Reflex Stutrai is the General in command of the G.U.N. First Army Division, a member of the G.U.N. Advisory Council and a friend of Ronan Windrine. He still commands from the front lines, despite being the leader of the elite division of G.U.N's army, and is blind in one eye.

Reflex Stutrai

Biographical Information
  • General Reflex Stutrai - rank
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, w/ seven quills on the back of his head
  • Hair: White
  • Skin: Peach
  • Eyes: Blue
"Casual" Clothes
  • Blue sleeveless shirt, w/ 1st Division logo on left-hand side.
  • Royal blue slacks
  • Black shoes
  • Red eyepatch
  • Style: Modified Commando-type
  • Color: Black metal-flake
  • Emblems: 1st Division emblem on left upper arm plate & breastplate, G.U.N logo on lower portion of helmet.
  • Rank Markers: General rank cylinder on right upper arm
  • Customizations - Reflex unit (overall), Reactive Armor enhancement (overall), greatsword sheath (backplate), auto-repair module & adrenal supplements (overall), AI programming.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Tower Blade (Greatsword)
  • Electrical Blaster (in Armor)
  • Communications Drones (Extra equipment, in armor)
  • Talented w/ Greatswords
  • Skilled w/ Elemental Blasters
  • Skilled w/ Solarakinesis
  • Heightened Strength (in armor)
  • Heightened Speed (in armor)
  • Heightened Reflexes (in armor)
  • Heightened Accuracy (in armor)
  • Heightened Durability (in armor)
  • Notable tactical mind
  • Some diplomatic skills
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
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Reflex Stutrai is a rather striking hedgehog, slightly taller than average, and rather muscular in the arms, chest and legs. He keeps his black fur short, and his stark white hair trimmed down in a buzz-cut alongside that. He has seven standard-length quills, peach skin, and a single deep blue eye that seem to be taking in every detail, no matter how small. However, he had lost sight in his right eye in an event from his childhood, which he prefers not to mention.


While off-duty, General Stutrai wears a blue vest, adorned with the 1st Division's logo on his left-hand side, plus dark blue slacks and black shoes. His face is adorned with a red eyepatch over his right eye, in order to keep his blind right eye out of people's sight.


General Stutrai's armor is a heavily-modified set of G.U.N. manufactured Commando Armor. In fact, only the helmet, gloves, legs and greaves of his initial suit of armor remain. His chest and backplate came from a Hammerforge Steel-type suit with a sword sheath later added for his greatsword, while the arm plating were salvaged from an old Recon suit. All portions of the armor are painted in a metallic black, with a similarly shimmering black bodysuit worn underneath.

His armor has a number of unusual refits for a modified Commando suit, which normally sported a thruster set, alongside hidden compartments for extra ammunition and other items of importance for a commando. Early on, with his armor painted silver, he replaced the thrusters with a reflex-enhancement booster unit connected to a computer processor in his backplate, plus a Hammerforge-spec voice command module for the computer, in place of the Commando suit's normal blink-code input. Later on, after passing through a Col'nesian training course and meeting the head of Hammerforge Industries, Ronan Windrine, he replaced the backplate and breastplate with ones from a Hammerforge Steel-type suit, having the entire suit resprayed a metallic black, as well as being able to have a sheath built into the backplate of his armor for his greatsword. Later on, just before his promotion to General, he found an old Recon suit, with the majority of it's special systems shorted out, from which he cannibalized the arms to replace his own, which had started to corrode after being damaged by a magnetic pulse. After his promotion to General, he had the full suit once again resprayed, while Ronan fitted it with a few prototype enhancements of his own design, such as a self-monitoring repair system, a first-aid and adrenal monitoring/amplifying system, and better armor designed to lessen damage from ballistic and explosive-based weapons, reactive armor. However, the processor had issues with it all, so it was replaced with a Hammerforge issue variant, a lighter design with it's own vocal settings and AI programming.


Early Life

Reflex Stutrai was the eldest child of the Stutrai Family, a respected family in the Kingdom of Ahto, a small country and signatory of the United Federation, with his father, Baldur, a well-known military official in the small Kingdom's forces. A year later, his sister Sheryl was born. Almost immediately, once the two of them were old enough to have developed obvious personality traits and strengths, there was an obvious gap between the two of them. Sheryl outshone her brother. She learned faster, and remained more flexible and agile than her brother, although his reflexes were fast enough to stay ahead of her in that respect. His father began to show blatant favoritism, and encouraged competition between the two. However, that only served to incite more and more conflict between the duo, with fights becoming almost a regular occurrence. More often than not, Reflex lost. Finally, at thirteen, he was fed up with it all, and started a shouting match with his father. This didn't go well for the boy, with his father also attacking him physically, before a terrible accident occurred - in her rush to help her father, Sheryl bumped into a table and knocked a mug full of hot coffee down, straight into Reflex's face. The scalding liquid splashed straight into his right eye, and although his mother wanted to rush him to hospital, his father was reluctant, due to the injuries he had given his son. As such, while the burns around his eye were dealt with by his mother, with her first-aid experience, a few months later, when he asked his mother why everything on his right-hand side was foggy, it was realized that in her clumsiness, Sheryl had blinded her brother.

After a few months of his father again holding his sister on a pedestal, enough was enough for Reflex. That night, the half-blind thirteen-year-old opened his window and ran away, the red eyepatch his mother made for him covering his bloodshot and obviously blind eye. He just kept on running, but was found rather quickly by his uncle, Daniel. His uncle was a kindly man, who always felt that his brother's actions towards his son were foolish. As such, he guided the boy to his home, and began to train him. Quickly, his strength and reflexes made themselves obvious as the boy picked up a greatsword, the kind his uncle used to practice his sword forms, and started swinging the giant blade with both eyes shut, listening to the whir as the sword spun around him. Despite the sword being almost the same height as the boy, he could control it in tight spirals and use it well, competing with his cousin Trevor, who was three years older and a trained swordsman himself. Impressed, Daniel began to focus on his nephew's training, with an eye on a specific organization that may take the angst-ridden teen when he was ready - G.U.N. With that in mind, Reflex's training began to branch out. He was taught to shoot, despite only having one good eye, and without his talented sister over his shoulder showing him up, his skill with both firearms and swords rapidly improved. Then came the tricky part, his elemental powers. Daniel understood that the boy was a Solarakinetic, that much was clear to him. The issue was finding a teacher that wasn't connected to the military. Eventually, he found one, and Reflex started to learn. Two years later, the teen had the physique and skills to impress most people, and had managed to avoid his father and sister for that same length of time. His skills complete, he set off, thanking his uncle, but not hopeful. Who'd want a half-blind soldier?

Joining G.U.N.

Arriving at the Westopolis Recruitment Center, Reflex was tempted to turn around and go back, fearing rejection, but was quickly bundled along by others who wished for the same opportunity. Almost straight away, the officer in charge of applications almost vetoed Reflex's chances due to his physical status, but another officer, this one from the First Division, stopped him, intrigued. The medics were impressed by almost everything, except for his eye. The other challenges, including an obstacle course and a brief sparring match with a hand-to-hand instructor, weren't major issues for the boy, and the First Division officer signed off on his entry to the armed forces, recommending the boy go into the Powered Armored division, due to the armor having a technical way around his disability. Placed on a bus, and shipped off to a training camp, he finally relaxed. He'd fought through his childhood, what problem would a military training base pose? Not a big one, as it turned out. Word had been passed down that he'd impressed a member of the First Division, the elite army legion, and it was rumored that the leader of that division himself was interested in recruiting him. As such, while his instructors gave him a hard time in training, with quite a few ridiculing him on his half-blind status, most other trainees went out of their way to let the teen with the tormented past into their groups, in the hope they could follow on from him and get placed into one of the main eight divisions, with not one excited by the idea of ending up in the human-dominated Ninth and Tenth Divisions. However, not all of his instructors were tough. Quite a few of them were sympathetic, especially when he told them of his past. One of them even went as far as programming his armor computer to alert him to threats on his blind side, eliminating part of his problem.

Over the two years, Reflex's skill grew, and the one-eyed Powered Armor Soldier became a living legend amongst the soldiers there, not just in his age bracket, but the ones above and below as well. Finally, when the day the soldiers got to show off their skills arrived, the officer who'd given the teen a chance reappeared. However, he introduced himself as General Steven Altolo, leader of the First Division, and pointed out that he, too, had to overcome physical adversity, showing the teen the cybernetic hand that replaced his own. He then announced that the legendary 'Lieutenant Reflex Stutrai' was going to be part of the First Division, and would prove to be an important asset in the future. The sudden promotion to lieutenant surprised the teen, but the knowing wink from his new commanding officer silenced him.

First Division Trooper

As a lieutenant, he was second-in-command of Talon Squad, a powered-armor team in the First Division. As it turned out, war had broken out between Ahto and Valaria, and the First Division was sent to serve as peacekeepers, forcibly ending the conflict until a treaty could be made. In armor, he returned to his home, and found his seventeen-year-old sister easily beating up a force of Valarian soldiers, a soldier of Ahto. Ordering the rest of his squad to move on, he intervened, going toe-to-toe with Sheryl once again. This time, with his gray Commando armor on, he posed a greater threat to her than ever before, entering into close-combat and pummeling his sister with armored fists until she hit the ground, uncertain why a peacekeeper would attack her with such fervor, despite being part of the aggressor nation. Then he removed his helmet. Astonished that her brother not only lived, but outranked her in one of the largest armies in the world, Sheryl tried to apologize for her actions in the past, but one of Reflex's teammates returned and handcuffed her, leading her away as she screamed insults at her brother. Following that point for the next two years, and discovering that it was his father who had pushed the king into starting the war, Reflex fought against the soldiers of his homeland, beating them down and later taking up the reins of command after a Ahtoan soldier killed the Lance Commander in charge of Talon Squad, until finally the King of Ahto agreed to sign a treaty of peace. G.U.N. Command expressed their gratitude for Reflex and his actions by making his command position permanent, promoting the twenty-year-old to Lance Commander, and letting him retain command of Talon Squad.

Six years later, Commander Stutrai was in Spagonia with four Talon Squad members on a routine bandit hunt, something none were happy about - those duties normally fell to members of the Ninth or Tenth Divisions, not the First. Then, a report came in of a bandit raid on a farmer's family. All buisness, the four troopers raced there to find a teenaged hedgehog fighting a bandit with a claymore, holding his own against the swords-wielding thug. Other bandits were also visible, however, going after the teen's siblings. Commander Stutrai ordered his people to move, and rapidly fought their way to the teen's side. There, Reflex stayed, his Tower Blade easily matching the teen's claymore in the size of sword arcs, covering his back and slaying a number of bandits who attempted to slay the teen, until finally enough was enough, and one of his people finished off the bandit leader with a well-placed elemental burst. As soon as the bandit was slain, the teen passed out. Commander Stutrai simply stayed with him until a medivac helicopter arrived to extract the teen, as well as the team, with one staying behind to dispose of the cadavers. He sympathized with the teen - he had no family, aside for his uncle and cousin, that he would recognize as being related, whereas the young kid just lost his family to bandits. As such, he stayed with the teen in the G.U.N. military hospital, in the capital of Spagonia. The teen awoke and panicked, but he calmed the boy, introducing himself and revealing that he saved the teen's life. The teenager responded with his name, Lei the Hedgehog, and asked if his family survived. Reflex shook his head, but asked the teen's age. When Lei responded that he was sixteen, ten years younger than Reflex, then he suggested that the boy consider getting trained as a powered armor solder, like him. The teen accepted. However, with a sinking feeling that the lad may not make it into the First Division, he spoke personally with General Snow Shishido of the Seventh Division, and after inspecting the footage his armor had captured of the teen's combat skills, she agreed that the hedgehog had potential for her Division, and it's love of combat, claiming he would be an honorable warrior to invite into the most combat-oriented Division, and agreed to pull some strings in order for the teen to get Hammerforge armor, which most soldiers agreed was superior to G.U.N's own technology.

Col'nesian Training

Later that month, the Lance Commander was contacted by General Altolo, who told the solder that he was being recommended for an elite training course in Col'nesia, run by Hammerforge Industries and the Col'nesian Army. The trooper agreed, leaving his second in command of Talon Squad in charge, and left for Col'nesia. As one of the handful of G.U.N powered armor troopers there, Reflex didn't stand out as much as he thought, but the man in charge of the exercise, Ronan Windrine, took interest in the man's skills, especially wearing G.U.N built armor and considering that he was half blind. As such, the training camp focused on building on the armor's abilities, as well as giving Hammerforge technicians a chance to analyze both G.U.N. and early model Hammerforge gear, and figure out how to improve on it. Ronan himself took part, wearing a suit of early-model Steel-type armor, and challenged Reflex to a sparring match. There, the fox discovered that the Tower Blade, carried in a leather sheath from his right shoulder to just past the left-hand side of his tail, was more than just for show. The hedgehog swung it in ever-shrinking circles, and Ronan, himself a master swordsman, found himself pressed to defend against the trooper, but used his suit's thruster module to his advantage, flying and using his blade in aerial combat, while Reflex's longer reach and larger blade made him an imposing target. Finally, after a five minute bout, it was declared a draw - neither could defeat the other. Ronan congratulated the soldier, admitting that he had wanted to find out why G.U.N had employed a soldier blind in one eye, but their fight had shown him why. At the end of the training course, the heir to the command of Hammerforge presented the soldier with a Steel-type suit's breastplate and backplate, complete with inbuilt sheath custom-tooled for the soldier's Tower Blade. Due to the metallic-black paint of the new plates, Reflex decided to stay and have his armor resprayed in that color overall, with the added advantage of being able to witness some weapons and prototype demonstrations, but soon had to return to Mobius with his resprayed armor, wishing Ronan luck for his work.

Promotion to General

Fourteen years later, after many campaigns and a massive reputation throughout the First Division, Reflex Stutrai was a respected member of the command forces, and one of the possible successors for General Altolo, who had announced his idea to retire. The old tank commander, who had commanded the entire army, was over sixty-five years old, and felt that it was smarter for him to retire now, instead of staying on active duty. Reflex wasn't surprised by his commander's decision, and wished him the best. Then, two weeks before his retirement, Steve Altolo announced that Reflex was indeed the chosen successor. His armor out of commission awaiting replacement arm plates, Reflex was off active duty, and was stunned by the revelation and the resulting accolades he received, from both the soldiers in his division, and from the generals in command of the other ones, including General Shishido, his friend in high places. Even Ronan was impressed by the news. The surprise was a shock to the Commander's system, and he found himself wandering past a stack of old, junked armor suits, including a Recon suit with arm plates in reasonable condition. He spoke with the technicians, who were overawed that the soon-to-be General was paying attention to them, and secured the arm-plates, which were finished in khaki green. Taking the next week off on leave, Reflex traveled to Col'nesia to have his armor resprayed, and spoke with Ronan, telling his friend that despite being given the role of General, he still only wanted to lead from the front lines. Ronan seemed to laugh at that, and offered to upgrade his armor with a few little prototypes which would make that argument stick. The hedgehog agreed, and spent the next week waiting around Hammerforge Industries, upgrading his sidearm, an electrical blaster, to give it more power and a charged blast function. Soon after he finished that, Ronan returned his armor. Once again, it was overall black, and the fox revealed that he'd added a first aid and adrenal module, auto-repair functions, and specialized armor designed to 'react' to ballistics and explosions by redirecting the impact outwards, away from the wearer. He also admitted adding an AI module and replacing the previous computer, citing that his new additions needed a more advanced computer. Thanking his friend, Reflex returned to Mobius with his new armor, and received his promotion to General at a formal ceremony, where he announced his intention of commanding from the front lines, and arranging for Talon Squad to be his bodyguard unit, elite Powered Troopers which he arranged to have outfitted with Hammerforge gear.

The promotion to general was more than just giving him command of the First Division, but also got him membership to the G.U.N Advisory Council, the coalition of the leaders of every single military division, from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Interstellar Forces, plus the commander-in-chief, Abraham Towers. In this council, General Stutrai is the most vocal member calling for more Hammerforge technology.


Reflex is a natural swordsmaster, skilled with the greatsword he carries with him at all times. He is known through swords circles, as is the youngster he mentored, Lei the Hedgehog, as a tough swordsman to best with his blade. This works hand-in-hand with his skill with solarakinesis, where he can use sudden bursts of light to blind and disorient his opponent, while bringing his sword around in a fatal strike. He is also somewhat of a marksman with pistol and carbine-caliber weapons, including his modified electrical blaster, known as a Storm Driver.

His armor, fitting to his position as a general, is fitted with some of the most advanced systems available. It is fitted with a reflex-enhancement unit, to allow him the same kind of reflex speed he would normally sport, which makes his use of his sword all the more dangerous while in armor. This is the primary offensive system addition, with a greatsword sheath built into his backplate, to replace the old leather sheath he normally used in armor beforehand. The armor also has reactive plating, designed to redirect any blasts back outwards from the person within the armor, for added protection, plus a self-repair module and a first aid monitoring system built in later on. These allow for his armor to keep him conscious through blasts that would force another soldier into shock, and automatically allow his armor to repair itself from the damage sustained. The final modification is an faster processor, with female AI programming, that helps Reflex by alerting him to any threats to his person coming from his blind side, plus alerting him to issues in his armor he may not know about.

However, as previously stated, Reflex IS blind in one eye, which puts him at a major disadvantage. While his armor provides protection, if struck by an EMP, it can short out. Likewise, Electrical abilities and Magnetic attacks also pose a major threat to the armor, being able to stun, disable or damage the armor itself. On top of that, Wind abilities can knock him around and throw his aim off with both ballistics and light-based abilities, considering his method of focusing Light-based attacks.

Light Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Initially, Reflex was a tormented child, having his father and sister treat him like he was worthless and lower than dirt. He was forced to accept that he wasn't as good as his sister, and would never amount to anything. This, coupled with his anger at being blinded, resulted in an emotional breakdown that lead to him running away. However, once he was taken in by his uncle and began getting trained, he quickly hardened and became focused on training, using physical discomfort to put his angst out of his mind. Likewise, he used a similar method to get through the G.U.N training regime, knowing that physical pain and issues were not true issues for him, because they helped put aside his angst. However, once he managed to defeat his sister, and both she and his father were arrested, he became humble, releasing the angst that had built up within his body aimed at his sister and father, and then moved on from there as well, becoming composed, laid-back and, importantly, empathetic. Reflex stands up for anyone who had sustained a physical disability that could normally put them out of action, such as the loss of a limb, loss of a sense, major injuries, or, like in his case, being blinded, as well as any youngster that he comes across that he feels needs guidance and help, especially those who had lost their families. One reason why Reflex is so respected as a leader and commander was that he listened to his soldiers and argued their cases, or offer advice for those whom needed it.

Allies & Enemies


  • Snow Shishido - A woman whom Reflex has always respected, and respected him in turn. Despite the fact that she retired soon after he became a general, and was a lot older, the younger trooper viewed her as one of his guiding influences.
  • Steve Altolo - Likewise, Reflex views the former First Division leader as his mentor, and one of the main guides he had since joining G.U.N.
  • Lance Commander Lei Hedgehog - A child Reflex saved from death at the hands of a bandit, the Spagonian soldier is one of Reflex's proteges, and one he has considered recruiting into Talon Squad, although his command, Claymore Squad, is a similarly skilled group.





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