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Biographical Info
Age 18
Relatives None
Alias Waytoocolorful, HedgeBomber, Creepy, Powder Keg, Living Dynamite, Toxi.


Romantic Interests: Silencia the Hedgebat (Implied)

Blood Type: AB-(cannot give blood)

Physical Info

1/10 Kemosynthetic Cybernetic Hedgehog

9/10 Living volatile chemicals and substances.

Gender Male
Attire Holographic Shoes, Mesh Crystal Glove, Wrist mounted Energy-matter Condenser
  • Height 115 Cm
  • Weight: 100 Pounds (with glove on)
  • Eye Color: Red (organic eye) Cyan and Green (prosthetic)
  • Fur Color: Grey, Red, (Fur) Blue, Cyan (stripes)
  • Skin Color: Cherry Red
Alignment and Power
Affiliations None
Alignment Neutral Good
  • Explosive Generation
  • Toxic Mists/Liquids
  • Lightning Immunity
  • Fire Resistance
  • Fire Projectiles
  • Poison Immunity
  • Super Speed (in comparison to a normal person)
  • Super Strength
  • Chemical to Biomass conversion.
  • Teleportation
  • Extended and Enhanced Sight


RedToxic is a traveling Hedgehog living in the Sonic Universe. He goes by said name because of his bright Red Color, and his ability to create Toxic Mists. He specializes with explosive blasts.


RedToxic's terrifying appearance completely contradicts his personality. He is kind, caring, but tends to be very impulsive and sometimes unintentionally mean. He can also be a bit weird at times.

While he tries his best (equal to little to no success) to stay calm when he can, his self control is very low. He can go into beserk rages and fits of anger with little to no warning, ususally marked by injury or damage to others or objects. His mood swings are also worsened by his unstable chemical structure.

Despite this, he greatly fears that he may hurt, or even kill, others. It is this fear that caused him to become asocial.

Commonly, RedToxic will become depressed, cynical, and even occasionally nihilistic. It is really hard to cheer him up when he gets like this.

Despite the fact he has little friends, he is stunningly loyal to the ones he has. He is fully willing to put his life on the line for his friends. While he would never maliciously (outside of cruel pranks) hurt them, he becomes very distraught when he accidently does.


Friends and Enemies

He has friends in high in low places.......He has more than his fair share of enemies.


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  • Crymson the Cat:A trusted ally and his first friend in a while, RedToxic considers Crymson a valuable and powerful ally, trusting her to search for clues while he pursued the Arcane Wolf in The Worlds Enemy.
  • Silencia the Hedgebat:Another trusted ally. The two spilt off the chase the Arcane Wolf.  The two made great use of eachother powers (Silencia's high-speed flight and RedToxic's X-Ray Vision.) in the Revival, Tyler calls her to retrieve a starving RedToxic from him. Later, Silencia and RedToxic's Hydreigon have a conversation where the Hydra asks Silencia to help RedToxic as friend.


Call him a freak, or mess with him, you'll be here.

  • Byrnette the Cat:Byrnette is Crymson's evil double, who called him a freak. However, before he could kill her (and he was going to,) She was teleported away by her Master, Crovax.
  • Static Nega:Hated due to the fact that Static Nega and Byrnette are allies.


RedToxic has a small variety of skills he may use due to physical augmentations to his body and cells. He is far stronger than a normal person, and has gone head to head with other super-powered people.

  • Explosive Projectile Generation:Due to the absorbtion of substances like Gunpowder and Oil, he can create balls of fire to launch at his opponents. They come in two styles. Slow, solid and powerful orbs of gunpowder and other substances that can be reflected, and explode on impact. The other is medium speed, chunks of flame that catch things on fire, and cannot be reflected.
  • Toxic Mist Generation:He also has the power to create toxic mists and liquids, either to launch at his foes, spray them, or cover his body. These toxins cannot kill their prey, but can come very close to it. He rarely uses these however, as they are short-mid range attacks
  • Superhuman Strength:RedToxic's physiology gives him inhuman levels of physical strength. He can use the adreniline in his body to throw powerful punches. He has lifted large pieces of rubble with ease, and can smash concrete with a single punch.
  • Superhuman Speed:RedToxic can run at high speeds. While not enough to do any feats a character like Sonic can do, he can still surpass any normal person. He might be able to run at very high speeds, but he dosen't wear shoes.
  • Superhuman Resilience:It can be safely assumed (without making an @$$ out of U and Me) that RedToxic has some level of superhuman resilience. The feats of strength and other physical exertions is too much for a normal person to acheive without serious injury. His bone structure is capable of withstanding severe injuries, and his muscles can lift a large amount of weight without tearing. RedToxic has also proven that he has a increase pain threshold. Along with that, he was able to survive in the subzero tempatures of Genocide City unassisted. His bones are also hard enough to resist being crushed by solid concrete chunks.
  • Superhuman Stamina:RedToxic's musclestructure produces almost no fatigue toxins. This allows RedToxic to exert himself at peak capacity for very long periods of time, ranging from hours to possibly days. He is also capable of going without food or sleep for days and still going at near full exertion. This was proven in The Worlds Enemy Revival, where Tyler stated that he found RedToxic in the middle of the below 20 Fahrenheit Tempatures still forcing on.
  • Levitation:RedToxic has the ability to levitate for short periods of time. He cannot move at high speeds, moving slower than his normal walking speed. The main advantage is the ability to bypass certain obstacles.
  • Teleportation:RedToxic can teleport a short range at any moment. This is limited by a five teleport limit. After five, he will be unable to teleport for some time. He can move through solid objects, but if he tries to teleport into a solid object, he will fail and be repulsed.
  • Ultravision: RedToxic's eyes produces waves of Ultraviolet Radiation, allowing him to see in the darkness perfectly well, similar to his sight on a clear day. RT can also see in the Ultraviolet spectrum, allowing him to see emission of sunlight, magical energies, and similar effects. 
  • Explosive Generation:RedToxic can charge his cells with compressed energy then release it all at once. Doing so creates a large and destructive explosion within a medium range, damaging all matter in his range, friend and foe alike. The main weakness is the fact he must charge the attack for 1.5 seconds before he can launch (he is also immoble during this time). He also must wait five seconds before he can fire another explosion (at this time he can move however).
  • Chemokinesis:RedToxic can change the properties of materials and chemicals in his body to create others. He has shown to create Gunpowder, Red Phosphorous, Oil, and others. This in turn is used to generate explosives. He has also used this as a sneak attack, shown when he used Red phosphorous on UF soldiers. 


  • Combustion Knowledge:RedToxic's knowledge of explosions and explosive devices is unparelled. He can analyze the remains of bombs to tell of their properties, and can tell what substance he is looking at with little trouble. More complex substances require a chemical analysis.
  • Connections:RedToxic knows a lot of people. Notable members are black market salesman Metalloid the Wolverine, and Freezle the Echidna.
  • Mechanical Skills:RedToxic knows a lot about machinery. He can fix certain machines easily, and has shown to know his own cybernetic eye so well that he can fix it with little trouble.
  • Geographic Expertise:RedToxxic has been many places, and as such knows many urban legends, and is famaliar with places he's been.


Charged RedToxic

This "form" is acheived by being hit with any electrical attack, absorbing plasma/energy, etc. This gives him a blue energy armor that subracts 10% of all damage he recieves. He leaves this form whenever he uses a Set 2 Power, and when he does, the strength of the blast boosts by 75%.

He will still recieve damage from getting hit by these attacks, so he must be careful.


RedToxic is shown to be emotionally unstable at times. He goes through mood swings sometimes, and is emo by legit definition. If his emotions rage out of control (anger, malice, love, and a few others) can cause him to explode involuntarily.

Addionally, as very bright lights can overwhelm a person's sight, very bright ultraviolet lights can blind RedToxic. 


  • He despises talking about his backstory.

    Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix

    RedToxic's theme. Made by Warinside

  • He uses a hologram in public.
  • His theme is a remixed version of Silver's theme from Pokemon.
  • He cannot get drunk due to his chemical makeup.
  • He is incapable of having Children. Also due to chemical makeup
  • Mother's Day is a very hard time for RedToxic. He claims he hasn't spoken to his mother in years.
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