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Yeah, I'm making a reboot of the old continuity, because the older one is... well, pretty messy, to say the least (not to mention my portrayal of Finitevus was kind of awful). Does this mean I'm going to stop editing and making stories for that continuity?

Not a chance! I'm going to continue writing for my old continuity, no matter what! I just kind of want to see what it could have been, if I had been at the skill level I am now. So, without further ado, let's see what this new timeline will have to offer, shall we? P.S. If any of the writers from the old continuity want to join this one too, feel free to ask. :) New writers are also welcome!

Mobius Prime (Post-Genesis Wave)


Chloe-Su the Echidna: (Untitled)

(New plot in mind. Coming soon!)

Elias the Echidna: (Untitled)


Atlanta the Hedgehog: Runaway Rebel

Elise Pacifica Marcina, now known as Atlanta Diana Janeway, is on the run from a rogue faction of G.U.N. One day, she's approached by a strange being with an offer to help her change the past. What Atlanta doesn't realize is that this being has nefarious intentions and that things aren't always what they seem.

The Ultimate Test of Might

An unknown, unseen and unnamed force had brought upon higher-level elemental users to put themselves to the ultimate challenge they'll be facing. Those who possess no elementals or possess elementals that are of novice level must spectate at the sidelines from each environment. Thankfully, spectators are safe from dangers, though high-tiered elemental users are tasked with grueling endurances and challenges, with many, obvious dangers hurling them at every corner. Those who complete those challenges and make it in one piece will be able to fully harness far greater powers for different and specified elementals. Those who are unable to handle the challenge are eliminated and are transported back, with no life-changing reward given.

There are no specified number of members to join up, they can even go solo as well, though they are taken to specific environments that are compatible to their elementals. Entry to an incompatible environment is strictly forbidden.


Mobius Prime (Post-Genesis Wave- Future Timeline)


Rhyna the Echidna: The Return of Surtur



Light Mobius


Hikaru the Kitsune: (Untitled)



Lamak Zone


Scarlet's Recruitment

Infamous mercenary Mac Hartley is, quite frankly, bored with everything. Missions and jobs just aren't cutting it anymore. Meanwhile, with small-time thief Scarlet June, life is just too exciting, and her self-made "missions" are getting too dangerous if she doesn't want to get caught. They seem like exact opposites, but when these two nineteen-year-olds meet, what will happen?

Max-imum Velocity

Coming out of an interdimensional event is the tiger Mac, with several losses to deal with and many things on his to-do list. Coming in from an interdimensional event is the human Max, Mac's pre-Genesis Wave counterpart. When fate causes these two to meet, with one wanting answers and the other wanting a Super Emerald, they do battle. The question is - who will come out on top?




Tales from a Broken Heart (tentative title)

Reens feels depressed after a long day. Everything's gone wrong, and she's dug herself into a metaphorical hole. Can some old friends help her get to the bottom of it?

Sharp Teeth, Jagged Wit (tentative title)

Sneer's origins.

Why I Left Her (tentative title)

Leonidas has some regrets. Can a overly shy phoenix and a totally radical tetra help him realize the errors in his logic?

Dragon's Bane (tentative title)

Servine returns home.


(If there's a character(s) that I'm missing please tell me! I want to keep my new canon in check.)

Dark Star Mobius


Sari's Chronicles





War of Blades (working title)

Sonic and his friends have been dead for nearly a decade, slain by Firestorm, Lord of Hell, in an attempt to stop him and his enchanted sword Ultracalibur. Now Blacksabre, the only one who walked out of that fight alive and lost his wife in order to seal the sword, has to unite a dysfunctional band of heroes following in Sonic's footsteps and stop Firestorm once and for all.


  • Blacksabre (Skyblade)
  • Freeze (Skyblade)
  • Flame (Skyblade)
  • Emaric Dragonslayer (Skyblade)
  • Firestorm, Lord of Hell (Skyblade)
  • Vampiris (Skyblade)
  • Cobalt Hydran (Skyblade)
  • Tremor (Skyblade)

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