The Red Fox Pack are a group of Mobian red foxes who were neighbors and allies of the Echidnas at one point, and are part of the Fox Tribe, one of the many Tribes inhabiting Mobius in the continuity of The Legend of Fox the Brave. When the Dark Legion was created, they became mortal enemies of the Pack, and clashed with them on several occasions; known victims of this conflict are Hemlock-a warrior-and Darkfoot-a young apprentice. They function quite similarly to the Clans from the book series Warriors(which has also been adapted into the series), but few have actual Warrior Cat names(for example, Darkfoot, Redpelt, Firestorm). The Pack currently resides in Lamarkie Forest under the leadership of Rush.


In The Villain's Reveal(members that have appeared in The Villain's Reveal):

Leader: Racket-Sturdy todd with thick fur

Deputy: Firestorm-Sleek todd with unusually bright, fiery-orange fur; Racket's son

Healer: Hal-Scruffy-furred todd with brown eyes

  • Apprentice: Trip

Warriors(todds, and vixens without cubs):

  • Wikstrom-Tall, grumpy todd
  • Hemlock-Todd
    • Apprentice: Tanner
  • Heather(TVL)-Sleek vixen
    • Apprentice: Snowcap
  • Raymond-Todd
  • Redpelt(TLP)-Thick-pelted todd with unusually red fur
  • Fin-Scatter-brained, easily excitable young todd
  • Woodrow-Shaggy-furred todd

Apprentices(young todds and vixens in training to be warriors):

  • Trip-Stout todd; apprenticed to Hal
  • Tanner-Long-legged fluffy todd
  • Snowcap-Sleek vixen with unusually bright white tail-tip

Queens(vixens expecting or nursing cubs):

  • Mara-Vixen, mother to Woodrow's cub, Darkfoot(fluffy cub with unusually dark paws and ears)
  • Kenya-Vixen, expecting Ramond's cubs(mother to Roy and Mona)

Elders(warriors and queens who have retired):

  • Fidget-Once-skittish todd
  • Parr-Skinny todd
  • Quimby-Plump todd
  • Jewel-Once pretty vixen

In The Lost Pack/Roy's Quest(members that have appeared in The Lost Pack and/or Roy's Quest):

The Lost Pack:


  • Firestorm-Sleek todd with unusually bright red fur


  • Raymond-Shaggy-furred todd
    • Apprentice: Darkfoot


  • Redpelt(TLP)-Thick-pelted todd with unusually bright red fur
  • Woodrow-Todd
  • Tanner-Long-legged fluffy todd
  • Snowcap-Sleek vixen with unusually bright white tail-tip
  • Mara-Sleek vixen


  • Darkfoot-Fluffy todd with unusually dark feet and ears.


Kenya-Vixen, mother to Raymond's cubs, Roy(fluffy todd) and Mona(fluffy vixen)

As of The Lost Pack(as of the chapter "Our True Home"):



  • Tanner-Long-legged fluffy todd


  • Raiden-Fierce todd
  • Baldwin-Friendly todd
  • Jon-Todd; originally from Grand Metropolis Zone
  • Mona-Sleek vixen
  • Snowcap-Sleek vixen with unusually bright white tail-tip


  • Phoenix-Todd with unusually bright red fur and yellow eyes; wears black-framed glasses


  • Sedge-Pretty vixen; mother to Rush's cubs, Rose(vixen) and Star(vixen)


  • Ash(fox)-Todd-cub with dark grayish paws and ears; Snowcap and Tanner's son
  • Rose-Vixen-cub; Rush and Sedge's daughter
  • Star-Vixen-cub; Rush and Sedge's daughter

As of Shadow of Darkness


  • Raiden-Fierce todd


  • Wilder-Todd


  • Phoenix-Scrawny todd with unusually bright fur and yellow eyes wearing black-framed glasses
  • Apprentice: Ashfoot-Lean todd with a grayish tinge to his paws and ears


  • Baldwin-Friendly todd
  • Jon-Todd; originally from Grand Metropolis Zone
  • Mona-Sleek vixen
  • Sledge-Bulky todd
  • Flip-Lean todd with sleek fur
  • Barry-Lean, skittish todd with a long scar on his right flank
  • Landon-Long-legged todd
  • Jackson-Todd with unknown description

Queens(nursing/expecting vixens):

  • Rose-Vixen with very red fur
  • Star-Vixen with white speckles in her fur


  • Burpy-Bright red todd cub(Wilder and Rose's son)
  • Nico-Thin todd cub(Wilder and Rose's son)
  • Firetail-Bright red todd cub(Raiden and Star's son)
  • Flamepelt-Pale reddish-orange todd cub(Raiden and Star's son)
  • Orlando-Todd cub with unknown description
  • Topher-Todd cub with unknown description
  • Lily-Vixen cub with unknown description
  • Petal-Vixen cub with unknown description


  • Snowcap-Once-pretty vixen with unusually bright white fur on her belly and tail-tip
  • Sedge-Pretty vixen with a yellowish tinge to her fur

Former Members(all):

  • Redstone-Shaggy-furred todd with green eyes
  • Roy-Todd; wears white t-shirt with red shoulders and sleeves, a red and white baseball cap, and beige cargo shorts; currently a Storm Fighter
  • Grizzly-Shaggy-furred todd missing an eye(loses right eye to one of Eggman's robots in Return of the Werehog)

Deceased Members:

  • Reed-Lean, sleek todd; Accidentally killed by Ferrell the Fox
  • Firefur-Bright red todd; Cause unknown
  • Redstone-Bright red todd with green eyes; Died of combined exhaustion and illness as a result of his battle with Sonic.EXE
  • Rush-Lean todd; Killed by Sonic.EXE
  • Tanner-Long-legged fluffy todd; Cause unknown(likely old age)
  • Firestorm-Long-legged, sturdy todd with bright red fur; Died of wounds from a fight with the Red Wolves
  • Woodrow-Sturdy todd; Cause unknown
  • Raymond-Thick-furred todd; Killed by Dark Legion Echidnas

Known Descendants:

  • Garrett-Todd(through Redstone)
  • Ferrell-Todd(through Garrett)
  • Unknown Fox(through Ferrell)
  • Andrew-Todd(unknown)
  • Rocket-Todd(Andrew's son; unknown)
  • Unknown Cub(Andrew's child; unknown)
  • Torch and Ember-Todds(through Rocket)
  • Fox and Sadie-Todd(Fox) and vixen(Sadie)(through Torch)
  • Braveheart and Midnight-Todd(Braveheart) and vixen(Midnight)(through Fox and Karra)
  • Maako and Karra-Todd(Maako) and vixen(Karra)(through Grizzly)
  • Jon-Todd(through Redstone)
  • Phoenix-Todd(through Jon)

Past Members:

Members that have appeared in the past, but the stories they debuted in didn't have any allegiances.

  • Firefur: Shaggy-furred todd
  • Redpelt(Secrets of the Past): Arrogant todd with an unknown description
  • Dawn: Vixen with an unknown description(Healer)
  • Echo: Vixen with an unknown description(Ferrell's mate)
  • Reed: Lean, sleek todd
  • Unnamed Elder: Unnamed todd with unknown description
  • Flame(fox): Bright orange todd


The Pack functions quite similarly to the Clans from the Warriors book series, with regular patrols and rules. The leader doles out punishments depending on how severe a crime or infringement is.


Like the other Fox Tribe Packs and other Tribes, the Red Fox Pack believes strongly in the Spirits in the Stars.


In ancient times, the Pack-along with the other Fox Packs and the other Tribes-lived on Bygone Island. After Redstone's battle with Sonic.EXE, they fled to another World(or Zone) and built a Village that would eventually become Lamarkie Village(Jon mistakenly says that a saber named Lamarkie-Mark for short-built it). After Garrett's death, the Pack moved back to their old territory, but an unknown time afterward, the Pack were driven from their home, and eventually settled near Albion and became the Echidnas' neighbors. Following the destruction of Albion, the Foxes followed the Echidnas to Angel Island until Enerjak was brought back during the infamous War of Time. While rampaging on Angel Island returning the Echidnas to Albion and banishing the Dingoes, Enerjak also went after the Red Fox Pack. Enerjak threw them off the Island and they were forced to once again relocate, eventually settling in Lamarkie Forest after Roy found them(with a very remorseful Knuckles)


The Red Fox Pack was formed as part of the Fox Tribe during Bygone Island's early days. At this time, Mobians and Pokemon kept to themselves, and as a result, one of the Pack's warriors, Redstone, was viewed as an outcast because of his friendship with a Frogadier named Vero. Redstone left to combat Sonic.EXE, but would accompany them to their new territory since Vero was away helping build another Village. Redstone later died of illness, and his son Garrett left to return to his father's old home. The Pack would later return after Garrett died of wounds he suffered saving the Worlds from a Sonic.EXE possessed Argus the Wolf. An unknown time later, the Pack would be driven from their home and settled near the Echidna city of Albion, living in peace with them until the Dark Legion was created, and the two forces clashed repeatedly, resulting in many fatalities in the Pack(Hemlock and Darkfoot to name a couple). When Albion was destroyed and the Echidnas forced to relocate to Angel Island, the Pack went with them, since several foxes and Echidnas had been friends. In The Villain's Reveal, Silver the Lucario-who'd traveled back in time following Dr. Finitevus' ambush and brutal assault on Michael Smith-helped them. Later, during the War of Time, Enerjak found the Pack and promised to free them from their constant conflict. Following the Pack's mistrust and disrespect, Enerjak coldly states that if they choose to feel the way they did, then they will perish, lifting the entire Pack with his powers. Stating that they had fought Echidnas(the Dark Legion) and that it was an unforgivable offense, throws the Pack away. They land in a forest, and Woodrow is badly injured when he breaks his leg bringing Rush down from a tree. They walk for about a week and finally settle in a camp actually not far from the Red Wolf Pack, and fight with them on a constant basis, eventually leading to Firestorm's death. They are saved by Gray Wolf Pack warriors and brought to the Gray Wolves' camp, where a grown-up Rush is named Woodrow's deputy and is given Raiden as an apprentice. They are soon pointed out a camp a few days' journey away from the Gray Wolf camp, and travel there where they live peacefully until several moons(months) later, when Roy and Knuckles(deeply regretting his actions as Enerjak) find them, and Roy offers them a place in Lamarkie Forest. Rush, the new leader, initially turns this down, deciding that he couldn't uproot his Pack yet again. Finally, they move to the Forest and have stayed there since. It's also discovered that Mona-Roy's sister-and her mate Jon have chosen to stay with the Pack because of their psychic son Phoenix.


There are two foxes in the Pack who were named Redpelt.

  • One appears in Secrets of the Past as leader of the Pack. He succeeds the old leader Firefur, and tries to get Ferrell to join him, but the one-eyed rogue turns him down, believing that Redpelt was an arrogant fool who wanted to control the grandson of the hero who stopped Sonic.EXE
  • The other is the one who has appeared in more modern times. He is a short-tempered brute, but loyal to his Packmates. He is the one to deduce that Enerjak tossed them because of their constant fights with the Dark Legion(which was made up entirely of Echidnas, and the Knuckles Enerjak still held a deep regard for his people)

Braveheart and Midnight are interesting in that both of their parents are directly descended from the Pack.

  • Their maternal grandfather Grizzly was once a member, being Firestorm's brother, while their paternal grandfather Torch is directly descended from Redstone, who also left the Pack.
    • Something else to note is that Redstone lived 1,000 years ago, and-like Grizzly-left of his own volition, while his kin lived in the Pack(but Garrett would later leave)

There are two foxes in the series who were named Heather.

  • One appears in Return of the Werehog as the snide and snobbish mother of Karra and Maako who ditches her family for Orville the Wolf when he reveals himself to be an associate of Eggman.
  • The other is Hemlock's sister, who grieves his death after Hemlock is shot by a Dark Legion Echidna.
    • It is currently unknown if they are one and the same, but this might be unlikely given the different time periods and radically different personalities.
      • A possible explanation for if they are the same is that she became hardened by Hemlock's death and left her Pack to be with Grizzly, only to abandon him as well, though again, this is unlikely.
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