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Resaca the Salamander is a soldier that serves the Water Clan of Neso.

Physical Description

A curvy salamander who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Resaca has a short muzzle with slit nostrils, thick, vaguely horn-like extensions on her head, and a long tail that fattens in the middle before tapering down to a rounded tip.

Her skin is primarily air superiority blue in color, with a bisque muzzle, and a beau blue facial mask that extends horizontally past her eyes and reaches the back of her head (as well as mottling her 'horns'); it also goes all the way down to the tip of her tail, and is broken up unevenly by air superiority blue splotches. She has no hair on her head, and her eyes are celadon in color.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Other Stats

Like the other Water Clan soldiers, Resaca is a fairly well-rounded fighter, who primarily excels in close-range combat; she wields a pike, a long thrusting spear that allows her to keep a reasonable distance away from her enemy. She is quite fast and agile, able to easily outpace slower opponents and evade their attacks; unfortunately, she is not terribly sturdy, and cannot take too many hits. Resaca is a fairly adept hydrokinetic as well, and primarily wields low to mid-tier melee techniques of the Water element, with her ranged/energy-based options being a bit weaker.

Being a salamander, Resaca has a highly flexible body, and her slippery skin makes it hard for people to grab a hold of her, especially if they try to grab onto her tail; more often than not, it'll simply slip right out of their hands. Speaking of her tail, it's also semi-prehensile, and she can carry lightweight objects with it. She's also a strong swimmer.

Genetic Ability: Slippery Skin

A genetic ability that is incredibly common in amphibians, it causes REsaca's skin to almost constantly generate a thin layer of mucus; this mucus not only helps to keep her hydrated, it also causes weak physical attacks to, more often than not, simply bounce or slide off of her skin, and makes it easier for her to escape from being grappled; however, it also leaves her more vulnerable to extreme heat. Dehydration practically nullifies her Slippery Skin, especially if it is severe.


Resaca is relatively resistant to the Elements of Water, Ice and Fire (her Water resistance is somewhat higher, however). She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks, and is also highly flexible, due to her species; her slippery skin also makes it hard for opponents to grasp onto any exposed part of her body, particularly her tail. Being an amphibian, she thrives in rainy, moisture-heavy weather, and is also a strong swimmer. Rainy weather and moisture-heavy areas also strengthen her hydrokinesis somewhat.


Resaca is weak to the Elements of Electricity and Nature. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility and dexterity to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. Since she is an amphibian, hot, dry weather can dehydrate her quickly if she isn't careful, and it can also render her hydrokinesis nigh useless.

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