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Remnant is cocky and arrogant, not one to say "It was nothing" or "Aw shucks" he believes himself to be the coolest man alive and of the best royal blood on the planet. He's also a womanizer hitting on the first woman he sees, single or taken and cheats on them frequently feeling that he shouldn't be "nailed down" to one woman and feels that it would be best if as many women as possible had the chance to experiance the "joy" of having him as thier boyfriend. Remnant is a sore loser and will become depressed if he loses. He feels the need to cheat to win if the prize is good enough everyman has a price and his is about 250$. He is calm and not one to start fights. He deeply values friendship and will never abandon his friends or others that needs him. He is deeply patriotic of his country and is highly determined to find his way back.


Early Life

Remnant was born to King Remnat III and Queen Mary in the artic kingdom of Aknurewt, the northernest establishment in all of Mobius history. Remnant was shown at an early age to be extrememly smart and exceptionally skilled. At the age of five Remnant could scale the entire castle without falling to his death. Remnant was also the strongest person in the kingdom at age fifteen. Remnant had obtained his first wife at the age of six. Remnant was a generally well behaved prince who got anything he wanted with a snap but he began to grow envious when his brother, Lock was born who was expected to surpass Remnant's power in short time. Due to this envy Remnant became saddened and hard to handle. Fortunately Lock didn't surpass Remnant and he was about to be crowned king on the day of his fathers death until he inexplicably ran away...

Current Life

About eight months ago Remnant woke up in a strange jungle with his little brother and sister beside him. He had been asleep for about five years but he somehow still remained eighteen years of age and the last thing he remembered her had ran away from home with his siblings only to be swallowed by a whale. After his brother, Lock and his sister, Key had awaken from their slumber he attempted returning to his kingdom only to find out that a large volcano had erupted in the far north and the ash prevented anyone from travelling there. Remnant returned to the jungle to get supplies and built a shack in Emerald coast knowing that if he dived for pearls he would earn money to build a boat to get to his northern kingdom. In the mean time he's training mentally and physically so when he returns to his kingdom he'll be fit to be king.


Remnant has visions of sveral people when he sleeps. On Mondays he has visions of a spotted green hedgehog, on Tuesdays he has visions of a green and black hedgehog, on Wenesdays he has visions of a chubby frog, on Thursdays he has visions of his sister, on Fridays he has visions of a white echidna, on Saturdays he has a vision of an elderly frog and on Sundays he either has a vision of a red echidna, an elderly frog or a blue echidna. No one knows what these visisons mean.


Strangely Remnant cannot use his kingdom's signature ability, Cryokinesis but he does have an assortment of other powers. He can use nature abilities, dark abilities, telekinesis and hydrokinesis

Nature Abilites

Leaf Shield- Can make a near impenatreble shield of translucent leaves that lasts for a split second. It shatters immediately with contact to fire or lightning.

Family Storm-With the help of his siblings he calls upon a barrage of razor sharp leaves to cut his opponents to ribbons. It lasts for up to five minutes.

Leaf Clones-Can make up to 14 clones of himself that turn back into leaves after receiving heavy damage.

Dark Abilities

Devil Hands- Sacrificing half a cup of his blood, Remnat calls upon long pitch black hands that sprout from the ground to attack his opponenets for him. They seek out enemies using heat and once found they will grab, choke, punch, slap and burn opponents. The hands can only be defeated by destorying the red eye on their palms. When using half a cup of his blood remnant summons thirteen hands.

Odin's Wave-  Sacrifcing a cup of his blood Remnat calls forth a tidal wave full of black acid to his opponents location. The acid contains demonic narwhals that will brutally stab enemies who survive the acid.

Negative Sphere of Death- Using the negative emotions in a ten mile radius Remnant creates a giant ball of reddish energy that he can only control by holding it above his head. The size depends on the ammonut of people in the area. When thrown in causes a massive explosion of dark energy that is twice the radius of the bomb itself. This dark ability requires no blood but does take about two minutes to charge.

Glitch-If Remnant is really suffering from a beat down then he will "glitch" that is his fur will turn black with green ones and zeroes and for a brief moment he attacks will go through him as if he were air. This is useful fro dodging attacks. The downside to this ability is that it only activates when Remnant is bruised in someway, it he will turn solid after about 2-8 seconds, and he can't control when he will "glitch".


Remnant can use telekinesis to lift objects of up to 3x his weight effortlessly but any heavier and he simply cannot lift it. Remnant is 100 lbs.


Besides his powers Remnantcan use various secondary abilities. He can glide through the air like a flying squirrel, he can climb on surfaces like a spider, he can teleport short distances, levitate and has the strength equivalent to Knuckles the Echidna.


Remnant is proficent with Butterfly Swords which he conceals in this shoes. He usually uses these when he's boasting how a person's so weak that he won't need any of his powers. He also uses them for combos and to lose blood. He is excellent in the piano and the guitar. He can also speak Chinese fluently.


Woman is his prime weakness he cannot hit a woman under any circumstances he also gets horrible colds in weather under 30 degrees farenheit.



  • Back in his kingdom of Aknurewt he has 58 wives.
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