Rethink the Hedgehog
Biographical Information
Age 25 (physically around 16, just like Shadow)
Counterparts None that he is aware of
  • Walking Mind-Screw (by Toxic)
  • Best of the Trolls (by Dismal)
Romantic Interests
  • Unnamed Love Interest
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Black with White Streaks
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • White gloves
  • Black-lined Shadow-style Air Shoes
Political Alignment & Abilities
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Telepathy
  • Mind Control (to a degree)
  • Message Planting
Transformations None
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances to be collected
Original Creator Taylor Gorrell

Rethink the Hedgehog (pronounced "reh-think" instead of the word "re-think") is one of the few good Trolls in existence, similar to Dismal the Hedgehog.


Early Life

It is known that Rethink's early life was a rather good one, having two loving parents and playing his two younger siblings (who are twins). Upon meeting one of the Trolls, Tantrum, he feels that the Trolls could use some class and decides to join of his own volition. However, his abilities quickly got him on the bad sides of many of the Trolls. Even as a Troll, he still kept in contact with his family.

Traitor To Many, Ally to Others

Unlike many of the Trolls, Rethink did not mess with Dismal once during his time with them, making Rethink one of the few Trolls Dismal could truly trust. Rethink did not join his comrade when he left the Trolls, making Dismal think Rethink no longer cared. Rethink, however, stuck around to try and better some of the Trolls, which did not work, so Rethink left to travel the world. Among his travels, he ran into Dismal once more, stunned at his appearance. Rethink tells Dismal that he will help whenever it is needed before flying off. This rendevous is seen by Toxic, however, and Rethink is labeled a traitor. Rethink is usually seen with Dismal and his friends, but he does have his own individual run-ins with other Trolls.

Physical Description

Rethink is a black Shadow recolor with white streaks and yellow eyes. Unlike Shadow, he has a tuft of fur sticking out on his forehead, coming down over his eyes slightly. What sets him apart from Shadow is that Rethink is almost always sporting a small, knowing smile. Like Shadow, he doesn't wear clothes aside from his gloves and shoes.

Oddly, Rethink's fur is unaffected by lighting. There is no shading on his fur at all, making him appear almost like a cartoon character.


Rethink is one of the calmer and unswayable Trolls. He is rather smart, and pays very good attention to his surroundings and other people, often seeing what others don't. His calmness, toned-down kindness, and intelligence make him seem like a creep to other Trolls, but other people see him as a good person.


Rethink's strength level is on par with Sonic, and his speed is on par with Amy. He is also able to fly, usually floating lazily instead of walking. His true power is one of the mind. Anything Rethink says can make its way into the back of an unsuspecting target's mind, causing a mental picture or inclination that makes them re-think what they will do or what they are currently doing. Sometimes the images placed in their heads become horrific, to the point of scaring them to death. Rethink is also very capable of keeping his emotions in check, and can engage in telepathic conversations with anyone.

One power Rethink has, but prefers not to use, is a degree of mind control, allowing him to control another being and strengthen their power. Whoever he controls, however, still keeps their voice and thoughts intact. His controllee can keep the power boost if he so wishes.

Allies & Enemies

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Dismal the Hedgehog

Ever since Dismal became a Troll, Rethink was one of the few Trolls who was not mean to him and could make him feel good about himself. When Dismal ran away, Rethink did not follow him, making Dismal think that Rethink no longer cared. Dismal eventually mostly forgot about Rethink until they met again. Rethink explained his failed attempts to better the Trolls, and apologizes to Dismal for abandoning him, which greatly relieves the gray hedgehog. Rethink then accompanies Dismal and his friends. Rethink usually uses his mind control to make Dismal physically fight, and Dismal (despite his nervousness) has faith in his friend. Eventually, seeing Rethink and the others (especially Madeline) injured, Dismal becomes brave enough to ignore Demental and face Toxic on his own in combat, actually beating him and getting everyone to safety. With this, Rethink could be considered a big step of Dismal's road to recovery.


Through his telepathy, Rethink is capable of speaking with the voice in Dismal's head. Demental is one of two people that Rethink displays true dislike for, due to the voice's constant degradation of Dismal. Eventually, Dismal learns to ignore Demental's taunts, even regaining control of his own bodily functions, which he believes Rethink is partially responsible for. Demental expresses great dislike for Rethink after this, which the black hedgehog hears through his telepathy, but waves off.

Tantrum the Fox

Rethink's relationship with Tantrum is complicated. Tantrum at first hates him like most of the other Trolls due to his grouchy disposition and Rethink's relatively kind heart. Rethink is aware of Tantrum's feelings for Flame, and calls him out as being in denial (without verbally stating the name, even referring to a love interest of his own, who he calls "my sweet cookie"), making Tantrum even madder at him. However, Rethink plants a message in Tantrum's mind regarding the state of Flame's mind due to her mother's treatment of her. The message festers, causing Tantrum to show worry over her (though in his angry state). After Dismal defeats Toxic on his own, a new piece of Rethink's message surfaces, making him realize that if Dismal coud beat Toxic, he could come after him next due to all he's done to him, making Tantrum regret his sadistic tendencies and actually begin to fear Dismal's hidden power. This culminates in Tantrum deciding to escape the Trolls before Hell breaks loose, but he refuses to go without Flame. Tantrum takes Flame from her room and "asks" (angrily orders) her to escape with him, surprised when Flame accepts. The pair make it out of the castle/base, but Domina catches them, apparently aware of their plan from the start. Tantrum attacks her, but is quickly overpowered until Dismal, Madeline, Jeremy, and Rethink aid them and help them escape. From this, Tantrum reluctantly thanks him (while he's not around) for his help and starts to see him as not a bad guy (though he does not see him as a friend).

Flame the Rabbit

Rethink and Flame did not interact that much in the past, as Flame quickly learned that Rethink was immune to insults. When Tantrum is called out as being in denial for his feelings, Flame quickly leaves the room while blushing, tipping off a few Trolls to who Rethink is referring to. Rethink did not place a message in her head, but aside from it, the story is the same as Tantrum's. During the battle against Domina, Rethink used his mind control to help Flame fight. However, Flame is closer to calling Rethink a friend than Tantrum is.

Domina the Rabbit

Domina is the only physically alive person (as Demental is just a voice) that Rethink shows negativity towards, mostly because of her treatment of her daughter, having no good traits that compensate. When Dismal and his friends showed up to aid Tantrum and Flame, Rethink openly denounced Domina of her faults (with Jeremy calling her a hag to top it off) before mind-controlling Flame to attack her. Upon their escape, Domina swears to Rethink that he will truly regret this, placing Domina as Rethink's main enemy.

Toxic the Hedgehog

Rethink and Toxic's relationship is a thin one. Toxic is mainly creeped out at Rethink's calm yet kind demeanor, finding him to be somewhat of a creeper, as well as his odd power over the mind.


"If aid is what you need, Dismal, I shall help you without hesitation. It is the least I can do." (Right before Rethink joins Dismal's group)

"Dismal has been through enough, you specter of the mind. He does not need a living demotivational poster in his head." (to Demental)

"To think, every time Flame is with her mother, things seem to get worse. I highly doubt that's a coincidence..." (planting the message in Tantrum's head)

"It is hard to make me feel comtempt, but you qualify. You are uncontrollable, weak-willed, and by far the worst parent I have ever met." "And you're a fat hag!" (to Domina, last line from Jeremy)

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