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Rei is a melanistic raccoon with dark green hair. She wears a lime green top with a large collar, and no sleeves, with a zipper that runs up to the top. She wears white gloves as well. She wears long, blue jeans along with light blue boots. She wears a dark green cloak. She has stone grey eyes. 

Rei without her cloak(Drawn by SPop120)


Rei is rather calm and formal in her mannerisms. She is very polite, but she is also very quiet. She prefers to be alone, not liking much interaction with others. She is very prone to distrusting others, unless they are proven they can be trusted. She can be rather bitter and have a non-caring attitude. She seems to hate losing things, as it reminds her of everything else she has lost. 


Rei was born to two poor factory workers. She grew up with a hard life, her parents constantly being absent. She did not attend school, for unknown reasons.Despite being cooped up in an apartment all day as a child, she would roam the streets. She would then play with other children who were on the streets, often noticing that she could read their souls. She would also wander into graveyards each day, often speaking to the deceased. 

One day, a teenaged Rei's parents were involved in a factory accident that caused both to be killed. Not really being that close to her parents, Rei didn't know whether to mourn or not. She wandered out into the streets, refusing to return to the apartment. The teenager then met a man in a suit who had been watching her for quite some time. He then escorted Rei away, and showed her to a large building, where he asked her to be his apprentice with her strange abilities, teaching her how to use them effectively in battle and to help others. 

Rei liked her mentor's gentle nature towards her, and she soon noticed that he was only a year older than her. She realized that she was smitten with him, but she refused to believe she was in love with him. In secret, he took Rei's soul and added it to a collection where he would then use it to form a shield constructed of souls. Rei then realized she lacked a soul a while later, and she confronted her mentor about this matter.

Her mentor denied everything, stating that she must not have one after all. Rei realized that without her abilities, lacking a soul should have killed her. In a fit of anger, she removed her mentor's soul and destroyed it, killing him. 

Devastated that she killed her loved one, she attempted to revive him by reconstructing his soul, and he may have been revived, as his body was missing the next day. Rei managed to find the soul shield and her own soul, and infuse her body back with it. She then left the building she had stayed in for so long, then she made her way to a strange building in a forest, where she met a strange fox.

The fox then noticed her abilities after she stayed with him for some time, and then he constructed an enchanted scythe for her. She gladly accepted the gift, but then she left within a few days. She made her way to the graveyard her parents were buried at, and she visited their headstones for one last time, before a masked figure grabbed her and took her away. 

The masked figure tied her up, and placed her under a long sleep, never leaving her side. After many years, she was finally woken up when her captor vanished. Rei, fightful for her life, started wearing a cloak to hide her identity, which she still wears to this day. She now lets people sell their souls to her for more time to live. Rei often hides her soul in her bracelet, which she uses to trap other souls.


Soul Manipulation-


Rei is not physically strong, and she can be easily beaten down by others. Despite the fact she can manipulate souls, she is still learning to harness her powers to the fullest, and by this, they are very limited. She is not skilled in endurance, but she is skilled with agility and speed, but her speed and agility can wear down quickly if she is not careful.

Items Currently in Possesion

Scythe- She uses her scythe to reap souls. However, she also uses it as a normal weapon against others. 

Bracelet- Her bracelet is where she can trap souls for all eternity. However, it is rather easy for her to release souls from the bracelet.