Matthew the Power Hedgehog/Reaper

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsAnne the Power Hedgehog
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Power Hedgehog
  • Fur: White, w/ tan skin & hybrid Sonic & Shadow-style quills, Shadow-style quills streaked with orange.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Black hooded jacket
  • Blue jeans
  • Black trainers
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Superspeed
  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Advanced Combat - Hand to Hand
  • Advanced Combat - Scythe
  • Advanced Combat - Fans
  • Skilled w/ Soul Manipulation
  • Hypnosis (secret, stolen from his uncle
  • Skilled w/ omnikinesis
  • Telepathy (through Anne)
  • Trained assassin
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

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Original CreatorFlashfire212

Reaper, formerly known as Matthew the Power Hedgehog, is a Troll and Power Hedgehog, the leader of Reaper's Legion.


Early Years in Sky City

Matthew was born in Sky City, a floating city over the oceans, and the last known refuge of Power Hedgehogs. The only child of Caleb the Power Hedgehog and LeToya the Power Hedgehog, Matthew was an eager, respectful and kind young hedgehog, a prodigy with Wind manipulation. His father was a member of the Soul Reapers, the hunter-killer soldiers of Sky City, and as such began pushing for Matthew's training amongst them, a request granted soon after the child's 11th birthday. His closest friend was Anne the Power Hedgehog, his cousin. Suddenly, soon after Matthew entered the "full" Soul Reapers at the age of thirteen, Anne was struck down with glandular fever. Worried about his closest friend and confidant, Matthew took to daily visits after his training, trying his hardest to keep her out of a depressive mood. The amazing thing was, it worked. Reaper's charm kept Anne happy, and he was congratulated for it by his uncle and mother, both members of the Power Hedgehog Inquisitorium, the intelligence-gathering agency in Sky City. However, over a year of this, Matthew realized that his heart was forming a close bond with Anne's, that they were falling in love. They each shared a telepathic bond, and he would often monitor her emotions from a distance. One night, she suddenly peaked in fear and anger, and even unconsciously transmitted a mental picture of the situation to Matthew, showing her father attacking her with hypnotic abilities. Without thinking, Matthew grabbed his scythe and pulled the hood of his jacket over his head, before leaping out of his window and flying to Anne's house, unleashing a powerful Air Slash with his scythe to create a shockwave, knocking his uncle off Anne before bursting through the window, pointing at Scott with his free hand. As soon as his uncle stood back up and tried to bring him underneath his hypnosis, Matthew unleashed a massive Aeroblast to hurl the adult hedgehog up against the wall and pin him there. Once immobilized, Matthew walked over and used his Soul Breath technique to forcibly remove his uncle's soul and his hypnotic powers, leaving the man dead. Ignoring Anne's confrontational questions, Matthew instead professed his love for her and telling her that they had to flee, now that her father was dead. Anne accepted all of this, grabbing onto Matthew as he flew the two of them out of the window to the ground beneath, where he shifted her onto his back. He carried her piggy-back style until they reached a small airport on the outskirts of the city. Using some technical skill, he managed to hot-wire a large but unarmed skycar, flying off with his cousin on-board.

Finding a Home

The murder of a respected Inquisitorium member by his family, and the murderer's escape was a major event in Sky City, and the public began crying for blood, and the family hungry for revenge, with Matthew to be killed, and Anne to be returned to how she was before. The government agreed. To retrieve the duo, a military sky-marine, a specially designed plane capable of becoming a submarine upon landing in the sea, was deployed. As soon as the gunner spied the lumbering skycar, they fired a series of rockets, a number of which striking the skycar. Matthew fought with the controls for a short amount of time, before grabbing Anne and dropping into a slightly-controlled fall to the ocean beneath. Anne was knocked out on impact, and the sky-marine crew decided to use this as their chance to capture the duo. They weren't counting on Matthew's powers. Soon after the sky-marine submerged, Matthew unleashed a massive Aeroblast, larger than the one used against Anne's father, and forced the sky-marine down further than intended, before using Chaos Control to carry the duo to Green Hill Zone. This had an unforeseen side-effect, both due to the unconscious choice of location and the massive amount of water carried with him leaving him completely drained of Chaos Energy, plus had accidentally released Anne, leaving her unconscious a few hundred meters away. Once Matthew regained his breath, he ran over to her, picked her up and simply started walking with her slung over his back, his scythe being moved slightly to provide her a more comfortable ride. Slowly, he found his way to a small town, where the Trolls were scamming weary travelers. One of them, Frost the Hedgehog, felt that Matthew and Anne were potential targets, but his brother, Toxic, disagreed, smitten by Anne's skimpy nightclothes. He tried to pick up the tired girl, only for Matthew to take offense for his unconscious cousin and challenge the Troll to a duel. Arriving at an old arena within the town, Reaper found himself having to surrender his cousin into the hands of another of Toxic's brothers, Poison, who promised that Anne would remain unharmed. Matthew began warming his body with martial arts and scythe tricks, whereas Toxic simply took a long drink of water. The battle for Anne's honor started soon after the girl in question awoke. Within a minute of Anne waking, the fight was on. Toxic immediately took the upper hand, making the most of his spear's length in keeping his tired opponent at bay, while Matthew was instantly on the defensive, using an array of steel war fans to deflect Toxic's spear thrusts, still unable to tap into his powers. Suddenly, Anne entered his mind through their telepathic bond and began to talk to him, something they had never been able to do previously. Using that conduit, Matthew tapped into Anne's power and jump-started his body's energy recharge through something that Anne could only describe as a 'mental kiss', instantly throwing the fight back into his favor as he started throwing Toxic back by switching to his scythe and attacking with long, sweeping swings, then encasing him in ice with a powerful Blizzard he triggered unconsciously. As a couple of Toxic's allies rushed to his aid, Poison helped Anne down to where Matthew stood, with the assistance of a a white Shadow recolor with orange streaks and well-cared for clothes. The Shadow recolor identified himself as Rageik, the leader of the organization known as the Trolls, offering Matthew membership and inquiring if Matthew was a Demon, a member of Rageik's own race. Matthew and Anne both shrugged and admitted that their species, the Power Hedgehogs, were believed to be descended from both the Demons and the Celestials, but that the two of them were more interested in finding a place where they would be accepted for being in love. When Rageik inquired about that statement, Matthew admitted that they were cousins, to Anne's agreement. Rageik simply smiled and told them that the Trolls would never discriminate on that kind of relationship, and offered the duo membership. Matthew asked Anne her opinion, and she agreed to take it up. With that, Rageik spread his hands and invoked a Chaos Control, warping all of the Trolls from the area and taking Matthew and Anne with them.

Formation of a Team and Diseased Times

Upon arrival in the Troll Moonbase, Reaper was escorted away by Toxic and a handful of the other male trolls, for a "bonding" exercise of beating up Dismal the Hedgehog, the most pathetic excuse of a Mobian that Reaper had ever seen. He pointed that out, but as the mob looked at him, he simply shrugged and unleashed a Thunder Axel, slamming it down into the crotch of the terrified Troll. Directly at the time of impact, Mac the Hedgehog, Rageik's second-in-command came and asked Reaper to join him in his "office". Reaper shrugged and did so, ignoring Dismal's whimpers and cries of pain. Upon arrival at Mac's "office", which was closer to a throne room than an office, he found Mac standing beside an orange and blue Shadow recolor, who introduced himself as Burn the Pyrohog, while Mac left to collect Anne. Soon after the leader's return with Matthew's girlfriend, he told them his idea - the formation of a team with Matthew in the lead, and both Anne and Burn as his lieutenants. The team name he had in mind was Team Reaper, after Matthew's dark appearance and scythe. This would include Matthew's promotion to General, placing him directly beneath Rageik. Matthew asked Anne her opinion, which was responded to with her agreement. Burn was quiet, but agreed. Instantly, the team began their missions, which often meant that Rageik would either "forget" or simply decline to call them in for operations with the other Trolls, a slight favoritism shown towards the Power Hedgehog and his team. Later, a trio of Pyrohogs arrived, with connections to Burn. Upon being offered positions within the Trolls from both Toxic and Mac, Matthew stepped in for Burn's sake and chose to take them into his unit, becoming Reaper's Legion. Over time, the group was joined by an almost extra-terrestrial Echidna sniper and an one-eyed insane former bounty hunter, and was temporarily joined by Pheer the Demonhog, son of Mephiles the Dark. However, Pheer quickly left, and Matthew started to degenerate physically. Bubonic, the Head Troll Scientist, was astonished at the rapid collapse of Matthew's systems, because there was no sign of contagion, poison or cancer in his body - Matthew was in peak physical condition - but his body was dying anyway. Anne came to the answer: her father had left Matthew with a hypnotic command, causing his immune systems to kill him, cell by cell. She tried to undo his damage, and Matthew himself tried to undo the damage with the power stolen from her father, but it was no use. Bubonic concluded that the attack had altered Matthew's DNA, which was in turn the reason behind his destruction. The solution the Troll scientist came up with was, admittedly, a long shot, but it could possibly work - finding a Mimic, a member of a strange Mobian clan who could copy the powers of anyone they touched. In the meantime, Bubonic began to add cybernetic enhancements to Matthew to stabilize his condition, while the hedgehog in question entered a coma to cope with the pain of degeneration.

Creation of Reaper, Birth of the Hybrid

Anne and Reaper's Legion worked tirelessly to find the cure for their leader, finding a Mimic by the name of Danny whom had emerged from the future in order to attempt to locate his long-lost son, with the Legion easily capturing the Mimic, bringing his DNA to Bubonic who inserted it to Matthew. Almost instantaneously, Matthew awoke and, still connected to all the life-support machines, was able to attack and defeat Danny, who had somehow infiltrated the Troll hospital. As soon as Danny was escorted into custody, Bubonic disconnected the Power Hedgehog from the life-support, where the teen requested to be known as "Reaper". With that, he was then entrusted with a new mission when Danny managed to escape - recapture the Mimic. This resulted in Reaper running headfirst into Statyx the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Guardian. This escalated into an amazing battle, where Reaper and Statyx were perfectly even in power, the fight starting to fall to Reaper's side when a young hedgehog, the Newest Ultimate who easily countered all of Reaper's skills with amazing Mimicry skills, before knocking Reaper into Danny. The resourceful Mimic was able to disconnect his DNA from Reaper's systems, leaving him in a bad way before his rescue by Toxic the Hedgehog. Back in hospital, Bubonic was unsure about how to proceed, but Anne and Rageik both offered DNA, hoping for a more mystical healing. Ironically, considering the Power Hedgehog genetics being a direct descendent from the Celestials and the Demons, Rageik's DNA instantly healed Reaper's body and enhanced his powers, while Anne's blood caused his body to restart healing, finally defeating her father's command. With that, he remained comatose, with only the future knowing what would come next for the couple.


Originally, Matthew had a rather toned physique for a Sonic recolor, with white fur and green eyes. This stuck with him when his body started to die, with the muscles starting to waste away and an eye replaced by a cybernetic optic. However, the most major change happened when both Anne and Rageik provided Matthew with DNA. His quills became a hybrid between Sonic and Shadow's, with Rageik's orange streaks. His physical structure somewhat alters as well, with his height increasing slightly and muscle mass returning to normal, the cybernetic eye being replaced by a regenerated eye of his own.


Even throughout his troubles, Matthew's clothing has remained mostly constant, with a black hooded jacket, blue pants and black leather boots, standard to the Soul Reapers. Occasionally, he wears a tight blue sleeveless shirt in warm climate missions, but these are few and far between.


Reaper is a high-speed, high-strength style of fighter, who takes his time to savor battle with high-powered foes. Even after losing his Mimic abilities, his skills have reached a new peak through the addition of Rageik's blood. Reaper possesses a genetic ability called Natural Cure which means that his body can't truly be affected by status conditions, because as soon as his body returns to a passive state, it purges all status conditions from his body. This doesn't cut in when his body switches to his Demon persona, Matthias, due to that state placing strain on his physical senses and unconsciously, on his body. Reaper's main weapon-based style is the use of his scythe, which he uses in long, sweeping and cutting motions. His secondary weapons are his array of fans, each equipped with a different sort of secondary function, which he typically uses as throwing weapons. Reaper is also a talented hand-to-hand combatant. However, it is in elemental combat where he shines. Originally, his skill with his omnikinetic powers lay in his Wind abilities, but over time, through the DNA from Rageik and Anne, his Dark abilities have also magnified. Reaper's main weaknesses are fighting in close-combat against weapons, which forces him to use his fans to defend himself, and also people skilled in Earth or Light manipulation can lessen the power of his two strong suites, even though he can counter with the rest of his elements.

Fire Abilities

Smoke Abilities

Dragon Abilities

Water Abilities

Weather Abilities

Ice Abilities

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Forms and Fusions

Unleashed Reaper

This form is uniquely born of Reaper's altered genetic structure. Due to his Power Hedgehog DNA being augmented by Rageik's demon blood, Reaper has a state which others describe as him becoming death. This typically takes on the form of Reaper's fur color shifting to black, with his streaks converting into hardened bone atop his fur.

In this state, Reaper simply stops using the majority of his elemental arsenal, although it is uncertain whether or not he actually loses command of it. Instead, Reaper's physical strength and speed is augmented even further, allowing him to practically teleport, and cleave through plate steel with his scythe. It is believed that this unleashing is actually a Demon "Focus State" that he has managed to unlock, with the focus on his physical prowess and combat potential.

However, aside for a few uses in large-scale combat, Reaper does not utilize this form very often. This is primarily due to the five minutes of meditation-like focus that he requires to transform. It is theorized that, with practice, Reaper would be able to shift almost instantaneously, as Rageik does, or at the very least shift with only a few seconds preparation.


Matthias, unlike most transformations, is not truly a transformation, but more of an alternate mind Reaper can switch to, triggering a slight change in facial features and eye color (face becomes more like Rageik, eyes turn orange). However, by doing so, he gets the ability to change species and gender by possessing people, as does most of Rageik's demons, as well as an alternate personality and slightly expanded moveset of moves taught by Rageik. Reaper and Matthias can call on one another in battle, summoning the other in a clone body, with any other clones possessing a hybrid moveset. If Matthias is in an alternate form, however, Reaper still emerges as normal.



Matthew's personality has had many fluctuations, but at the center of it all is his loyalty to his friends and teammates. Originally, that loyalty was to his family and allies in the Soul Reapers, but Anne held the closest bond for him, and as such, he discarded all the rest to protect her, his love. Following that, the loyalty was solely hers, and due to that, the events with the Trolls started. As soon as he took command of Reaper's Legion, he decided to lead by example, not by commands. As such, he formed close bonds with his team, accepting them as his family and friends. He also accepted Rageik as a replacement father. Aside for his powerful loyalties, Matthew as a love of a good fight, preferring to prolong it as long as he can before finishing it if he finds the opponent "worthy". However, when performing an assassination, he is always quick and almost always successful, first strike. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys sparring with Toxic and working out to keep his body in peak shape, as well as studying with Rageik to prepare himself for the inevitable attacks from expert Soul Reapers...including his biological father.

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