Rebecca the Fox was a young woman who was assaulted by bandits. She was rescued by Rohner the Hedgecat, but in the process of escape she was wounded, these injuries leading to her unfortunate death four months later.

Rebecca the Fox

Biographical Information
Age 13 (deceased)
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Fox
Gender Female
  • Fur: Red, w/ white on her muzzle & tip of her tail & orange tips on her ears
  • Eyes: Lime Green
  • Silver helmet
  • Silver breastplate
  • Dark blue t-shirt
  • Black skirt
  • Silver gauntlets
  • Blue trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Kingdom of Soleanna (Resident)
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Very basic sword combat training
  • Some Psychic & Shadow manipulation
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212


Despite her young age, Rebecca was famed for having a near-identical physique to her mother. This resolved into a reasonably large bust for her age, plus the same height and girth. Her fur was bright red, with white on the tip of her tail and orange tips in her hair, while her lime green eyes often seemed expressive and rounded in amazement.


At the time of her death, Rebecca was clad in portions of her mother's old armor - the silver wildcat-shaped helmet, breastplate and gauntlets of a Soleannan Sorcerer. She wore these over a blue t-shirt, black skirt and blue trainers.


Early Life

Rebecca was born into Soleanna as the child of a pair of nobles. Her mother was a Sorcerer, one of the kingdom's magic-using soldier ranks. By contrast, her father was an elite armor knight, bearing the title (but not rank) of General. Between the two of them, they fought to keep their province of Soleanna safe from harm. Rebecca was never viewed by either of them as being a potential fighter, but rather, they felt that she belonged as a trophy of sorts, an heir to their family where she was trained to maintain the affairs of the region.


Of course, this regional province was wealthy, and where there is wealth, bandits come. At the age of ten, the first bands of thugs had arrived and had set up shop raiding supply convoys. This kept both of her parents busy with their troops, and for large periods of time, Rebecca was left alone to study with her tutors as her parents battled the bands. One afternoon, the next year, to her shock her mother didn't return home. It was revealed that some of the bandits had managed to overcome her magic and slain her, leaving her father to battle these bandits off with all the troops under his command. He lasted for a further year before the bandits managed to strike him down as well. With her parents dead, it was down to Rebecca to deal with the bandits. Unbenownst to her, G.U.N. had a bounty on this band, and this bounty attracted the eye of Rohner the Hedgecat, a bounty hunter who lost his mother to bandits in a similar fashion, and to follow this up he was bound for her region, ready to deal with the thugs himself.

Loss of the Castle

Rebecca had taken to wearing her mother's helmet, breastplate and greaves, and as it turned out the two had identical physical shapes. However, while she had no skill in magic or her father's weapon of choice, the bow, she had very basic skill in swords, and was armed with a rapier imbued with lightning. As such, she was prepared to fight for her family home. Of course, even with the few remaining loyal soldiers, the bandits were simply too much, and she was overrun. However, instead of killing her, she was bound and gagged before being dumped in her bedroom, with the bandits planning on selling the young girl as a slave.

Rescue and Release

The bandits managed to hold the castle for a grand total of three days before Rohner arrived. As was usual for his attacks, the thugs proved unable to do too much to him, with his axe often carving straight through wood and poorly-maintained metal weapons before they could react. He found the young girl and began to free her, although she mistook him for a slaver at first and attempted to kill him, which clearly failed when her sword simply bounced off the head of his axe. Instead, he offered to get her out, and to take her with him as an apprentice - to get revenge on bandits like these men. He also admitted that the leaders were unconscious, not dead - the bounty was worth more for them alive.

Rebecca agreed to the strange hedgecat's offers. After all, he had saved her, and had brought down the bandits that held her family home. She laughed when she saw the handcart he was hauling, but joined him, still armor-clad, in walking alongside him with the three lead bandits in the cart. She also took her sword belt off, leaving the blade in the cart while she stretched. Unfortunately, one of the three thugs, the leader of the bandits, came around, found the sword, and took it personally. When the cart stopped and she moved back over to reclaim it, he thrust the blade up through the girl's thigh into her lower torso, and with a crack of lightning, the sword penetrated. Rebecca collapsed, and Rohner immediately saw the sword and knew what happened. While he used his emergency communicator to call for help from G.U.N, he killed the man in a fit of rage with the sharpened blade on the back of his axe. He found himself tearing up, and despite her horrible wounds, Rebecca insisted he leave the blade inside her body - if Rohner touched it, it would kill her.

Final Months

G.U.N. medics arrived within quarter of an hour, but her wounds were to severe. She had to be transported to Central City's military hospital, where she remained in a medically-induced coma for two weeks as doctors examined her. Rohner offered them the entire bounty from the three bandits, any amount they needed, he would acquire. While he admitted she was too young for him, he felt she could be his protege, someone to share his fight against bandits. Unfortunately, even after surgery and the removal of the sword, the prognosis was dark - she wouldn't survive. Instead, they brought her out of the coma, although she remained highly medicated to deal with the pain, and the two of them talked. Two strangers, bonding at her deathbed. She admitted she had feared him when she first saw him, but in the short time they had shared he'd grown on her like a brother, and when he admitted he would have liked to train her, she started to cry. The two of them spent that final month together, but one night, the inevitable news came - the internal bleeding the surgeons knew was occurring had caught up with her, and she had died in her sleep.


Rohner returned to her hometown, and built with his own two hands a memorial for the young girl in the back of the castle while G.U.N. and Soleannan diplomats discussed what would happen with the home. As part of the monument, the helmet she had worn as well as the sword were placed underneath the memorial, along with bits and pieces from her friends in the nearby towns and villages who had heard what happened. Her memory also prompted Rohner to stop taking live bounties, as he didn't have the equipment to keep them harmless after capturing them.


Before her death, Rebecca had an array of self-taught skills in sword-fighting, with a sword she had been loaned by a tutor. This blade, a Surge Rapier, was imbued with Lightning, although it had very little benefit to her due to her lack of skill with the blade. In addition, she had basic skill in spectrakinesis and psychic powers, and some training in hand-to-hand fighting. However, as was clear, there was nothing there that would protect her from the sudden, callous attack.

Psychic Abilities

Dark Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Inexperienced as she was, Rebecca was cocky and self-sure, despite losing both parents. This was a self-induced illusion, as her powers were nowhere near as powerful as she made out, a fact that Rohner deduced simply by her attempted attack bouncing off the head of his axe, a weapon most sword fighters can easily counter. In addition, she was protective of her home and friends, which was part of the trigger of her getting captured.






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