Redux the cat by memph the light-d4jb2ap

Biographical Information
  • 17 (Rp appearances)
  • Gabriel the Cat
Romantic Interests

Memphis' fanfics

  • Hina the Cat (Girlfriend)
  • None so far.
Team affliction
  • None so far
Physical Description
Species Cat
Gender Male
  • eyes: (Right) Violet (Left) Green
  • Look at the picture.
Abilities and forms
  • Metalic manipulation
  • Hand to hand expert
  • Martial artist

(can be enhanced with Metal coating from metal powers)

  • Claws
  • fists
  • feet
  • tail
  • body in general
Super Forms
  • Full armor zerker form
Theme Song
Nightcore - Harder better faster stronger

Nightcore - Harder better faster stronger

Theme song

Instrument Profession
  • Bass
Voice acting
  • Unknown still
Created by

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An inquizitive child from birth, he always found himself in the middle of trouble yet he never seemed to mind. Growing up in a land that always required a sound mind and body. The young cat practiced and honed his body, hardening his body to that of steel. Years passed and through a strange occurance the cat found himself being able to harness the natural metals in his body to form metallic coatings around his body when need be. He searches as to how he obtained these powers for it bothers him to no end. Yet he is not shy to use it. He still explores the world and hones his body as he searches for his answers, but you may run into him at a club for he loves techno and dancing.


He is usually quite sly with his talking. Making sure to have others open up to him first before he does so himself. If he deems a person worthy and friendly, he shows that he is a caring person and a party animal. He is very happy to be with his girlfriend and does not intend to cheat on her. But flirting with girls is A-okay with him. He loves watching fights and being apart of fights himself so he is never one to back off from a fight or tournament. In battle he is calm and honed, making precise and calculated movements with his body.


Hina the cat:

He loves hanging with the cool girl and is always grinning as he shows her off to the jealous boys. He is expecting a child with her soon and waits to be called a father.

~More to come soon~

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