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Biographical Information
  •  21 (Chronologically)
  • Ronan Lyall (Father)
  • Unknown mother (Deceased)
  • George (Real name)
Romantic Interests None.
Physical Description
Species Wind Spirit Being
Gender Male
  • Wolf with purple fur
  • Purple hair, long
  • Topaz orange eyes
  • Scar on his right eye
  • Dark purple tunic (With a brown sash around his stomach)
  • Brown gloves
  • Dark purple pants
  • White boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Anti-Hero
  • Switches between swords and axes.
  • Aerokinesis
  • Enhanced stamina
  • Soaring Spirit Ren
Other Information
  • Swordsmaster
  • Cookery
V.A. (English) Troy Baker
V.A. (Japanese) Kōsuke Toruimi
Theme Song(s)
Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks

Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks

Rai's main theme

"There are places in each of us that others can't reach. And people keep that place well guarded."
Ren Lyall.


Ren is a young adult wolf with black fur and hair that is purple-tinted, the latter is long that reaches down to his mid-back, and topaz orange eyes. He also has a scar on his right eye, that was recieved in his childhood.

He is mostly seen wearing his trademark attire: A brown tunic, grey gloves, black pants and dark grey gloves. 


Ren at first can be seen as sarcastic and cynical, possibly do to his past. Despite this, he can have a strong bond to those he trusts. Ren is quite comfortable to who he is, and he is known to mock or tease people who annoy him. He also isn't afraid to take difficult matters to his own hands, whether it's punishing villains in justice or retrieving back certain items. And he's aware (or worried) on that whether choice he makes could change something.


Early Life

Ren in his youth was once a peaceful life, but one day where a demon raided his old hometown, his mother died while protecting him. Because of this, his father, Blair, became sadistic and despised him, calling him weak and tortured him, giving him his scar. During his teenager age, he managed to keep a distance to his dad by leaving home. He then eventually gained a girlfriend who each other cared for. This turned upside down when his father found out about this. He then found his girlfriend then brutally killed her, when Ren sees this, he ran away from his hometown, vowing revenge against his father.

Abilities and Powers

Magical Abilities

  • Wind/Air Manipulation - As a Wind Spirit Being, this ability was natural to him. But during his time on his own, he gotten better at using this power.
  • Enhanced Stamina - Ren can keep up with most things for a longer time than normal people without tiring or straining himself. 

Physical Abilities

  • Acrobatics - Ren mixes his fighting style with acrobatic maneuvers, whether it's doing cartwheel spins with his weapon or doing a backflip.


  • To be added soon.

Allies, Rivals and Enemies


Leon Kurai - Helped him come back to his feet before giving up. 

Vincent Kurai - Friends due to Leon.

Aidan Seago - Childhood best friend.


To be added.


Ronan Lyall - Father, truly hated and vowed vengeance against him.

Relationships with Other Characters

To be added.


  • Most of Ren's traits are based on Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia.
    • His optional outfit is also based on one of Yuri's Title outfits: the Dark Enforcer, along with the Black Hat attachment.
  • His first name, Ren, is of Japanese origin, meaning water lily. And his surname, Lyall, is of Scottish origin, and it means "wolf." A nod to him being a wolf.
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