This is an article about ReKaz the Shell, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 02/1/2015.


ReKaz is a psudeo-mechanical snail shell, with the opening facing downwards, though still slightly viewable from the front. Pure green electricity forms an artificial torso and legs for ReKaz, as well as connect his four wireless hands to him. The palms of his hands are orange with white fingers, all of which have smaller widths than what would be anatomically correct compared to the palms. Within the opening of the shell are two pure yellow eyes with no mouth. Near this is a long shell resembling a drill facing forwards, almost resembling a unicorn's horn. On the left and right sides of the shell are emblems with a large sharp RK plastered on with cross lightning-bolts behind it.


Unlike his brother MoKaz, ReKaz is quick-witted and easily enraged. ReKaz can process emotions faster than any other being, sometimes being able to react to something before it even happens. It is also this way in combat, as it can easily maneuver through and counter nearly any attack, often relying on fast heavy damage to succeed in a fight. ReKaz is very talkative (even when it's just him) and has tendencies to distract himself with conversations that end up either confusing the opponent or himself.


ReKaz, as well as his brother MoKaz, was a project commisioned to Trip by an unknown source to make an electric weapon capable of causing mass destruction. They were completed in short time, but the commisioner was running low on funds, and was never granted ownership of the two. They were instead put into cryogenic storage for later use, which did not happen for quite a while. When Trip was offered to join EQuartz as a mechanic, he had defrosted the two to show them to the EQuartz representatives, but they had instantly gone rogue upon reactivating, easily causing massive damage to the Cold Storage facility and had escaped into Soulstice to wreak havoc on the people.

The two of them were eventually contained and were reprogrammed by EQuartz to serve as new units in combat. They now operate the EQuartz Combat Café's Colosseum section, where ReKaz constantly maintains the building's structure and challenges almost anyone who enters to prove that they are allowed constant entry.


ReKaz is unique in that he requires other powers to function properly. Any form of electricity has no harmful effect on it, but rather powers it and allows it to become temporarily stronger by using the drill-cone as a lightningrod and absorbing the electricity. The more electricity it stores, the faster and harder it will attack. ReKaz is also able to fire back any excess electricity at an opponent, then using the cone-shell as a blaster to aim and fire at any target with fast and accurate hits.


ReKaz, being a mechanical shell, is naturally highly defensive, though because of its extra hands and use of lightning, is also a great attacker as well. ReKaz is capable of withstanding gunfire without so much as a dent, so long as it hits the outer part and doesn't get into the opening. With its four hands, ReKaz can throw a flurry of difficult-to-block punches from multiple sides and can easily grab/throw his opponents while they block from one or two hands.


ReKaz, with all of his impressive strengths, has several glaring issues that keep him from perfection. It requires at least some form of electricity to keep running, and constantly needs to recharge after about 15 minutes of activation or else it will shut down. ReKaz's defense is far from impregnable, as the glaring "THIS IS MY WEAKPOINT, PLEASE DONT HIT IT" opening on it can be fired into and will deal massive damage to it, even temporarily disabling it's electric form and deactivating it's hands for a short time. Speaking of its hands, RemoKaz can only go so far to attack with its hands before they lose connection to its electricity. This does extend when it's charged with more electricity, but still can only go so far. Rekaz also cannot withstand huge amounts of water being used against it, as it would short circuit and explode from extreme overpowering at too fast of a rate to expel.


  • ReKaz came from the idea of one character fighting while appearing as two fighters in seperate spots, with one controlling the other.
  • ReKaz is capable of fusing with other EQuartz Machines, such as Orbit and Mujona. Doing so grants heavy speed and defense to Mujona and electricity powers to Orbit. It is currently incapable of fusing with organic beings, even if they are cyborgs like Yggnolann.
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