"I'm Rebecca and this is Bonkers, it's very nice to meet you"
Rebecca is a 4 yr old rabbit that can control electricity and is the adopted daughter of Shadow and Threetails. She also has a green chao named Bonkers who's her best friend. She enjoys being around Threetails and joins her on her adventures sometimes. She enjoys being with her family.
Rebecca the Rabbit
Electricity powers, levitation powers
Threetails, Shadow, Dylan, Bonkers, Fred, Thunder, playing games, cake, her friends, drawing.
Taldeva, Eggman, loud noises, the dark, sharks, being alone, people being sad, people trying to hurt Threetails, Allen(sometimes), Dylan being angry.


Rebecca had lost her parents when Eggman had taken over her village on the Silent Planet, she was only 3 at the time. She managed to escape when Eggman wasn't looking. Rebecca was then all alone, hiding in a cave trying to survive without food or clean water. About a day later Threetails happened to be walking by at the time and found Rebecca, she then took Rebecca to her house, Rebecca then told Threetails what that happened to her parents, Threetails then felt terrible about what had happened and decided to adopt her, Rebecca was happy about that. About a year later on Rebecca's birthday Threetails got her a chao to be her friend, Rebecca was frilled, she decided to name him Bonkers and the two became really close friends.


She can make huge thunderstorms that are really powerful. She'll sometimes use Bonkers (she'll electrocute him, then throw him at enemies). She can levitate as well. She is also capable of making Electro Blasts. Other then that she doesn't have very many abilities, well she's only 4 and as she gets older she'll develop more powers.


She's a very happy little rabbit, and she gets angry a bit. She also likes calling people family members (Threetails "Mommy" and Shadow "Daddy") alot. She can also be a bit hyper. She is one of the happiest people you could meet, always has a smile on her face. She enjoys playing games, having fun, being with her friends and likes it when Threetails sing. When Threetails sings Rebecca joins in always because it makes herself feel special.



Team Metal, Team Eclipse, Team Secret, Team Devious, Team Love, Team Emotion, Team Random, Team Cool

Trixie the Angeltiger

Bonkers the Chao

Britney the Echidna

Team Silent


Taldeva the Fox

Dr. Eggman

Rassilon the Bee

El Dorado the Hedgehog(scares her sometimes)


"Taldeva, please just leave her alone." - When Taldeva was about to kill Threetails.

"Lets go, Bonkers."- When she's on an adventure with Bonkers.


"I'm scared." -when she's scared about something.

"I'm Rebecca and this is Bonkers, it's very nice to meet you." - When introducing herself.


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