This is an article about Retro-Manic, a character created by on 05/16/2013.

|Character Name = Retro Manic

|Age = Physically: 15 Biologically:1

|Gender = Male

|Species = Retro-Hedgehog

|Alignment = Antihero

|Full Name = Retro-Manic

|Relationship Status = Single

|Colour = Red-ish

|Height = Same as Manic

|Weight = Same as Manic

|Likes = Classic adventures, thrills, his friends.

|Dislikes = Bad guys, people calling him a freak, Technology

|Friends = Sonic and co. (But not Tails, due to his dislike Of technology) Wreck the Fox, PilcrowPilcrowPilcrow the ZooBloo |Foes = Eggman, Eggman Nega, Databyte Egg, Professor Manticore |Romantic Interests = None

Retro Manic is an unusual hedgehog created using Manic's DNA.



Special attack:6


Special defense:4




Psyche:8 (unlike manic)




Right, let's give you some instructions-

1. Get the app "Crazy photo booth" For your phone. (It's free!)

2. Download an image of manic (The first one that comes up on google images preferably) off the Internet.

3. Use the image on crazy photo booth

4. Use the "Obama effect" And you have him.


Although he is a counterpart of Manic, they have different personalities. Retro-Manic has a much more serious attitude, And dosen't talk much, like shadow. However, he does have a very good sense of humour. (British Spelling)


Retro-Manic was a science project. He was created by Manic's Engineer, Den the mouse. He was made using Manic's DNA, and a fragment of retro code. With these 2 things, Den could create an embodiment of a retro style manic, rather obviously named, retro manic. He appeared as how Manic would look in a really old comic. After that, he worked with the rest as an Antihero, always helping out in every problem. Despite this, he also has had his own adventures. On these adventures, he met new friends like Wreck the Fox. He is currently working with other fanon characters to stop an invasion of chaotic evil. Or he will be…


He can control anything that is at least 100 years old. Erm… oldkinesis? He can also fire "retro lasers"


He can somehow attack people without them knowing he's going to do it at all.


He has incredible knowledge of the past, like Lunic (funnily enough, another counterpart of manic) and can bore people senseless with it. He is also a power type, like manic.


He is prone to futuristic attacks like cybernetic string.

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