Relik Magic is a set of abilities. It was first introduced with Scooter the Hedgehog, but several characters can now use it with "access points". Basically Scooter is to Relik Magic as Shadow is to Chaos Control.

A brief history...

  • Not much is known about its origins or how it got to Scooter. However, based on a prophecy given to Scooter at Hickelberg Cove, it is implied that any future children of Scooter's COULD have direct access to Relik Magic as well.


All abilities can be intensified with more Relik Stones. With all 5, Relik Magic can become very intense.

  • Energy Blasts
  • Fires a blast of energy at the opponent.
  • Freeze-Frame
  • When used, this move can freeze an opponent for as long as the user wishes, or at least until the Cancellation spell is used.
  • Heat Blast
  • Fires a orange beam at the opponent, torching/burning the opponent.
  • Inferno
  • Fires a stronger Heat Blast at the opponent. It is very hard to control unless the user concentrates very hard. If used with a Relik Stone, this move has enough power to bring down a whole city.
  • Water Wave
  • Fires a blast of water at the opponent.
  • Teleport
  • Allows the user to teleport great distances, and even through space.
  • Access to the Tombs of Relik
  • If you are Relik-enabled or have a Relik Stone, you can receive access to the secret Tombs of Relik.
  • Re-Arrange
  • Rearranges an object's atomic structure, which can make it something else.
  • Cancellation (also known as Dispel)
  • Cancels any active Relik spell. If used with a Relik Stone, it can cancel out ALMOST any kind of magic within a 10-yard radius.
  • Disable
  • Disables/immobilizes an opponent for as long as the user desires, or at least until the Cancellation spell is used.
  • Shield
  • Throws up a shield, blocking most attacks. This takes up a small bit of energy. If used with a Relik Stone, the shield can be stronger.
  • Eliminate
  • Use sparingly. This move vaporizes the opponent. It takes up about 98% of the users' energy. If used with a Relik Stone, it can vaporize a small army.
  • Time Travel
  • Allows the user to travel in time. This takes up some energy, though.
  • Detect
  • Detects an opponent or object's presence.
  • Invisify
  • Makes an object invisible.
  • Invincibility
  • Relik Stone only. Can make a user invincible for a short period of time. It cannot work without a Relik Stone.
  • Electri-Blast
  • Electric variant of the Energy Blast. Can be up to 5,000 volts if used with a Relik Stone.


  • Relik Magic can only be used through an access point (with the exception of Scooter)
  • Relik Magic is not usable in water itself.
  • The "Eliminate" move can knock you out for up to 72 hours.
  • Detect does not work during a full moon. Nobody knows why....
  • If you don't do it right, you could look like a fool.


You cannot just say the spell's name, as it will not work AND if used in public, it could make the user a laughing stock. Abilities are organized by codes.


All spells begin with "Relik" (as in "Relik [spell name]")

  • Relik Cancel - Cancellation spell
  • Relik Blast - Energy Blast spell
  • Relik Heat - Heat Blast spell
  • Relik Detect - Detect spell
  • and so on........


Direct Control

You can use Relik Magic freely, and you do not need an access point. Direct control is passed on via heredity. Thus, the only known direct user (that is living) is Scooter the Hedgehog.

Access through an Access Point

All other users can only use Relik Magic via an access point, such as a Relik Stone. There are only 5 Relik Stones in the world, so they are very difficult to find. Other access points could be a Golden Shard.

  • You can add your character to this list only, without constraints.
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