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Reidou is the mother of Ming-Ming the Panda, and the wife of Daifu the Panda. She is strong willed, and a member of the Chi Branch within the Panda Clan, before moving with her family to Chun-Nan. Unlike her husband, Reidou is very pushy, and has many traditional values. She is in charge when it comes to many important decisions or when it comes to Ming's arranged marriage. Reidou has opposing ideals for Ming, but thinks what she has planned is what will be best for Ming.


Reidou is the younger sister of Zhanshi, and was trained by him in Chun-Nan. She became a powerful female, with multiple attacks at her disposal. Like her future daughter, Reidou was very strong. She was a feared female ninja. After meeting her future husband Daifu, Reidou fell in love. After gaining approval from Matchmaker, the two wed. Reidou retired as a ninja after giving birth to her daughter Ming. Her and Daifu moved to Olara when Ming was three. They have lived there peacefully since.

As a Ninja

Reidou was a feared female ninja, who was known for her unparalleled accuracy and speed. She had an ability to throw as many as twenty shuriken at her opponents at one time. Her incredible abilites with the projectiles landed her the nickname "Rain" as in a storm of shuriken. Reidou mainly accomplished stealth or recapture missions. Reidou was incredibly agile and flexible, and it was a rare sight to see her heavily injured in battle. Reidou also knew how to mix certain items to create health potions and other forms of medicine. Reidou carried a large shuriken with her, which served as a boomerang of sorts, cutting through pretty much anything in it's path. Reidou also had special gloves that could stick and unstick to any surface at her mental command. This amazing technology was only provided to the best ninjas, and Reidou was no exception. Finally Reidou knew and does know multiple forms of martial arts, and was trained to kill in her days as a ninja.


Reidou is a very possessive character. She is strong willed, and likes things her way. She usually yells when she doesn't get what she wants. Her strength makes her very scary to even the strongest characters. Reidou is very traditional woman, and tries her best to keep the values with Ming. Reidou wants what is best for her daughter, but thinks she needs a rich husband to do so. Reidou is very strict, and also likes a clean house. She will get easily angered when the house is messy, and then will complain that she is the one doing all the work. Reidou is very protective of what she loves. Shehas a big heart, but mainly keeps a wall up. The only person she may sometimes show her soft side to is her husband, Daifu.


Being trained by Zhanshi, Reidou has a few earth techniques at her disposal. With earth her most powerful move is the "Hand of Buddha" a devastating attack, that allows Reidou to create a large statue made from rock, and make it squish an opponent with it's hand. Reidou never has unlocked her Anagami Eye. Her most prevalent defense is her Wakizashi, a short blade used for combat. She uses this to parry off enemis, but hasn't used much of late. Reidou can summons "Buddha's Hands" made of rock, from under the ground as well to smack away an opponent. She may also use these as bases to stand on. Her final attribute is her massive strength, which comes into play now more than it did in the past.

Theme Song

Reidou's theme is an instrumental from the Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 soundtrack. The name is "Hidden Leaf Village". It represents her traditional values, with traditional music accompying her culture.


Before a Battle

  • Don't test me!
  • So you wanna play, huh? You'll regret it..
  • Oh, I haven't fought in years.
  • It's been a while.
  • It's been far too long.
  • I made be old, but I'm not brittle.
  • Let's see what you've got.
  • I am not here for formalities. Let us begin.

Battle Finish ~ Loss

  • Huh.........
  • What a day.....
  • How could I have lost?!
  • This doesn't make any sense.
  • I guess I am just an old lady.

Battle Finish ~ Win

  • Did ya go easy on me?
  • Jeez, and people think I'm old.
  • It's over for you.
  • Just stay down.
  • You've improved! But not by much.
  • Ha! Milk is the best recipe for age!
  • Oh, what a shame.


  • Ming I just want you to be happy, if that means that you have to do a few things you don't want to, then it is what it is. You can't change something just because you don't like it.
  • Sweetheart, I love you, but I only want what's best for you.
  • The Panda Clan, is a glorious place, you'll love it. (Reidou talking to Ming when she was a child)
  • I'm hoping I age gracefully.
  • Life isn't about one individual, it is about the unity and togetherness of the world in general, there is no one person, we are all. You musn't always do things for yourself. Sometimes you must be prepared to do things that you won't like.


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