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This is an article about Rei the Psionic, a character created by Jake.
Cquote1 No need to worry. Time is on your side. And I got plenty of it. Cquote2

A ram with the capability to manipulate time and paranormal phenomena (also known as "psionics"), Rei is very powerful, which earned her title as a psionic. Rei the Psionic (サイオニック Saionikku), her true and full name being Rei Ogami (大神 零 Ōgami Rei), is a ram that is actually over thousands of years old, yet has the appearance of a 24 year old. She was from noble status, but not quite noble to be royalty of any sort.

Not to mention that she isn't supposed to be alive in this time period, which is now. She is over thousands of years old, as stated above, and was made immortal by an omnipotent and an inevitability embodied sorcerer. Since it was so long ago, Rei does not seem bothered by it anymore. Rei is on her way to continually accustom to the ways of the new world... while also making friends on the way.


Physical Appearance

Rei is over 1,000 years old, give or take, yet she retains the appearance of a 24 year old. She stands at about 4'2" and weighs approximately 79 pounds. Her fur color is a dirty shade of red. Her muzzle is white as snow. She does not have ears and instead has brown ram horns that have a huge curve to. Her hair is not wavy at all and the color is a very dark brown. Her hair is tied up in two buns by red ribbon. Her hair near her forehead is pushed off to the left side of her face. She has two amplified eyelashes on each eye. Her eye colors are a vibrant yellow color, similar to the rays of sunshine.


Rei dresses formally and does not have a casual attire. This is due to her originally living in a different time period, and because Rei is still adjusting to the new time period she does not know the current fashion trend (since it always changes, of course). Rei dons a navy blue komon kimono with a floral pattern akin to this. A black nagoya obi with no pattern on it is around her waist. She also wears wooden sandals that are called getas. She has white tabis on.

Personality and Traits

Hailing from over a thousand years ago, Rei is naturally agog of her surroundings due to "things constantly changing." She talks in a rather straight faced manner, with a dash of intrigue in her tone. She is eager to learn new things and willing puts effort into everything, as evident when she wanted to learn the English language and it's worth noting how fast she learned the language. Rei controls her emotions effectively and does not let them seep in. According to Rei herself, if she feels nothing, then she can feel no emotional pain. However, to say that Rei does not care at all is merely an understatement. 

Rei is a figure of grace and every attack and movement is made with grace and poise. Combined with her grace is wit and careful calculations. She is a very percipient woman, due to learning new things over the years and because she has mastered her powers. She is not exactly the type to be a guru. Because of her age and her intelligence, she is full of wisdom and can give pretty solid advice when the time may be.

Despite seeming like a graceful and almost serious figure, Rei does have a sillier and more casual side to her. She doesn't always speak in a formal tone, but she speaks formally more often than not because she thinks it seems more proper to do so. In her free time, she enjoys jokes and enjoys making them as well. Her hobbies include poetry and creative writing, and she believes that those are wonderful ways to spend your time doing. More hobbies include solving puzzles and crossword puzzles, designing fashion and even writing music.

As a masterful chronokinetic, she loves the idea of time and how it is just an abstract concept that she can easily manipulate. She also jokes that she doesn't have concept of time and that is because she manipulates at her will. It can be inferred that she values time phrases, such as "Time is on your side" and "Timing is everything." Of course, this may be due to the fact that she is an adult and has much more experience of the world, about a thousand years of experience.

Another concept Rei finds intriguing is death. Because Rei cannot die naturally, she often makes jokes that she jumped the fate of death, continues to cheat death and that her time will never run out. Death does not affect her anymore because as time goes on, people are going to die and there's nothing you can do about it. Rei has watched her loved ones come and go and doesn't appear to be as affected as much anymore.


Village and Early Life

Rei’s life began over thousands of years ago in the, now destroyed, village Natsukashii. Natsukashii wasn’t a very populous village, but Rei acknowledges that Natsukashii was the only home she ever truly had. The village raised livestock and was generally a poor area, unless you were rich, then you were in the better part of the village. Rei’s family was from a noble status, but not quite royal, so Rei didn’t experience the problems that the people in the poor area did. As a child, Rei would often play with the village kids instead of the kids she was usually around. Although, given her noble status, she often acted formally and didn’t engage in super dirty activities. Her family didn't really like this behavior, but they didn't put a stop to it.

Growing up, Rei always had a knack to crack jokes, much to the dismay of the village kids. However, she always knew that she wasn’t an average powerless kid and that she actually had a superpower. However, she didn’t know what chronokinesis exactly was at the time (although she understood what she was doing) and she never told anyone about her anomalous power. Not even her friends and family. She would often accidentally stop time from moving and would accidentally go back or even forward in time to bring something from that time period into this village. Because she didn’t tell anyone of her powers and new things appeared on a weekly basis, there were many rumors spread around that there was a witch nearby causing havoc on the village. There were many witch hunts in the village, with little success. Rei was often very anxious when they happened, as she feared that she was going to be caught and punished.

Rei continued to live in the village until she was about 24, then it happened.

Granted Immortality

Despite its flaws and poor conditions, Natsukashii was relatively a peaceful village. It was an ordinary community and nothing out of the ordinary ever happened because most of the people were normal (i.e. without powers). Until actual havoc actually broke out.

It was a late night and everyone was asleep. Except Rei. She often would sneak out late at night to actually test out her power, as that was really the only time she could do so without getting caught. Although it’s worth mentioning that Rei was 24 and moved out of her parents when she was 19, so it’s not like they could actually punish her if she was caught and under their household. She often practiced in the forest and done so for as long as she could remember. That is, until she noticed an actual sorcerer in the forest. Of course, given her curious nature and that the town never experienced anything out the blue, she had to go investigate.

She stopped the sorcerer dead in their tracks and shocked them. The sorcerer thought that no one would be up at this hour, given that it was still dark outside. Rei, still loyal to her village, demanded to know what the sorcerer was up to. They didn’t tell her what they were up to. Although, the sorcerer decided to reveal to Rei that she has chronokinesis, and that was the “special power” she had which caused all those witch hunts. Rei was left rather stunned, that all this time she had the ability to manipulate time itself! But before she could do anything, in a flash the sorcerer had set fire to the village. Frantically, Rei went back in time to prevent this from happening.

But it didn’t work every time that she did so.

At one point after going back in time to prevent this, Rei encountered the sorcerer once more and demanded an explanation. The sorcerer pointed out that they had one major weakness; inevitability. The sorcerer was actually a creature that took on the form of an anthropomorphic black aardwolf and that they were actually an entity of inevitability, that anything they created would happen without fail. As that it was inevitability is. They said that no matter what Rei did, no matter how far she went back into time, she could not stop the inevitable from happening. Accepting the fact that the village would be destroyed without anything to stop it, Rei quite literally watched it burn from the forest.

Although, the sorcerer did take a liking to Rei and decided to grant her immortality, to live with the burden of her town destroyed for the rest of her days. They also granted her the power of psionics, which is possessing all known psychic powers. Before departing, Rei asked if she was ever going to see them again. The sorcerer replied, “Maybe. Maybe not. But just remember that I am anything and anywhere. And you can't stop the inevitable.”

After accepting that fact, Rei continued on with her life, not forgetting her village, her parents and the sorcerer.

Powers and Abilities


Rei has chronokinesis, which means she can manipulate the time in general area or a specific target in various manners. Rei is capable of revolving around accelerating, slowing, stopping and even rewinding or looping. She can also time travel, allowing her to visit multiple timelines and either go forward or back in time. She indirectly has the ability to heal with time, as she can go back in time and prevent an injury. When activating her chronokinesis, Rei's eyes turn into just white sclera and her hands will glow a faint white as well. Granted her immortality and her thousands of years of experience, Rei is a master of her chronokinesis and can be considered a top level chronokinetic.

Rei always possessed this ability from when she was a child, so it wasn't as if she was cursed with it or granted with it when she became immortal.


Rei using her Psionics

Rei using her psionic powers

Warning: Image contains rapid moving colors. Proceed with risk

Rei was granted psionic abilities when she was granted immortality. Even though she has had this ability for eons, she isn't as great with them as she is with her chronokinesis. She can utilize any or all forms of psychic or mental abilities. For instance, she is able to see events before they happen and can see how they turn out. She can also look into the past and see the past lives of other people, but she often doesn't use this ability. She can also manipulate matter with her mind, making her a potentially dangerous creature. Granted with empathy and telepathy, Rei can truly understand how someone is feeling and essentially read their minds (along with communicating with them mentally), respectively.

When using her psionic powers, Rei's sclera flash red, blue, yellow and purple at a fast rate.


Fashion Design

Rei is able to design fashion clothes, despite only seemingly wearing formal clothes. To achieve this, Rei had to learn how to draw. It took about 20 years of her thousands of years of lifespan, but she eventually mastered the skill of drawing to get her ideas across at least. She is able to sketch and have her lines not look messy so her ideas go through. However, Rei cannot make clothes since she never learned how to sew or knit. 



This was pointed out to be Rei's almost major weakness. Inevitability is when anything is certain to happen, and it is essentially avoidable. Rei has stated that anyone with the power to control inevitability can essentially beat her. She has stated she can go back (or even forward) in time as many times as she want and she will not be able to stop the inevitable from happening. 


Even a master of chronokinesis and psionics can overexert themself. Likewise, if Rei excessively uses her powers to a certain point, Rei will overexert herself and become extremely fatigued. Too much overexertion may kill Rei. However, overexertion is more severe when it involves her psionic powers.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 6 - Rei does not know much physical combat or how to fight physically, so her attacks are weaker than her chronokinesis and psionics. However, she can throw a hard punch if provoked enough.

Defense: 9 - Instead of offense, Rei focuses more on defense. She is better at finding ways to prevent herself from getting hit instead of ways to hit the target.

Speed: 8.5 - She is pretty agile for her age and when applied to her skills, she does rather quick sketches instead of slow strokes.

Magic: 8.5 - The only magic powers she has is actually is her psionics, and she excels at her psionic powers.

Evasion: 7.5 - Combined with her defensive nature plus speed, she is pretty quick to dodge most attacks. However, she cannot evade from really powerful attacks as easily.

Intelligence: 10 - She has a generally clear mind, so it's easy for information to flow in with ease. An example of this is how quickly she quickly learned the English language.

Skills: 8.5 - She may not have much known skills but the skills she does, she does them pretty well.

Accuracy: 8 - Rei's chronokinetic and psionic attacks are not too hard to dodge, but with thousands of years of experience, she knows how to aim at her target.

Stamina: 9 - With immortality and thousands of years of experience, it takes more than a very powerful attack to take down Rei. Her graceful figure throws this factor out of the window for some people.

Tolerance: 9 - Rei often does not show her emotions, so it's a bit hard to determine if she can withstand pain or not. However, whenever she does get hit, she rarely cries or shows weakness.

Overall: 84%

This character's fourstat code is 8666



  • Mother and Father - Rei generally got along with her parents, although they disapproved of her playing with the village kids. They disagreed often, but they often made up and were generally close. When her village was burned down, Rei expressed grief because her parents were there. She still mourns for them to this date, albeit in private.



  • The Sorcerer - The Sorcerer has been described to take on the form of a feminine black Mobian aardwolf. They were the cause of the downfall of Rei's hometown village, Natsukashii. Naturally, Rei holds a small grudge towards the sorcerer, due to them killing everyone that she knew in that town. Unfortunately, Rei hasn't seen them around.



  • Homestuck - Havoc Extended

    Homestuck - Havoc Extended

    Rei's Theme

    Rei the Psionic is Jake's first ram (sheep) character and definitely the oldest character of theirs as well.
  • Inspiration for Rei comes from these Homestuck characters; Aradia Megido, Damara Megido, The Handmaid, and Sollux Captor.
  • She was originally going to be a bat named Astin that was as a robot (not a robian) and was supposed to solely be a psionic, but that was scrapped, as the design didn't stick.
  • She is by far Jake's strongest character, at least in fighting.
  • Her original birthday, May 4, made her a Taurus, but was changed to make her an Aries.
    • The Zodiac Aries is represented by a ram, fitting her species as a ram.
  • She shares the same name with the main character of Code:Breaker. This was entirely uncoincidental. 

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