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Biographical Information
  • Reaper
  • Death-Hog
  • Grim Reaper
Romantic InterestsNone
Physical Description
SpeciesUnknown (Assumed Hedgehog)
  • Black Hooded Cloak
  • Black Bandages on Hands and Legs
  • Black Socks
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryLarge Scythe with Hidden Chain
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)(Pending)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Reaperhog, also known as Reaper or Death-hog, is a mysterious yet supposedly extremely pwerful being. He is extremely reclusive and secretive.


Nothing is known about Reaper's history, identity, or even species (his species as a hedgehog is only an assumption) are shrouded in mystery. The only thing known about him is that he is apparently a long-time acquaintance of Shadow the Cat.


Reaper's entire body is covered by a large black cloak, which conceals his identity and species. His head is covered by a very large hood, and he wears a black mask that covers his muzzle. He wears black bandages over the entirety of his hands and lower arms, black socks with no shoes, and black bandages around his lower legs from the ankles up. While his face has never been seen directly, he has piercing blood-red eyes in the shape of Knuckles's eyes, with his irises being in the shapes of slits. Almost all of his body has never been seen, but his fur is apparently onyx-colored. He carries a an extremely large scythe (almost 4-5 feet in length, with the blade being 1-2 feet) slung over his back.


Reaper is rarely seen in combat, though mostly due to lacking the need to fight. He wields a powerful eye technique, in which upon making eye-contact with an opponent, they are hit with a surge of fear. The effect of this technique varies depending on opponents, paralyzing weaker opponents completely, while stronger opponents are merely fazed slightly, unsettled, or flinch. Reaper can control the intensity of this technique, and when used on cowardly or weak opponents, can even induce heart-attacks out of sheer terror. Reaper is capable of conjuring large pillars or cyclones of black smoke around himself and others, which seem to cause attacks to pass through the encased area, and allow him to vanish without a trace.

Reaper is a master with his scythe, able to dacapitate and shred a whole mob of trolls with a few swift movements. His scythe has a very long and very durable chain hidden in the bottom, which allows him to capture and contain opponents, but has even been seen wrapping it around objects in the environment (such as rocks) and using it as a flail. He is also extremely stealthy, able to disappear in an instant, or sneak up on someone without trouble.

While seeming like a normal scythe, Reaper's scythe is much more. Upon giving the command, purple flames spread across his scythe, revealing its true form; the staff itself is bright red and jagged, with several sharp-looking protrusions on it, while the blade becomes thicker, more curved, and pitch-black in color. When in this form, Reaper's scythe shows its true frightening ability; if someone is struck a fatal blow by the blade, shadows appear from the wound and consum the target's body, causing them to fade away. This leaves no room for regeneration or recovery, so Reaper's scythe is frightenigly dangerous, especially to Trolls. However, this ability is only active when his scythe is in its true form, which he rarely reveals for some reason.

Reaper is also skilled with frightening illusions. This is shown in his technique Nightmare of the Reaper; upon slamming the staff end of his scythe into the ground, a large circle of black smoke extends from the location for several meters. Anyone who is hit by or inhales this smoke is then caught in the illusion. To those captured, Reaper apeears to become a phantom, any attacks sent at him phasing through him as he cuts down his enemies. However, this would only be the illusion; in reality, those caught in the smoke are frozen in trance-like states. Anyone "killed" in the illusion will be put into a temporary death-like coma, taking anywhere from several weeks to several hours for them to wake up from; the time depends on the amount of fear the target was feeling at the time of their "death". However, those with truly no fear of death or defeat, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, are able to break from the coma almost immediately.


Reaper is portrayed as an extremely quiet and reclusive individual. He is quite serious and straight-foward, wasting no time to make his point clear on a subject. Despite his dark and questionable appearance, Reaper has a strong hatred for anything evil, and will not waste any time dispathing "worthless insects" who provoke him. However, he has been shown to be quite passive and civil when dealing with more powerful beings. While this can be misconstrued as cowardice, it is merely because he would rather not waste the time or energy over matters that can be solved passively. While a serious no-nonsense person, Reaper seems to have a dark sense of humor, making his appearance known to others by saying phrases referencing to the grim reaper or other aspects of death, and often leaves enemies and allies alike with grim riddles. Shadow the Cat has stated to him that he has "mellowed" over the years, and hints that Reaper used to be far more malicious in the past. Reaper also speaks in a somewhat old-fashioned/formal style.


  • Reaper is heavily inspired by the character "Mistgun" from the manga series Fairy Tail.
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