Not to be confused with the character of the same name who appeared in Secrets of the Past

Redpelt the Fox is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a red fox who lived in the Red Fox Pack, who was notoriously short-tempered and difficult, but a fiercely loyal warrior. His fate is unknown, but it's possible he died of old age.


Redpelt is a male red fox with unusually bright reddish-orange fur. Like all red foxes, he has dark, brownish-black paws and ears, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly as well as on his tail-tip and inside his ears. He has amber eyes, a thick pelt, and ragged ears from a life of fighting.


Redpelt is incredibly short-tempered, snappish, hot-headed, and impulsive. While he is fiercely loyal to the Red Fox Pack, he is more of a "punch first, ask questions later" kind of person. His aggressive nature led to him constantly clashing with his leader Firestorm over the leader's more peaceful ways, especially concerning Finitevus' actions before the Rise of Enerjak.


Redpelt's past is unknown, but it's likely he grew up in the Pack outside Albion.

Trouble on the Island: Redpelt shows up at various points during the story, usually arguing with Firestorm. Their constant fighting comes to a climax after Finitevus is left in charge of the Master Emerald. Redpelt insists on driving the doctor away, but Firestorm keeps him from attacking, saying that the Pack would die out for good. This results in a physical fight, Driving a wedge between the two warriors. Redpelt stays with the Pack after this, but he acts even more hostile toward Firestorm until after the Pack is thrown from Angel Island by Enerjak. Firestorm angrily asserts that he wants no more questions to his authority, Redpelt acquiesces, though he makes no attempt to change his attitude.

A Brother's Search: Redpelt is seen on the patrol that Michael first meets. He is mentioned to be rather grumpy. When Michael sees Firestorm, he is mentioned to look like a combination of Redpelt, Tanner, and Woodrow. Later, two "Legionnaires" sneak in, revealing themselves to really be Tanner and Redpelt, under orders from Firestorm. They help Michael escape, but Redpelt isn't seen again after Tanner helps Michael off Angel Island.

The Lost Pack: After Tanner asks why Enerjak threw the Pack from Angel Island, Redpelt gruffly answers that it might have been because Enerjak thought they were threatening the Echidnas because of their conflict with the Dark Legion. Later, Redpelt is made deputy when Rush becomes leader.


Redpelt's short temper and impulsive ways means he often acts without thinking or considering the consequences, making him rather rash in his actions


Redpelt is the first and currently only character to share a name with a previous character

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