Recover is a move that allows the user to heal themselves.


This power is usually very effective, though while it restores their energy. It cannot heal them from inflictions like poisoning or burns. It is known to be a status technique.


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  • Refresh: Variant that cures status afflictions insttead of restoring health
  • Dark Recover; a variant of Recover used by Demon Rakumei, it's pretty much the same as Recover, but with Dark Magic.
  • Healing Wind; a variant of recover that's used by Shahooter, it causes a Green Wind to blow in, however it can be used to heal other people as well..only works on wounds.
  • Chaos Regeneration: The typical Chaos healing technique. (more info later)
  • Moonlight: A variant typically used by Pokemon. Works strongest at nighttime.
  • Morning Sun: A variant typically used by Pokemon. Works strongest in the morning.
  • Synthesis: A variant typically used by Pokemon. Power depends on the weather.
  • Roost: A variant typically used by bird Pokemon. They rest their wings, and restore health.
  • Relik Restore: A variant used by Scooter the Hedgehog. Can only restore wounds, cuts and minor bruises.
  • Refectio: Healing Glyph used by Shanoa. Can be used to heal others.

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