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Reale City is a town very close to Station Square and is known for it's night lights. It is known by many other names and is most famous for being the one of the largest casino's ever. That being said, the town is a little shady. While said to be governed by the united forces, in actuality it is governed by an organization known as the Underground, and is often where shady individuals, fences, and black market dealers can be found.


When it comes to the casinos and the lovely upper class life, this town is loaded. Full of money and fun, this place could be considered by some to be the pinnacle of happiness. There aren't many trees or wild life running around, and the streets are rather dirty.


This city doesn't discriminate. As long as you have coin, they love to have you here. Most of the population living here however are either upper class citizens, or members of the underground. There are very few people around this town that aren't either of those things. Sometimes you will find someone who is not part of either group, but the chances of that happening are very slim.


No one is quite sure how Reale got started. Some say it was always a plan by the Underground to do it, but others say it started out as a merchant city, meant to be a trading capital. Whichever it is, one thing is known for sure, it's a very young city, only being seven to eight years since the city was officially opened.

The town started out not receiving the many people, almost going bankrupt, but somehow the town started to swell in popularity. People from all across the country started to come to the town, sometimes people from all over the world would come see it. Reale was so much more than just a normal city, it was a place that brought people together.

Then the rumors started. Somehow word got around that there was something going on. Something that people didn't know all the details about. The mayor of the town, Millie Morain, wouldn't reveal many details about the town and promised that the town had nothing to do with any shady organizations, but some people suspect that she is part of the underground too. Whatever the case, the town is still holding up to this day and is still growing.

Notable Areas

Casino Town

Want a place to spend your money? Welcome to Casion Town, a district where people come to have good time, throw a party, and get broke. Want to play slots? Cards? Pinball? Casino Town is where you can find all of that and more! Be careful though, some visitors have noticed people in dark clothing possibly with guns around the area...

Residential area

This is where the citizens of the town sleep, and is most noteworthy for being the smallest part of the town. Who lives here, you might ask? Obviously young adults with way to much time, and money on their hands. Not many people come here though, due to the "buzz kill" attitude the place has.

Political offices

The offices where Millie Morain and others work. This is where many legal actions happen. It should be noted that this place is closed to the public and only officials and invited guests are allowed into this area. The place is even guarded by armed guards! Who guards a mayor's office so heavily?


Casino Park Zone (Beta) - Sonic Heroes Music Extended-0

Casino Park Zone (Beta) - Sonic Heroes Music Extended-0

The town's theme

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