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It's him!


Well, you can see can't you?


Red chronicle is a kind, good hearted mobian, but also has an unfortunate violent nature. You can't really blame him, seeing as he was brought up by warriors.


Although his name suggests, Red is certainly not a science project. He was born to the hybrids jane and billy. He was brought up in their tribe, and he learnt how to be a true warrior. Eventually, when he was 14, he was allowed to be knighted, and be a true warrior. He went on many adventures, and one day he came accross sonia and her friends. He decided to join their quest, seeing as he had a secret crush on sonia. (sorry!) They faced a huge battle against Devil-a109, a devipus robot of chaotic evil, and at the robots defeat is when he truly became a part of sonia's friends.  Nothing more of his history has been recorded, apart from that sonionicle now exists. (sorry again!)


He can manipulate chaos energy.

Special Abilities

Red has the ability to see through walls, which has proved incredibly useful over the years.

Red has the ability to fly. What do you expect?

Red has the ability to punch very rapidly, making him an incredibly hard to defeat.


Red has incredible hand-to-hand combat skills.

Red is very intelligent.


Red is weakened by large villains, as his rapid punching does not have much effect.

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