Regina the Hedgemouse

Biographical Information
Age 24
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Alias MC R361NA (Stage Name)
Romantic Interest Marcello the Hedgehog (Boyfriend; Future Husband)
DOB March 16
Birthplace Newtrogic High Zone, Mobius
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgemouse (Hedgehog/Mouse Hybrid)
Gender Female
  • Hair: Light Blue (Originally Gray)
  • Fur: Gary
  • Skin: Reddish Pink
  • Eyes: Pink
  • Height: 3 ft 4 in/102 cm
  • Weight: Secret

Usual Attire:

  • Tan Hat
  • Dark Gray/White/Purplish Pink Headphones w/ dangling cords w/ white nubs on the ends
  • Light Pink short sleeve shirt that exposes her shoulders
  • Knee-length Tan Skirt
  • Tan Pumps that lace up

Piano Teacher Attire:

  • Tan Hat
  • Pink Tank Top
  • Tan Cardigan
  • Tan Knee-length skirt
  • Tan Pumps that lace up
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • The cords at the ends of her headphones (Uses them as whips)
  • Basic Combat skills
  • Able to manipulate sound waves
  • Musically Talented (Is a disc jockey at clubs and a piano player)
  • Teaching skills
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A. (TBD)
Japanese V.A. (TBD)
Theme Song(s)
Appearances None as of now
Original Creator
Likes Music, Hip Hop DJs, being a piano teacher, Marcello, Serene, Razz, partying, and being a DJ
Dislikes Hearts, Radic, suffering from stress, suffering from Tinnitus, and senseless violence

Regina the Hedgemouse (レジャイナ・ザ・ヘッジマウスを Rejaina za Hejjimausu-o) is an adult hedgehog/mouse hybrid. She is well-known for her job as a disc jockey, or DJ and is romantically involved with The Newtrogic Crime Stoppers leader, Marcello the Hedgehog.


Early Life

Regina experienced a fairly normal birth and childhood. At a young age she was taught how to play the piano by a local piano teacher at the request of her parents.

Teen Years

When Regina was a teenager she gained a deeper interest in music and became fascinated about Hip Hop DJs. She liked them so much she hoped that one day she would become a DJ herself. In order to make sure that would happen, she often volunteered to be an unofficial DJ at dances and other school events.

Club Scene

Two years after Newtrogic High Zone was saved by a red hero and his friends from an an evil doctor, Regina had become old enough to became an official DJ and got her first gig at club called Cheated Hearts. Regina was rather popular among the club goers and was invited to be the DJ again.

The Second Gig

When cleaning up after her second gig she met Marcello the Hedgehog, who complimented on her DJ skills and said she was different from other DJs. Regina was flattered by his compliments and thanked him. Not long after that she was walking to her apartment when she was attacked by a mysterious woman, who told her, "I'm the only club queen who can rule! You get out!" and ran away. Marcello was not far behind and helped Regina get home. Regina only suffered minor injuries. When they got to her apartment, Regina told him what had happened. Marcello went on to tell her that her attacker was Hearts the Cheetah, who had considered herself queen of clubs and didn't like seeing anyone take her spotlight. His team has had trouble with her before and offered that he would teach Regina some basic combat skills so that she might not get hurt again. To this, Regina accepted.

Combat Training and an Unbreakable Bond Formed

So, Marcello taught Regina some fighting skills. During this training, Regina learned that she had the power to manipulate sound. She also learned how to use her headphones cords as whips, this idea she came up with herself. Marcello was only planning to teach Regina basic combat skills, but as the months passed the two began to spend more time with each. Soon the two developed an attraction for each other and began dating.

Current Life

Regina has become a local celebrity of sorts and continues to have a passion for being a DJ, even after the incident with Hearts a few years ago. She has recently took up teaching and is teaching young children to play the piano. Her current student is Razz the Bat and is very proud of her. Regina and Marcello have hopes of marrying one another some day, but until they think they are ready they remain unmarried.


Regina has retired from being a club DJ and is now a full-time piano teacher. When Marcello and her were first married, they tried to have a child but were having difficultly. They soon learned that Regina was infertile. They didn't give up on having a child and adopted a little girl.


Regina is fun-loving and loves to party. She is very passionate about her job as a DJ and would never give it up. Surprisingly, when not being a DJ at a club or being a piano teacher, she usually loves to relax and spend time with her boyfriend, Marcello. Despite seeming fun and happy, she often hides the inner stress of her jobs. She often confesses her stress to her boyfriend, often laying the blame on herself by saying, "It's my fault I decided to work two jobs!" The reason she does not give up her teaching job is because of her student, Razz the Bat. Every time Regina sees her happy, eager face, she reassures herself that everything will be okay. Regina also shows a little class, like changing her usual attire to something more modest when she has to teach.


Regina has taught basic combat skills by her boyfriend Marcello, which she could use to defend herself if the need arose. While learning these skills she learned that she had the ability to manipulate sound waves. She also is able to use the cords of her headphones, which are connected to each other inside the headphones, as whips. This she came up with all by herself during her training. All she has to do is pull one cords all the way to the end of that side, leaving her with a rather long cord, which can be very handy.

Along with her combat abilities, she is also very musically talented. When she was very young she was taught how to play the piano. During her teenage years she became interested in Hip Hop DJs, and eventually became a club DJ. She has recently started her job as piano teacher.


Due to her job as a club DJ, she has developed Tinnitus. This causes a ringing in her ears that can be a simple annoyance to disrupting her daily activities. She also experiences stress caused by having to work two jobs, which she sees as her fault.

In the future, Regina learns that she is infertile and cannot have children.


Marcello the Hedgehog

Regina and Marcello first met after Regina's second gig at Cheated Hearts. While she was cleaning up her equipment he came over to compliment her on her DJ skills. Regina was flattered and thanked him for the compliments. The two met up again not long after. Regina had been attacked by Hearts and Marcello rushed to her aid. When he finally arrived, Hearts was gone, luckily Regina had only received minor injuries. He helped Regina back to her apartment. When inside she explained what had happened. He went on to her that her attacker was Hearts. She had given his team, The Newtrogic Crime Stoppers trouble before. Marcello then offered to teach Regina some basic combat moves in order to protect herself if she would ever get attacked again. Regina accepted the offer.

Over the next few months, the Marcello taught her basic combat. During that time Regina learned that she could manipulate sound waves and came up with the idea to use her headphone cords as weapon. Originally, Marcello had planned to teach her basic combat and just do that, but during that time the two formed a bond. The two spent their time doing much more than combat training and the two eventually grew an attraction for each other. The two began dating and hope to get married one day.

In the future they get married and adopt a little girl.

Serene the Foxcoon

Regina first met Serene while on a double date that included Marcello and Jude. The two almost instantaneously become great friends. The two often spent "gal pal time" together when Regina is not too busy. Serene also feels comfortable with telling Regina about her emotional distress, especially about her boyfriend's street fighting and his safety. The two support each other’s ambitions and careers and wish the best for each other.

Razz the Bat

Regina is Razz's piano teacher. The two not only share a teacher-student relationship, but a good friendship as well. Regina is very proud of her student and, in her mind, reassures her that she should not give up her teacher job. Razz looks up to her teacher for guidance, like any young student would.

Jude the Fox

Regina was introduced to Jude by Marcello. The two don't talk to each other much. However, they're at good terms, Regina doesn't agree his fighting habits outside of crime fighting though.

Kyle the Raccoon

Like Jude, Regina was introduced to Kyle by Marcello. Regina doesn’t like him, but she respects him anyway.

Hearts the Cheetah

Regina has negative feelings toward Hearts, mainly from the incident that night a few years ago. She hopes that her boyfriend and his team will one day put her behind bars.

Radic the Dog

Even though she has never met Radic, she doesn't trust him due to his relationship with Hearts.



  • Regina's headphones looks similar to Elesa's, a character from the Pokemon franchise.
  • Regina's birthdate was changed from September 19 to March 16, so that her stage name had some meaning.
    • Her age was also changed to from 21 to 24.

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