The Intro to the Realms of Arcana series. The Realms of Arcana are a series of books that revolve around the story of Knight Caros. He and his fifteen friends and rivals never even met each other until one catastrophic event hit the city of Aristan. Yet, after Knight, Cargrid, and Fire were assigned to lead the Strike Teams against Jazz, leader of the Jazzeon Empire, they've never forgotten each other. Though they have their differences, all of them must work together with Echo of the Echo Empire against their various enemies, who wish to destroy the world, or conquer it. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

Included Characters

Characters That Appear for the First Time in The Lightning Strikes

(MP= Mass Produced)

Strike Teams

Knight Caros the Hedgehog (Care O's)

Eclipse Darkfallen the Hedgehog

Cargrid the Hedgehog

Clover the Hedgehog

Flame Ozark the Cat (O Zark)

Fire Ozark the Cat

Chain the Cat

Lizard the Chameleon

Wacka Aquarius the Hedgehog

Raddilyn the Hawk (Rad Da Lin)

Whiteout the Cat

Nida the Cat

Kyle the Enchidna

Atlas the Hedgehog

Aida the Cat (A I Da)

Echo Empire's Symbol/Flag

Echo Empire 

Echo the Chameleon



Echo Empire Soldiers

Echo Empire Pilots

Jazzeon Empire

Jazz the Hedgehog

Rust Robot Soldier (MP)

Jazzeon Guard Robot (MP) (Jazz E In) 

The Four's Symbol

X-Targeter Robot (MP)

The Four

Copter the Robot

Arrow the Enchidna

Zound the Hedgehog

Lotus the Hedgehog


Canarea the Hedgehog (Ka nare E A)

Atramenten the Hedgehog (At Tra Ment Tin)

​Characters added in A New Threat:

More Robots will be added soon!

Locke Family

Headlock the Robot

Delilik the Robot (Dee Lie Lick)

Razor the Robot

Laser the Robot

Glitter the Robot

Sonawackanun the Robot (Son A Wack A Nun)

Jazzeon Empire

Nephadym the Hawk (Neff-A-Dim)

Locke Empire

E-vell the Robot

Marksman Robot (MP)

Sniper Robot (MP)

Eradicator Robot (MP)

Grenade Robot (MP)

Herder Robot (MP)

Torpedo Robot (MP)

Pursuer Robot (MP)

Missile Robot (MP)

Surrounders (MP)


Rue-en the Hedgehog (Old Age)

Mistral (Extreme Gear Racer)

Princess (Extreme Gear Racer)

Throw-Fire (Extreme Gear Racer)

Trailer To The First Trilogy

This trailer is a song. This is not a video, sorry. It is a trailer for the first three books. The lyrics are on the left of the : symbol. The things that would happen in the video if it were a real video are on the left of the : symbol. Try your best to imagine it, or please skip the trailer.



Welcome to your life : Jazz giving her speech just before she wrecks Aristan in TLS (stands for 'the lightning strikes')

There's no turning back : Aristan getting blown to bits

Even while we sleep : Knight and group resting after their first mission in TLS 

We will find you : Copter and group standing in a twilight, being just shadows

Acting on your best behaviour : Delilik directs her child, Sonawackanun

Turn your back on mother nature : A completely Metal World, which is Jazz's dream

Everybody wants to rule the world : The two leaders of their own Empires, Jazz and Headlock, facing each other.

It's my own design : Headlock looking at his 'Wonderful Creation or Design,' his army

It's my own remorse : the old man (Rue-en) who created Headlock crying

Help me to decide : Copter asking Arrow for help deciding what to do on a small dock over the ocean

Help me make the most : Same as last

Of freedom and of pleasure : Arrow creating her bow with her unique powers, then shooting it over the water

Nothing ever lasts forever : Cargrid and Fire with their groups fighting Jazzeon robots.

Everybody wants to rule the world : Same as last time this line was said

There's a room where the light won't find you : Jazz shooting lightning.

Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down : Kyle and Chain running down a collapsing corridor.

When they do I'll be right behind you : Headlock smashing the walls down in the corridor.

So glad we've almost made it : Knight and Eclipse looking at each other.

So sad they had to fade it : Aristan, Destroyed by Jazz in TLS

Everybody wants to rule the world : Lights flickering on and off in the picture where The two leaders are facing each other.

Everybody wants to rule the world : Lightning And a Gear appear (both symbols of the Empires)

Everybody wants to rule the world : Lights go super bright, then it's pitch black.

After the song ends, the three books images appear in succession. The Covers for those books can be seen below, to the left side.

Book One


Book Two


Book Three

Intro to the Books

3600 years ago,

People started realizing they had powers or elements but no one new how to control them, what they were, or how they got them. People were genuinely confused about these things that they soon called powers or elements. Great engineers built power rings that helped you control them. There was a different ring for every different color of power. These different powers were named, here were there names: Fire, which was the control of fire, to shoot fire from you're hand, to love fire, to hate cold, to burn whatever you want! Ice, which was the control of ice, to love cold  to hate heat, to create icicles and  an igloo with ease just your hands. Water, which was the control of nearby water to love water hate fire, create a fountain where ever you wish, or how about a small lake? Light, which was the ability to shine like a star and give balls of light to others to love the sun and hate lack of it. Earth, which was the ability to shatter the ground, be super strong, lift objects with ease, to not be flung about like some powers, earth were friends with Nature, another power. Nature, which was the ability to control to a certain degree plants, love nature, hate fire because they burn nature with ease. Darkness, was an odd or unnatural power to all, they love darkness, which is caused by nothing, just the lack of everything else, they have an odd purple colored aura around their moves or defense, or attacks. Darkness were master's of stealth, disappearing anywhere at all. Lightning or Electricity, which was the control of lightning from the sky to zap things, to attack with electricity to set up a show of electricity for others. Chaos, the other unnatural element because nothing caused this red energy that so puzzling, to teleport with ease, shoot it from your hands, make yourself glow with it, or cause an explosion with it. Wind, which was the power to control wind to create wind to love wind, this was the only unseen power, but it could see in a sense. It could feel or sense the presence of others, even the darkness which are master of stealth. Sound, the ability to see ultrasonic rays, and scream supersonic rays that blow everything back, sending them flying, to disable sound creating abilities of others, and hear way better than average ones. Armourtech, the ability to create epic armour with ease, armour only you can wear. Armour with cool and awesome gadgets. Armortech and sound were not around until 1500 years ago, or 2100 years after the rest appeared. 

3300 years ago,

Powers separated from one another each having its own ruler. The Ice clan created walls of ice around their kingdom, and it was -40 degrees Celsius in there. The fire created a wasteland of their kingdom, everything burnt to a crisp, and it was +40 degrees in there. The darkness created a twilight realm of their kingdom forbidding anyone exit it or enter it. The chaos created a castle, ruled by their king, they thought everyone was under them and they were truly powerful. The electricity was in that line of thinking as well, building a castle too, and an empire like the chaos, which was built for war. Every other remaining power also did similar to the fire, each their own little place. The chaos king was called Caros, the Caros ruled all chaos at the time. The darkness king was called Darkfallen, the Darkfallen ruled all darkness at the time. The electricity king was called Jolt, the jolt ruled all electricity at the time. The last place with a named king was the water power, who's ruler was Aquarius. 

3000 years ago,

The Caros and the Jolt attacked each other in war each because they believed they were more powerful than the other, this resulted in a endless stalemate. The Caros made an alliance with the Darkfallen, and they demonstrated pure strategy which led to complete victory over and over again until the electricity were forced to retreat. But the Caros agreed with Darkfallen too strike one more time to every tribe. The Darkness ninjas assassinated the leaders of the electricity, the water, the fire, the light, the nature, the ice, the wind, and the metal, which is upgraded earth. This started a world war, called ELIMINATION. This war took out 3 quarters of the chaos and the darkness as you can imagine the numbers, and the chances they had of winning. After this war, the chaos slowly started to disappear, so did the darkness. 

2000 years ago,

To preserve the chaos of which there about 20 remaining, 7 experts forged 7 chaos emeralds which gave off chaos energy. This preserved the chaos until present day, where this maybe 7 left. The darkness though we're more abundant than the chaos, with about 200 left, though now in present day there is only 10 or so. The chaos are known to be unfriendly, with a burning hatred for electricity in most of them. They are also rude, withdrawn, having no friends, and have an extreme hatred for darkness, who they believe betrayed them, and lured them into a world war. The darkness are known to be rude, withdrawn, have no friends, hate everything, and extremely hate chaos.

All this remains today as well.

1500 years ago,

Sound start appearing as well as the Armortech, but there is few of them. Even now in present day,

There are many 20 sound and maybe 30 Armortech. Why do they keep disappearing? Say you have like to be generous 20,000 chaos powered, there is nothing to save them from a freak out fit if they hit by their weakness enough times, and they get married to other powered people, then they have kids but there only a 50%chance that they will be chaos. So say 5 of them die of freak out fit a year and we lose ten because of the chances of chaos in their kids, a year. After 1000 years what happens? Okay after this time period they are protected by emeralds from the freak out fit, after 2000 more years what happens? Not a whole lot left huh? The same thing happened with the other three. Why didn't this happen with the rest of the elements? Because they won ELIMINATION they had 10,000,000, too 15,000,000, People. Plus they had elements too protect them from freak out fit. So take away 500 a year(more marriages), and what are you left with? 8,000,000.

Next read ROA, (initials of Realms Of Arcana) The Lightning Strikes

Power Triangles (Work In Progress)

Each power has an advantage and a weakness. This is NOT Finished yet. This is to help explain each ones advantage and weakness. Not every power has a triangle. Chaos does not have any advantage, but it does have a weakness, for instance. Hope this helps. Weaknesses are to the bottom right of every triangle, advantages will be to the bottom left. I chose the Penrose Triangle because it looks like all three coners are being swirled and whirled together. These are images, this is a gallery.

Chapters Available

The Lightning Strikes, Book One:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Pre-Story

Chapter 9

Chapter 10 Pre-Story

Chapter 10

Chapter 11 Pre-Story

Chapter 11



The Realms Of Arcana has a lot of different locations. There are tons of different cities, some waters, and three forest on the mainland. There are lots of different named places. Also, there is other pieces of land that are not attached to The Continent, or the mainland. Here is a list of the names, and some photos, which are the original images by the way, to go along with them. There will also be some information for them. Hope it helps.


Vasealia (Va Seal E Ah):

At a first glance Vasealia could be seen as a beautiful wonder of the world. Vasealia is a very up to date city, with skyscrapers everywhere. The most modern of all defences are set up all over the city, but in a way that would not harm the beauty of the city. Vasealia has gardens in it, beautifully grown green gardens covered in flowers. The city is one of the biggest in the world. Vasealia is surrounded by three giant rock walls on it's western, eastern, and south sides. Outside to the north, lies an enormous forest named the Celestial Forest. At the center of the pretty city, built around the blue waters that flowed through the city as well, often beside the streets, was the headquarters of the Echo Empire. That building has large doors, with imposing size. It also has huge amounts of giant rooms, an incredibly big hanger for the Shuttles, and many other rooms.

Aristan (Air Es Stan): Home of Knight, Cargird, Clover, Eclipse, Fire and Flame. Also includes the Copper Circle.

Areon (Are E on): The most defended city in The Continent. Filled to the brim with everything Military.

Celestia: Home of Raddilyn the Hawk. The most beautiful city in the world, with an incredibly beautiful forest too.

Lorcan: Chiefly the most eastward city on the Continent. Beside the Lorcan Forest.

Caia (Kay i ): A not very popular city. Located on the other side of the Lorcan Forest.

HighGuard: Located on the mountains of HighGuard, this city is the second most military strong.

Ceara (Sear A): A city which is completely safeguarded by the mountains, as it sits right beside them.

City Of Glass: A city which is completely made of glass, not one piece of a building is not glass.

Lash: The richest city that there in the Continent. Lash is filled with underground mines, filled with the richest gems.

Tri: This triangular city is very compressed, and not really a city. Tri is a storage place where people can live.

Branwen (Bran When): The city trapped between water and forest, and cities. Branwen is the home of many people.

Tonis Gate (Toe Niss): The gateway to the water, or the land. Trapped between water and the mountains.

Sea Ports:

Port Aqua: A normal looking sea port where ships come in and leave.

Port Fins: Besides being a good fishing spot, Port Fins look a lot like a fish's body and head from a map view.

E-tech: E definitely stands for Egg, as this port looks an awful lot like a capital i imprinted in it.

Military Bases:

NaturePrime: A base located in the Western Forest, with a river nearby. Near Aristan, and Lash.

LavaWalk: A base located completely on lava, and attached to a volcano which constantly spouts lava.

Notable Areas:

Paradise Plain: a beautiful a grassy plain, untouched by the first war. Noted for its peacefulness.

Eastern Forest: Aristan's neighbor, which has a brilliant river flowing through it. Extraordinary in autumn.

Lorcan Forest: The winter wonder, most beautiful in its winter season. Right beside Lorcan.

Celestial Forest: The beautiful forest named after the city contained in it, and quite hidden by it.



Time is measured by the first book. Before it, would be _X amount of years, while after would be +Y. (Using Variables)

Main Series Books

----_3600------------0 Year--------------------+1 1/2--------------+1 1/2--------------

------Intro----The Lightning Strikes----A New Threat----Triple Armies----????


In the image for Book Three, if you look closely, you can see all three Empires symbols in it. it is meant to look like they're fighting.

Besides Cargrid, Clover, Knight, Eclipse, Fire and Flame, (Who all live in Aristan) only Raddilyn (currently) has a named home city.

Raddilyn's home city is Celestia, the most beautiful city in the continent.

Although surrounded by rich cities, Tri is a very poor city. Figures.

Of course, Headlock cannot literally have family, being robotic, but all members of the Locke Family view themselves as a family.

I have not chosen Shi and Troy's races.

Headlock's flying city, named the Locke Ness, may be a play off the sea monster, Loch Ness, or Locke Nest, as in a bird's nest.

While Headlock's name isn't Headlocke, his Empire is still named the Locke Empire.

My current idea for a fifth book is to go back in time to some of the main time characters parents.


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