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"A new, bold start in a great adventure for all gamers."-IGN

Redd's Adventure: Episode I Overview

Redd's Adventure: Episode I is a digital title for PS3/XBOX 360 created by Eight+ Softworks (formely Dimps) and Sega/Sonic Team. It has many similarities to Sonic 4, but better. It can be downloaded via PlayStation Network for 3.99 or Xbox Live for 900 Microsoft Points. It is the first game in the Redd's Adventure series. As Dimps has disbanded, a policy from Sega was instated to renew the company into something else, Eight+. They relocated their headquarters to the IDT Building in Newark, NJ. Then, Eight+ started to do a project and here cames this. It was released July 17, 2012 worldwide except in South Korea, which the release is pending approval. You get to play as Redd, Sonic's younger brother and explore the enviroment. Redd's Adventure uses the Eight+ Engine and SAGEXP, which is a highly calculated an advanced editor. The game uses tracks from other games. They used tracks from previous games, because it's nostalgic.

Playable Character(s)

Redd The Hedgehog- Redd is hot-headed, eager and hyper. He is cladded light-blue and has similarties to Sonic. He also has a taste for pizza as he says when the game is idle: "C'"mon! Lead me to the pizza!". He is also fast and he can jump higher than Sonic. He has the Redd Spindash, Tan Flare and the Homing Attack. Unlike Sonic, his shoes are competely red and Redd also has retractable claws to break through objects and climb walls. If all eight keys are collected, Redd will be Super Redd!

Non- Playable Character(s)

Evo The Scientist- Evo is a failed scientist and whatever you do, don't let Evo install nitrous on your bicycle because something distarious will happen. Evo used to work in a muffin lab until he got fired for trying to dismantle the core to a broken machine. Evo was very angry that he lost his job and he stumbled upon a island and developed a hatred with Redd. Evo is trying to steal all eight Keys, to power up something horrible called the Evo Mothership, which will be his biggest and most successful (first) invention to rule mankind. He wants to eliminate Redd first to do it.


Redd's Adventure: Episode I takes place on a island called Nuvo Island, an island rich for it's articheture and rural taste and has many landmarks. There are 12 levels and a special stage. All acts are split into three with the third one, being a boss fight.

  1. Peach Waters Zone- A beautiful island with peach grass and gleaming dark blue water. It is favored among it's tan mountains. But beware: Tricks and traps lie here!
  2. Tribune Pillars Zone- A Greek-styled metropolis with lots of Greek articheture and includeds the Tower Of Babel, which towers over the metropoils. Don't think this place is so relaxing; Robots and bows and arrows await your arrival.
  3. Metal Springs Zone- A run-down and old metal industry park and steel factories built during World War II reside here. Black smog, robotic rats and cockroaches will creep you out!
  4. Skeet Subway Zone- A subway that connects the whole island and is modern-styled. You're gonna feel the rush by junming speeding subway cars and jumping on robots heads!
  5. New Nuvo City Zone- A huge metropolis based on buildings and zones in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. Don't let the bright lights fool you; One mistep can hurt you badly!
  6. Nuvo City Sewers Zone- Over 300,000 feet under the huge metropolis of Nuvo, all the waste and water goes down here! Beware of the aligators!
  7. Ivo Suburbs Zone- A cul-de-sac neighborhood which draws inspiration from Jewish cultures. The taste is good, but what lies behind it will shock you!
  8. Area 105 Zone- The military base that protects the island resides here. Lots of thrills await.
  9. Construction Base Zone- A land that is currently under construction and will be completed soon. Harnesses, levers, and all types of things you would see in a construction place is here.
  10. Mothership Lock Zone- Where the mothership is being applied and being constructed. The mother of all levels.
  11. Nutha 101 Zone- After the mothership takes off, you hop on Evo's precious plane, Nutha 101 and you are caught in a aerial attack.
  12. Evo's Mothership- Evo's base! The final battle! It all ends here!
  13. Special Stage- A distant land located in "the state of the mind". It involves a series of cubes and you are given a color and 6 or more cubes. You have a time limit to match the color to the cube. The more special stages you enter, the more cubes you recieve. To get to a special stage, you have to have 50 rings or more. At the end of the level, a big ring is located over the pass post and you have to hop in it. If you beat the Special Stage, you recieve a key.

Rings, Time, Etc.

Just like in Sonic The Hedgehog, you have to collect rings throught the level to stay alive when hit by an Enemy and it's the life force. There are 500 rings that can be collected in each level. The more rings collected, the higher the score can go up. Unlike the orginal Sonic, the rings are black and if a background is black or too dark, the rings turn white.

50 Rings- Extra Life

100 Rings- Orb Shield

150 Rings- Fire Veil

200 Rings- Water Bubble

250 Rings- Electrical Veil

300 Rings- Invinciblity

350 Rings- Triple Speed 

400 Rings and Counting- Score Multiplier

Game over card
If you happen to lose all your lives, the following card will show up to the right. "GAME OVER, SORRY!" will show up.
Drowning card


If you ever happened to be in water, if you don't get an air bubble you will drown. You get to breathe uderwater for 30 seconds. When the final 5 arrive, the desired nunber will appear(also title card to the right) and if you don't get air in time, you'll drown.

Extra life

Also, when you recieve an extra life, the extra life blip will show up.

Time up

Each level has ten minutes within each act. If you run out of time, you will die and this screen will show up.


If you died and had a continue, this will show up, you hit the number of continues you have and you will be directed from your last checkpoint.


If you cleared an act, this will show up.



There are eight keys in the whole game: Red, Blue, White, Black, Green, Tan, Brown, and Gold. If all are collected, Redd can change forme.

Super Redd

Super Redd
If you collect all eight keys, Redd can transform into Super Redd. In super forme, Redd is actually the color of Sonic in his super forme. Unlike Sonic, yellow energy beams emit all around him and he jumps, runs and climbs faster. Mainly, he is invincible, but he can still drown, get crushed and fall into botomless pits. Redd goes down one ring while in super forme.


Peach Spitter, Peach Hill Zone Boss- The first boss you'll encounter, is Evo in a machine with a rectangular cannon, which shoots peaches. The more you hit it, the faster and more peaches it shoots. You have to hit the red light on the top.

Archer Man, Tribune Pillars Zone Boss- Evo is in a robotic archer-man, which shoots arrows. You have to dodge the arrows and spindash into the archer.

Metal Dog, Metal Springs Zone Boss- Evo is standing on a metal plank controlling a mechanical dog made from metal with a remote control. The dog will come charging at you of all four courners of the screen, and after he is done, the dog will take a breath with his metallic tounge sticking out, giving you a chance to attack it.

N.E.G.H.O. Train, Skeet Subway Boss- Evo will be driving a subway car, chasing you down with it in a attempt to run you over. A huge engine is sitting on the top of it. You must run from the train and you will encounter dangling branches and you have to swing on them and hit the engine.

Concrete Hands, New Nuvo City Zone- Evo will be be controlling concrete arms and hands via a machine, and the arms will try to grab you and then pound it's heavy fists on your head. You have to hit the red button on the right shoulder in order to destroy it.

Lion in the Sewer, Nuvo City Sewers Zone- The myth of the Lion in the Sewer was real! Now, Evo is in a carriage with the lion controlling it and Evo tosses you a whip and you have to avoid the lion's fast charge and whip it. Sarcastic part: When the lion is tame, it will chase down Evo!

Mechanical Cross, Ivo Suburbs Zone- Since this Jewish neighborhood caught Evo's taste, he built a mechanical cross and it shoots lasers. After it is done shooting, it's your chance to attack it! Then, the same step will repeat.

Grenade Cannon, Area 105 Zone Boss- Evo is launcing grenades! After he launches his grenades, you must hit him!

Harnuz3000, Construction Base Zone Boss- Evo is operating a heavy crane and he will use the cranes to slam against you. After, you must hit the core.

Aerial Attack, Nutha 101 Zone- After stealing Evo's precious ship, Evo fights you in mid-air.

Final Boss, Evo's Mothership- The final battle! Similar to Sonic 1's boss, but with more adjustments.


Title Screen- Redd's Adventure Episode I

Title Screen- Redd's Adventure Episode I

Loss of Air Count- Redd's Adventure Episode I The OST (Drowning Sonic 4)

Loss of Air Count- Redd's Adventure Episode I The OST (Drowning Sonic 4)

Low Rings- Redd's Adventure Episode I (Critical Health- Pokemon B W-B2 W2)

Low Rings- Redd's Adventure Episode I (Critical Health- Pokemon B W-B2 W2)

Peach Waters Zone (Act 3)- Redd's Adventure Episode I The OST (Green Hill Zne Hub)

Peach Waters Zone (Act 3)- Redd's Adventure Episode I The OST (Green Hill Zne Hub)

Peach Waters Zone (Act 2)- Redd's Adventure Episode I The OST (Seaside Hill-Modern)

Peach Waters Zone (Act 2)- Redd's Adventure Episode I The OST (Seaside Hill-Modern)

Peach Waters Zone (Act 1) Redd's Adventure Episode 1 The OST (Splash Hill Zone)

Peach Waters Zone (Act 1) Redd's Adventure Episode 1 The OST (Splash Hill Zone)

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