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Reneer Barbaros is a knight of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus; and a noted expert in an attribute rather than an element; to the surprise of many.


Reneer is often regarded as being somewhat hard too look at due to the clashing colors of his fur and hair. A rather muscular lynx; as befitting a knight, Reneer's fur is primarily Butterscotch in color, with tan skin only slightly darker than the fur around it. However, the part that often attracts attention is his messy baby blue hair; which has grown to shoulder-length and rarely looks well kept. He also tends to have a faint hint of a blue-black beard hinting through as five o'clock shadow. While he tends to act proud of it; many are often annoyed at the contrast.

Reneer's red eyes are faintly crossed most of the time, with no explanation as to why ever forthcoming. There's also the scar of a rather strange cut across his right thigh, with a story he typically loves to share instead.


Another fairly standard Nihlic Clan black knight in appearance, Reneer wears a simple thin pair of black pants as his only undersuit; with blackened steel plate armor on his torso; arms; shoulders and legs. However, unlike most knights, Reneer has taken to wearing a grey cape with the emblem of the Nihlic Clan stitched into it in black thread.



Often to the surprise of many, Reneer is elementless; and furthermore he has chosen not to bear a weapon rare to Mobius; instead choosing to bear a simple bastard sword and shield combination; with the same grey and black Nihlic Clan emblem on his shield as his cape, though with the colors inverted so the silvery grey Nihlic Clan emblem sits on a field of blackened steel and ebony. An accomplished fighter even without the use of an element or the Nihlic skills of his clan; Reneer's skill with sword and shield or his bare fists is impressive; but hardly his forte alone.

It is only when he gets serious in combat that Reneer reveals his true combat power - he has trained himself to the point of being able to alter his own personal influence on Time, and combines that power in with his skill at arms to devastating effect. Typically; he uses this to do what other time distortion users refer to as overclocking; accelerating his own experience of time in order to appear to move and react impossibly fast. Reports from Egg Army forces that have encountered the black armored lynx have reported that he has simply walked through barrages from a small army without a scratch, or cutting through multiple robots in seconds. This has the detrimental effect of exhausting him rather quickly, since he is only altering the speed he appears to be doing things at; rather than actually doing it faster. This tends to be his primary use of this dilation skill.

However; in dire situations, Reneer is capable of pushing that power even further; often with a prayer to Nihlus before kicking it into the overdrive and distorting time to an even greater degree; actually accelerating his personal experience time to the point where everything else appears to stop moving altogether. If pushed to this level; Reneer appears to teleport, while any injuries he inflicts appear to simply materialize without cause. This power has even greater detriments than simple exhaustion, however, with every use leaving the knight unconscious at a point where he could be called near death.








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