Redstone the Fox is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Mobian red fox who lived in ancient times, as one of the first Pack foxes. He is also considered the first person to befriend a Pokemon in a time where Pokemon, Mobians, and humans lived separately and avoided each other. Redstone is best known for his defeat of Sonic.EXE, which led to his death, and for being the ancestor of Fox the Brave and Phoenix the Fox.


Redstone is a tall, slim red fox with broad shoulders and thick fur. Like all red foxes, he has russet-red fur with brownish-black ears, hands, and feet, white fur from his chin to his belly, a white tail-tip, and white inner-ears. He's mostly seen wearing a white tank-top under an open red flannel shirt, and ragged blue jeans


Redstone is a calm, cool individual, but does show a short temper around those who irritate him, particularly Argus. An outcast in his own Pack, he tends to act aloof towards them, but is fiercely loyal to his friends, refusing to let any taunts get to him.


Before the Series: Prior to Redstone's Nightmare, Redstone's past is unknown. But it is mentioned that he is among the first foxes to have formed the Red Fox Pack, despite being considered an outcast among his own kind. At some point before the story, he took a wife, and they had a son, Garrett. He also befriended a cat named Jagged Cliff, and a Froakie name Vero, who evolved all the way into Greninja.

Redstone's Nightmare: A remake of an older story, this retells the tale of Redstone's legendary defeat of Sonic.EXE, which still cost him his life.


After being badly wounded by Sonic.EXE following Jagged Cliff's murder, Redstone suffered breathing problems and regular pains that often incapacitated him


Redstone is the only Pack fox to be described with clothing. Roy is not counted because he left the Pack.

It's possible Redstone made up with Argus in the afterlife, but not for a long time

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