tails and Knux
  • Tails and Tails


The game features just two zones, one being split in three acts and another in two but both having a boss in the final act.

  • Egg Gardens: The egg garden is the main zone in Retro Sonic that features Three acts, Two Badnik Types and a Medium Boss in the 3Th act.The egg gardens are built like a giant green castle that is memorial for Dr. Eggman.In the second act, near to the begin of it, you will enter in the inner of the Egg gardens where you can see In The BG, Pictures of Eggman.
  • Emerald Hill Rebuild: Its an rebuilt of the Emerald Hill Zone that has a bit changed the map but has still the same music and boss,When you face eggman, the boss music is another.


The game has:

  • Egg Guardian: A tall robot that has spike balls on arms and on his torso, two flamethrowers near to his leg-Begins.
  • Egg Drill Rebuild: A rebuild of the Classic Egg drill that is the same as in Sonic 2.
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File: Retro Sonic (Beta).7z (3.17MB) (info) Current version: SAGE 2007 Beta

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