Redstone the Fox is a male, anthropomorphic red fox with green eyes. He is a former warrior of the Red Fox Pack who chose to live on his own after befriending a Froakie he named Vero. He is from the ancient times of Mobius and a rather important character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, being the protagonist of Legends of the Past, and a supporting protagonist in a somewhat unrelated story called Warriors: Secrets of the Ancients: The Beginning. It is worth noting that Redstone was the first person to defeat Sonic.EXE, even if he died of illness later.


Redstone is a broad-shouldered red fox with thick fur, and green eyes. It has been noted that Fox the Brave looks almost exactly like Redstone, minus the tear in his ear, plus the fact that the thick fur Fox has is more concentrated around his shoulders. Just before his fight with Sonic.EXE, Redstone gained some apparel while he was preparing. He currently wears a white t-shirt, an open red flannel shirt, and blue jeans.


Redstone is an amicable fellow, but likes to keep to himself. He is most comfortable alongside his Greninja friend Vero, since he was almost never seen anywhere near his Pack except to get answers about Sonic.EXE from an elder who happened to know about the demon. In Revenge of Sonic.EXE, Redstone was very welcoming, and maybe a bit scatterbrained, yet doesn't appear to know much about his living descendant Fox's status as a hero(a short-tempered one at that)


Redstone's past in the series is largely unknown. It was shown in Legends of the Past that Redstone lived on Bygone Island during a time when Mobians and Pokemon lived apart and left each other alone, making Redstone and Vero outcasts among their own kind because of their friendship. He had frequent run-ins with an antagonistic gray wolf named Argus, who had an intense hatred of red foxes, and even went so far as to bite Redstone while he was trying to escape a fight with the patrol Argus brought with him. Later on, he and Vero raided Lyric's lair, and during their flight after being noticed, Redstone was captured. Vero managed to rescue him-evolving into Greninja in the process-and the pair remained under the radar afterward. After the rescue, Vero is called away to help with the building of a Village, and Redstone goes on a solo raid on Lyric's lair. During said raid, he finds and rescues two Tribe cats, who are in trouble, and later befriends another cat, called Jagged Cliff. Redstone later finds out that Sonic.EXE has come to the Worlds, and is responsible for the savage murder of a Tribe cat. Redstone decides to fight when his good friend Jagged Cliff is also murdered by Sonic.EXE. Redstone relentlessly fights the demon until there is some "divine intervention" and Sonic.EXE is trapped in something called the "Shadow Cube", a sort of prison for him. Afterward, Redstone falls ill and dies a few weeks later. He still appears in Revenge of Sonic.EXE as a spirit, having been somehow dragged into the Shadow Cube along with Fox, leading the two to meet for the first time. Redstone is later freed when Fox defeats Sonic.EXE and destroys the Cube once and for all, sending the demon to the Land of Shadows.


Redstone's weaknesses are unknown, since he has no special abilities like Fox, his kin.


In Revenge of Sonic.EXE, Redstone speaks with what appears to be a minor Southern US accent, yet in his other appearances, he doesn't have this. The reasons for this are unknown.

In the Prologue of The Legend of Fox the Brave: The Beginning, Redstone is said to be mates with a fox called Mara, yet she does not appear in any other stories with Redstone.

  • This is possibly because their son Garrett chose to become a warrior of his Pack, while Redstone preferred being a loner to being a warrior, and he was an outcast in his Pack due to his friendship with Vero.

Redstone is a Material in the popular sandbox game Minecraft. This is possibly where the character Redstone got his name conceptually.

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