Reflect is a defensive psychic move, used to block physical attacks.


Using their mental strength, the user creates a barrier of psychic energy. This barrier is set at a specific wavelength, and almost completely blocks the power of physical attacks. The barrier can be created in various ways, but is usually either a rectangular glass-like screen in front of the user, a dome around the user and chosen allies, or a box of energy, which is invisible until its effect comes into play. However, this attack comes with three blatant drawbacks; firstly, the barrier is not infinite, and only lasts for a specific amount of time. Second, this technique puts a mental strain on the user, making it dangerous to use repeatedly. Finally, the Barrier is set at a specific wavelength in order to block physical attacks; as such, non-physical attacks like Thunderbolt are completely unaffected by the Barrier, save for Psycho Shock and Psycho Break, non-physical attacks which strike at the physical attacks. This barrier and its counterpart Light Screen are both broken by the attack Brick Break.


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Due to its defensive powers, but notable flaws, Reflect is a C-Rank technique.

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