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Reflect Energy is a powerful counterattack technique, very similar to Mirror Coat in style, with the ability to reflect all energy or particle-based attacks.


The user's hands begin to glow with energy, allowing them to deflect any energy-based attack directed at them for a very short amount of time, typically up to thirty seconds, but in some cases in excess of three minutes. Attacks wider than the users combined hand position are somehow collected into an energy "reflection bowl", built around the user's hands, to allow full redirection. Typically, unless the hand is swung into the path of the assault, the attack is reflected straight back into the opponent, injuring them and, at least half of the time, weakening the power of the Chaos Force around the opponent, in the area of energy dispersal - all other energy-based attacks the opponent takes are slightly more powerful against them, not including elemental effectiveness.

This technique has regularly been compared to Mirror Coat, however it is regarded as more powerful than the other technique - while Mirror Coat is ineffective against Chaos Powers, and attacks reflected by the mirror coat are quite easily absorbed by Chaos barriers, this technique is capable of influencing Chaos, and has the potential up-side of boosting damage from other energy-based attacks against the opponent. However, unlike Mirror Coat, it doesn't magnify the power of the reflected assault, returning it at the same power, and in the same elemental form. This proves to be a weak point, as some opponents are immune to their own elements through genetic abilities.

Another advantage over Mirror Coat is the possibility of deflecting attacks into other opponents, and deflecting energy attacks of an artificial nature, such as rounds from an energy rifle. By swinging the hand deflecting the beam onto an angle, the force of the assault can be deflected on that same angle, allowing for a single user to deflect a SolarBeam fired by a single opponent over an approximately 180 degree arc in front of themselves, as long as the deflecting hand/hands are still in the path of the beam. However, attacks of a purely physical nature, with particles larger than a grain of sand (i.e. mud, water, bullets, knives, etc) including most Earth & Water techniques easily capable of piercing the reflective barrier.



  • Mirror Coat - Similar technique
  • Counter - similar technique, focusing on physical attacks

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's large array of potential uses, plus it's ability to lower an opponent's ability to defend against special attacks, it bears a B-rank.

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