The Red Fox Pack are a group of Mobian red foxes who were neighbors and allies of the Echidnas at one point, and are part of the Fox Tribe, one of the many Tribes inhabiting Mobius in the continuity of The Legend of Fox the Brave. When the Dark Legion was created, they became mortal enemies of the Pack, and clashed with them on several occasions; known victims of this conflict are Hemlock-a warrior-and Darkfoot-a young apprentice. They function quite similarly to the Clans from the book series Warriors(which has also been adapted into the series), but few have actual Warrior Cat names(for example, Darkfoot, Redpelt, Firestorm). The Pack currently resides in Lamarkie Forest under the leadership of Wilder.


Current Members:

Leader: Wilder; Todd

Deputy: Jon; Todd

Healer: Phoenix

  • Apprentice: Kai; blind todd


  • Burpy; Bright-furred todd
  • Nico; Todd
    • Apprentice: Shadestep; Vixen with black ears and paws
  • Landon; Todd
  • Orlando; Todd
  • Rose(fox);Vixen
  • Lily; Vixen
    • Apprentice: Shiro; Todd
  • Firetail; Bright-furred todd
  • Flamepelt; Bright-furred todd
  • Mona; Vixen
    • Apprentice: Shadowfoot; Todd with black ears and paws

Former Members(all):

  • Roy-Todd; wears white t-shirt with red shoulders and sleeves, a red and white baseball cap, and beige cargo shorts; currently a Storm Fighter
  • Grizzly; Shaggy-furred todd missing an eye; Killed by Sonic.EXE

Deceased Members:

  • Redstone-Bright red todd with green eyes; Died of wounds inflicted by Sonic.EXE, and exhaustion from their final battle
  • Rush-Lean todd; Killed by Sonic.EXE
  • Tanner-Long-legged fluffy todd; Cause unknown(likely old age)
  • Woodrow-Sturdy todd; Cause unknown
  • Raymond-Thick-furred todd; Killed by Dark Legion Echidnas
  • Raiden-Killed in the Battle of the Canyon

Known Descendants:

  • Garrett-Todd(through Redstone)
  • Ferrell-Todd(through Garrett)
  • Unknown Foxes(through Ferrell)
  • Andrew-Todd(unknown)
  • Rocket-Todd(Andrew's son; unknown)
  • Unknown Cub(Andrew's child; unknown)
  • Torch and Ember-Todds(through Rocket)
  • Fox and Sadie-Todd(Fox) and vixen(Sadie)(through Torch)
  • Braveheart-Todd(through Fox and Karra)
  • Midnight-Vixen(through Fox and Karra)
  • Scrap-Todd(through Braveheart)
  • Petunia-Vixen(through Braveheart)
  • Maako-Todd(through Grizzly)
  • Karra-Vixen(through Grizzly)
  • Jon-Todd(through Redstone)
  • Phoenix-Todd(through Jon)


The Pack functions quite similarly to the Clans from the Warriors book series, with regular patrols and rules. The leader doles out punishments depending on how severe a crime or infringement is.


Like the other Fox Tribe Packs and other Tribes, the Red Fox Pack believes strongly in the Spirits in the Stars.


In ancient times, the Pack lived in an unknown part of Mobius. The other Tribe groups also lived nearby, leading to constant trouble with a particularly aggressive wolf named Argus. After Redstone's battle with Sonic.EXE, the Red Fox Pack fled out of fear, vanishing for a long time.


The Red Fox Pack was formed as part of the Fox Tribe during the Worlds' early days. At this time, Mobians, humans, and Pokemon kept to themselves, and as a result, one of the Pack's warriors, Redstone, was viewed as an outcast because of his friendship with a Frogadier named Vero. Redstone fought Sonic.EXE alone, but after the battle, the Pack fled somewhere else, becoming lost to time. Many years later, the Pack settled near the Echidna city of Albion, living in peace with them until the Dark Legion was created, and the two forces clashed repeatedly, resulting in many fatalities in the Pack(Hemlock and Darkfoot to name a couple). When Albion was destroyed and the Echidnas forced to relocate to Angel Island, the Pack went with them, having no other place to go. Later, Enerjak found the Pack and promised to free them from their constant conflict. Because of the Pack's mistrust and disrespect, Enerjak throws the Pack away, and they land on a moor. Helped by a gray wolf named Stormfast, they travel to Mystic Ruins, where they live until a Storming Alliance patrol arrive to rescue Austin Smith's young son Dallas. Following the rescue, the Red Fox Pack went with the warriors. They traveled to Lamarkie Forest, where they live to this day.


Redstone is the only Pack member known to wear clothing

  • Roy is not counted because he left the Pack, and Redstone stayed with them until his death
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