The Reaper Attack Fighter is a specialized aircraft built by the Sky City Armories that is solely employed by the Power Hedgehog Soul Reapers to locate and destroy hostile aircraft in the vicinity of their home, Sky City.

Reaper Attack Fighter

Production Information
ManufacturerSky City Armories
Product LineSoul Reaper Assistance Vehicles
Standard VariantRAF-1
ClassJet aircraft - Air superiority fighter
Technical Information
Size17m x 11.5m x 4.5m
Maximum Speed1,980 km/h (using elemental booster engine)
  • Nose-mounted machine guns x3
  • Elemental projector cannons x2
  • Pilot (1)
Prototype Designation
  • Reconnaissance fighter
  • Air superiority fighter
  • Ground attack fighter
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

The Power Hedgehogs are an unusual race; with all members possessing immense spreads of elemental power, enhanced power beyond Mobian norms, and the ability to fly. However, despite these traits, the insular race decided that to protect their secretive home, they needed to construct a wide variety of aerial vehicles for their armies; while also developing a highly advanced intelligence organization and a refined and elite special forces unit known as the Soul Reapers.

While most members of the special forces unit was fine with simply relying upon their own natural flight, the lack of speed that they possessed in the air was a problem. The army was capable of dealing with threats, but many Soul Reapers felt that the Army simply lacked the skill to deal with those hostile forces rapidly, and were better suited to defense. As such, the leadership pushed for the creation of a series of vehicles to optimize their ability to deploy rapidly, while still having an emphasis on the elemental might that each of their race possessed. Of those vehicles, the Reaper Attack Fighter was one of the first produced.


Of note to the small handful of analysts that get to examine the limited footage of these fighters in action is the fact that the Reaper Attack Fighter can easily break the sound barrier, capable of flight speeds that rival the speed of the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog himself. However, this speed is only attainable in a dive, or through the use of a system almost unheard of on the surface, the Elemental Channel System. Similar to how many Mobians learn to channel their element through their personal weapons, or organize to have weapons imbued with certain forces, the Power Hedgehogs are known for creating unique conduits for their own elemental might to filter into certain systems. In the case of the Reaper, this system is used by the pilot to feed elements into the engine, or into one of the two weapon systems aboard the plane.

Lightly armored and highly mobile, powered by a pair of specially designed turbojet engines, the plane appears to also lack armament and rely on speed at a first glance, with only a set of three machine guns mounted to the nose as obvious armament. However, in a manner similar to the engines, there is an elemental projector cannon mounted into each wing of the plane, with these weapons providing the heavy hits that the Reapers long for. Typically; pilots of these fighters perform diving attacks, swooping in on hostile targets with their high speed before knocking the target out of the sky with the elemental projectors, only using the machine guns in a proper dogfight.

Elemental Channel System functions

  • Fire - A channeled burst of fire through the engines increases the speed of the fighter drastically for a short period of time before they overheat and reduce power, while the cannons utilize this in the form of a condensed flamethrower like burst.
  • Water - Shunting water through the engines is normally used to create smokescreen-like clouds of steam and water vapor, while the cannons will release a concentrated torrent of water.
  • Ice - Ice in the engine is normally employed for extra cooling in emergency circumstances, in order to coax slightly higher performance from the jets. The cannons, on the other hand, fire a series of large icicles.
  • Electricity - Electrical energy is only employed into the engine during storms to serve to protect the electronic components from lightning strikes. Electrical energy in the cannons is normally fired in a manner resembling a particle cannon blast.
  • Earth - Earth is only channeled into the engine to create small vision-obscuring dust storms, while the elemental cannons fire streams of high-speed stones.
  • Wind - Aerokinetic energy fed into the engines provides less speed than Fire, but can provide it for a lot longer. When Wind is pushed through the cannons, it is comparable to a repulsion blast from an antigravity generator - not much damage but a lot of push.
  • Poison - Poison has the same effect through the engine and through the cannons, a dense layer of smog either released below or behind the fighter. This is normally employed in strafing attacks on dragons.
  • Nature - It is advised to pilots not to employ Natural elemental energy into the engine. When that element is projected through the cannons, it manifests as hardened wooden spears fired in a stream similar to the Ice-elemental function.
  • Light - The function of Light through the engines appears to be a function of temporary refinements to allow for greater efficiency, allowing low-fuel planes to limp home. Channeling that same power into the cannons fires off laser-like beams.
  • Darkness - The function of Darkness on the engines is typically to mask the bright exhaust vent, making the fighter better suited to night operations. Similarly, Darkness through the cannons unleashes large balls of explosive shadow.
  • Chaos Energy - Chaos Energy has unusual reactions when pumped into the engine. While the system was never designed with Chaos in mind, the jet engines appear to resonate with Chaos power, often propelling the fighter a short distance instantaneously like a Chaos Control. While effective, this unpredictable technique is normally employed as an emergency dog-fighting maneuver as it has been known to damage the engine. Chaos Power directed through the cannons is not a directional Chaos Blast as some assume, but rather more similar to Nature or Ice in the form of a series of Chaos Spears.


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