Cquote1 I had hoped that no red fox of this Pack would ever be driven from their home again. It seems that Eggman and his associates are always behind our trouble nowadays. Cquote2
Wilder's lament, Unknown Story

The Red Fox Pack are a group of Mobians that appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave somewhat frequently. They are the most well-known Tribe group, and the first to take up residence near the Storming Base. They are frequent and percent allies of the Storming Alliance and maintain a deep hatred of Echidnas due to a nasty history with the Dark Legion during Firestorm's leadership.


Current Members:

Leader: Sedge; Vixen

Deputy: Burpy; Todd

Healer: Phoenix

  • Apprentice: Kai; blind todd


  • Jon; Todd
  • Nico; Todd
    • Apprentice: Shadestep; Vixen with black ears and paws
  • Landon; Todd
  • Orlando; Todd
  • Rose(fox);Vixen
  • Lily; Vixen
    • Apprentice: Shiro; Todd
  • Firetail; Bright-furred todd
  • Flamepelt; Bright-furred todd
  • Skytail; Todd with blue eyes and an unusually long tail
  • Sledge; Stocky todd
  • Flip; Lean todd
  • Mona; Vixen
    • Apprentice: Shadowfoot; Todd with black ears and paws


  • Ember; Bright-pelted vixen
  • Flamefoot; Young todd(Sedge's son)


  • Mucky; Todd
  • Wilder; Todd
  • Barry; Todd


The Pack functions quite similarly to the Clans from the Warriors book series, with regular patrols and rules. The leader doles out punishments depending on how severe a crime or infringement is.


Like the other Fox Tribe Packs and other Tribes, the Red Fox Pack believes strongly in the Spirits in the Stars.


In ancient times, the Pack lived in an unknown part of Mobius. The other Tribe groups also lived nearby, leading to constant trouble with a particularly aggressive wolf named Argus. After Redstone's battle with Sonic.EXE, the Red Fox Pack fled out of fear, vanishing for a long time.

When they reappeared, they lived outside of Albion, before being driven to Angel Island, where they lived in the forest, a fair distance from Echidnaopolis

After being thrown from the Island, they moved to Mystic Ruins, until leaving with a warrior patrol

After arriving at the Storming Base, they made a permanent home in Lamarkie Forest until the Metal Virus Scare, where they fled to parts unknown to avoid it.


The Red Fox Pack was formed as part of the Fox Tribe during the Worlds' early days. At this time, Mobians, humans, and Pokemon kept to themselves, and as a result, one of the Pack's warriors, Redstone, was viewed as an outcast because of his friendship with a Frogadier named Vero. Redstone fought Sonic.EXE alone, but after the battle, the Pack fled. It is mentioned that the Pack vanished from history after Redstone's death, only to pop up in modern times, tired and travel-weary, to reside outside Albion, the Echidna city. However they would suffer from constant and devastating attacks from the Dark Legion, which whittled their numbers down quite a bit, as many members died or went missing because of their attacks. The attacks continued further after the Pack and Echidnas were driven out of Albion, and to Angel Island. When Enerjak was brought back, he threw the Red Fox Pack from the Island because of a conflict that was no fault of their own. They were forced to find a new home in Mystic Ruins, with help from a Pack gray wolf named Stormfast. The Pack were finally able to find a more permanent home when a warrior patrol arrived in the area with the intention of rescuing a kidnapped pup, and left with them. They settled in Lamarkie Forest, a fair distance away from both Lamarkie Village and the Storming Base. They remained in Lamarkie Forest up until the deployment of the Metal Virus on the Worlds, in which every survivor was forced to flee, the Tribes being among them. The Red Fox Pack's place of shelter is currently unknown

In the remake of The Dusk Wolf, Boulder encounters an old Pack fox named Fin in Soleanna, who mentioned having fled the attack on Albion with his Packmates Wikstrom and Heather, and that they set up their own packs, leading to the creation of the fox clans native to the region


Out of all the Tribe groups, the Pack suffered the most trouble. They are also the only Tribe group to have almost gone extinct

Because of their history with the Dark Legion, the foxes of the Red Fox Pack(except for Phoenix and Jon) have a deep loathing for Echidnas. They are also deathly afraid of any incarnation of Enerjak

  • This fear extends to other godlike beings, or villains with supernatural powers

Redstone is the only Pack member known to wear clothing

  • Roy is not counted because he left the Pack, and Redstone stayed with them until his death
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