Relius Prower

Biographical Information
  • 45
  • Tempest the Fox (son)
  • Kisiragi Prower (son;however revealed as grandson in the third story arc.)
  • Ignis Prower (wife)
  • Mad Puppeteer
  • Colonel Relius
  • The Soul Architect (by Enerjak)
Romantic Interests
  • Ignis Prower
Physical Description
  • Fox
  • A masked fox scientist with a mad affinity for science, turning his wife into a mindless puppet for his bidding, making the rest of his family turn on him for such an act.
  • Purple Vest
  • Magenta Cape
  • White undershirt
  • White gloves with a purple mark
  • Gold Mask
  • Gold Boetie-like crest to his cape
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Evil
  • Himself
  • Various Contraptions he can summon
  • Ignis Prower
  • Ablity to summon various contraptions and ignis to attack his opponents
Super Forms
  • Unlimited Relius
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Tails6000 (most appearances)
  • Travis Willingham
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000

Relius Prower is the Dark Mobius Counterpart of Amadeus Prower, but unlike him is more insane than his prime counterpart. Shown due to turning his wife Ignis Prower into a puppet-like weapon for his battle usage.


*=Specific Storyline

Turning Ignis into a Weapon of Destruction

to be written

Attempt at Regaining Tempest

to be written

Loss at his Offspring's Hand

Relius later had plans of awakening his granddaughter Noel's true potential of the azure chaos, as she was undergoing the transformation almost everyone in the dark mobius freedom fighters, tempest and kisiragi included, tried to stop him. Roxio was able to counter one of his attacks towards Tempest with a signature attack. Countering the attack, but his sister was turned into Kusunagi, the god slayer. Relius had disappeared after his defeat, meaning that he thinks his grand-daughter could take care of things, it is unknown what happened to him as of yet.

Revival of Doctor Finitevous*

to be written


Relius is a calm and collected scientist, but many found his experiments beyond questionable. He is always fascinated at one's progress, is slow to anger unless provoked. Has a major dislike for Tempest for running away. Kisiragi shows much resentment towards claiming him family due to his actions. As known far and wide as The Puppeteer, Relius usually is one to try such tactics on enemies.

Though he may be one for research, it's revealed that he is in fact Sadistic, though he seems more subtle than other sadistic villains with how he keeps his calm and collected exterior,his ally and true other son Terumi Prower usually takes things to the extreme for his liking, though it doesn't bother him that much.

Powers & Abilities

Relius has a plethora of contraptions that he can summon at a snap of his fingers, or by using puppetry to activate them at his command behind his cape, as he keeps his right hand behind him and under his cape at all times. The contraptions he can summon range from a large boxing-glove that can send an opponent sky high, summoning gears to constrict the opponent, and small saws that appear below the opponent in terms of magic-based summons, other summons under his cape act as if they were extra limbs to his body. When he awakens his unlimited form however, these do not change in power, but they are more effective overall.

However, he also fights with the power of his doll, Ignis. Who carries sentience via the soul of Relius' wife. Relius can command her to do a great amount of attacks, able to form her hands into blades, to forming a buzzsaw akin to the spindash, Relius can make Ignis attack at any situation.


"Come, why don't you show me, the value of your soul" -Before experimenting on someone's soul

"Hmph, this better not be a waste of time" -quote before battle

"Hmph...this data is worthless" -upon victory


  • Most of his personality, and various other places in his history is based on Relius Clover of Blazblue, while his hate of Tempest and Kisiragi is similar to Said inspiration hating his son Carl Clover in the same series, (until it is revealed he adopted a son and daught of the namesake's son and daughter Carl and Ada).
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