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"Come on! Show me what you got!""
—Relivax the Echidna


Name: Reilly 'Relivax' Strom.

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Species: Echidna

Race: Shironan


Pacha the Echidna - Brother

Vulkan the Hedgehog - Unofficial Brother

Yma Rayn - Unofficial Sister

Lumen Flash - Foster Father


(Relivax, contrary to his previous incarnation, is a much more light hearted person. Although he can be arrogant at times, he counteracts this by being someone who can bring humor to the table. He also has a habit of being a snarker, often cracking jokes at Vulkan's expense. Despie this Relivax can be counted on to make the right choice everytime.)


Relivax's muzzle is colored tan, with no fringes of fuzz on either cheek. The rest of his body is colored a persion blue with no extra markings on his body. This lack of markings is special in that he, like some echidnas, does not have an actual mark on his chest; no crescents, nothing. However, you wouldn't be able to tell as he is rarely seen without some assortment of upper clothing on. He has short chin length hair that he usually styles in a wind swept style, with only a few small strands of hair in his face. His tail has only one bend. Relivax has red irises, black pupils, and white sclera.

However, it's been noted that when his powers are in use; his irises will turn an electric neon blue and his pupils will turn white.

Relivax wears a short-sleeved white t-shirt with no extra colorings. On top of this shirt is a black longcoat that he keeps closed, with the coat's sleeves tied down by athletic tape to prevent drag. His hands are covered by black fingerless gloves that cut off at the first bend of his fingers, and a small square cut out of the top of the gloves. He wears a pair of black pants that, like his coat, has the leggings tied down by athletic tape. Sometimes, he'll take his coat off.



Relivax is not someone built for strength, and he knows it. However, what he lacks in strength, he focuses on speed. Even without his elemental power, he's easily naturally faster than most of the people he's made friends, or enemies, of; which is why he instead chooses to focus on this instead. He's also quite agile, and capitalizes on this by practicing the style of parkour, using both his natural speed and agility to get around quickly and completely unobstructed. He also practices the style of kickboxing, mainly focusing on the part that involves kicking. He uses this in tandem with his powers to deliver quick and fast blows while moving from place to place.

However, as said before, Relivax isn't built for power; and as such isn't as durable as someone who is. He can handle some blows relatively well, but anything stronger than someone with normal strength, and he risks quite a lot of damage. He makes up for this fragile aspect of his by never staying in the same place long enough for someone reach him.


Relivax is one of the shironans born with the ability to control Electricity, and can do so however he pleases. He's able to absorb it, expel it, create it, even change himself into it for a brief time. He's able to use Electricity to amplify his physical abilities, and is often able to deliver rapid kicks with it. His usage of the element has amplified his already high speed and reflexes to a point where he's now one of the fastest people among his group, only challenged by the wind elemental, Rayna Sundo. 

When in combat, he will infuse his kicks with electricity, and can sometimes throw lightning bolts.

Relivax is both at a disadvantage and advantage when he goes up against Water Elementals. He's at an advantage when fighting Metal Elementals. He's extremely weak against Earth Elementals.


Shifting is an ability nearly all shironans have; it's the ability to change their bodies into their natural element for a brief time. During this, they gain nearly all the qualities of their power; in Relivax's case, the power of Electricity. However, this is a process that takes a lot out of them, and using it can cause extreme harm to their bodies. This is why Relivax rarely uses it, only when it's necessary.


These are all the people Relivax has met in his life. These relationships can range from friends, enemies, or people he's neutral with.


Vulkan the Hedgehog: Words cannot describe the kind of friendship these two have, well one can. Vitriolic. Not a day goes by when Relivax teases Vulkan to the point of annoyance for the red hedgehog, and not a day goes by when Relivax immediately runs after biting off more than he can chew. Despite this, the two are friends and will usually have each other's back. When they aren't giving insults to each other.

Yma Rayn: Like his friendship with Vulkan, the bond Yma and Relivax have is vitriolic. It also stands to reason that the two usually serve as conflicting forces in the trio; considering Relivax's smart-aleck attitude conflicts with Yma's no nonsense personality. However, it is known that his sense of humor can often get her to crack a smile, even if she usually punches him later on. The two are friends and usually have each other's back, though Yma has been known to call him an idiot, much like she does with Vulkan.

Beatrice the Deer:

Blizzard the Cat: Let it be known that these two are quite literally, a match when it comes to their ability of snark. Whatever Relivax throws at her, she throws back with equal force. Because of this Relivax sees Blizzard as both a friend and as a worthy rival; it helps that she's the only one capable to pulling pranks on him, such as freezing the ground he runs on. It also helps that he can often times make her fur stand on end as well.


Silerow the Fox: Don't let the cordial greetings between these two fool you; Silerowe and Relivax do NOT get along. The two can stand each other enough to work together, but they often lock horns with each other more than they do anyone else. For Silerowe, he can't stand Relivax's wisecracking; and often berates him for it. Relivax just thinks that Silerowe's a jackass. It's usually Vulkan or Yma that breaks them up, Yma more so.

Pacha the Echidna: Relivax's older brother, only neither brother has actually seen each other in a while, due to Pacha having left home a few years ago. After a reunion, the two had an earnest dislike of each other due to their conflicting views. A while later, the dislike simmered down and the two can now stand each other's presence. But the dislike's not gone completely and such the two will butt heads whenever they engage into a conversation that the two don't see eye to eye on.


Chiaro the Hedgehog: Now these two, these two are known for their extremely conflicting views and personalities.


Relivax has been used as an outlet numerous times in his life, most often by Blizzard or Yma for a great deal of plugs.

Relivax is actually the second Echidna I've ever made, Tytan doesn't count as he was never truly introduced as an echidna. Burnstro neither, though this might change as he has been revamped.

Relivas has been revamped the most of my characters. He started out as an anti-counterpart to Knuckles, then a evil villain and anti-thesis to Vulkan, and now he's a good guy with a knucklehead attitude.

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