Biographical Information
  • Hiroki (Father; deceased)
  • Reiko (Mother)
Romantic Interests
  • None.
  • Snow Woman of the Mist (霧の雪女, Kiri no Yukionna).
Team affliction
  • None.
Physical Description
SpeciesHedgehog (Yuki-Onna)
  • Black fur and hair. Her hair is styled half-up, half-down, with bangs covering her left eye.
  • Eyes are pupiless and white, but can appear to be grey or with a hint of lavender to them.
  • Short grey dress with short sleeves, dark grey pants and fishnet undershirt. 
  • Elbow-length grey fingerless clothes with fishnet bracers around her forearms.
  • Grey above-the-knee boots with dark metal kneecaps and armour on her shoes.
  • Black scarf and a silver cross necklace with three rings.
Abilities and forms
  • Snow and Ice Manipulation.
  • Byakugan.
  • Silver daggers.
  • Black kunai.
Super Forms
  • Yuki-Onna form.
Theme Song
"Do not trust anyone... The only person you can truly rely on is yourself..."
—Rei the Hedgehog


Rei appears as a young female with black fur/hair and pale pupiless eyes. She ties her hair partially up and leaves the rest of it down. Her bangs are styled to cover her left eye. 

Her style consists mostly of grey and black, resembling a sort of ninja's outfit consisting of a short grey dress, dark grey pants, grey boots with dark armour pieces and fishnet garmets. She also wears a black scarf.


Rei is described to have a Sugar and Ice personality (a.k.a. kuudere). Due to the hardships of her past and the area she grew up in, Rei has adapted to be a cold and serious individual who has a hard time trusting others. As a result of her village's reputation, she has learned to detach herself from her emotions and not let them affect her. She has become somewhat detached from her humanity as a result of growing up to be a killer, as it was a 'kill or be killed' situation due to her powers and she was adamant to survive. She often treats people with caution and is always wary.

However, once she has warmed up to people, Rei is shown to be a shy, socially awkward and yet sweet girl. She shows compassion to those close to her and is willing to protect them at any cost.


Byakugan (All Seeing Eyes)

Passed down from her father, Rei possesses the Byakugan, an ability focused from her eyes. Due to the absence of her father in childhood, she doesn't know much about it and can only harness one of its abilities: to see nearly 360 degrees around her and for a select distance. Due to inexperience, using this ability is taxing on her body and she can not see for long distances without consequences.

Snow and Ice Manipulation

Natural to all Yuki-Onna, Rei can manipulate snow and ice. Since she has practiced this ability at a young age, she has almost perfected this and it is her main focus in battle.


  • Rei's name originates from the Japanese language and means 'zero' (零).
  • The Byakugan originates from the Naruto series, however Rei's version does not have all of its abilities.


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