This is an article about Repa the angelwolf, a character created by Sonsofchaos on 03/13/2013.

Repa the angel wolf
date of birth(real)
March 12, 2013
date of birth(fake)
Theme song
No information


She has a pale elongated muzzle with only two tinges of fuzz. She has sky-blue fur with a clear lack of markings or highlights. Her tail is the same color as the rest of her fur and white is seen at the tip.


She is usually calm and friendly most of the time, though that's due to her nature. Though anytime she sees Kasai and Builin fight she always tends to get cranky and usually grabs their ears to force them to stop. But other than that she is a nice person. Repa also likes kids and often treats them with a motherly attitude. Also hanging around Kasai has given her a little bit of a mischievous streak, pulling pranks on Him and his friends.


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She can use the power of light.


Flight: She can use her wings to soar through the sky.


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Kasai the Hellcupine: (Will work on this part most definitely)


She is very vulnerable to demonic magic and darkness.


Her name is actually Repair without the ir at the end( Repa-ir, Repair).

Her name is also the opposite of Decay.

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