Mr. Kable.

We successfully retrieved the technology you asked for from the Apotos facility. The facility was destroyed as predicted. Exact reasons for destruction is unknown, but we assume it was down to the Eggman Empire as most of the data we found was last dated around the time Eggman’s takeover of the world began. As per our orders, we managed to find Dr. Param’s personal hard drive mostly intact, although it had sustained a decent amount of damage and we couldn’t retrieve most of the data on it. The following is the transcript of his personal video diary, as you requested. As I said, everything before the first date had been destroyed, but we have enough information to get a gist of what happened. Anything else from the facility is stored at the Elizabeth Kable Foundation base in western Mazuri.



7th July 2017.

Yesterday were finally sent the genetic material we had been craving for weeks. The attempts to extract power genes from Mobian hair had been unsuccessful, so our largest resource was gone. We’d been requesting other genetic material for ages, but the higher ups kept denying us, focusing on other projects. We had to appeal to Kable himself to get the skin and nail cells we needed. Kable was the only one of the shareholders who really had any affinity for the project, but it’s called Kabletech, so it’s worth having him as our only real supporter in the company.

I know where these cells come from. The fact that Kable is kidnapping people back in the United Federation and we’re experimenting on their hair and fingernails hangs heavy over all of the team. To think some innocent person or even a child has lost their freedom for us is horrifying. We keep telling ourselves that if it’s for science, for a future where there are no secrets, it will be worth it.

I’m not sure how long we can keep telling ourselves that.

20th July 2017

Tests on the cells are going well. We’ve had more success than with the fur, at least. Now we’ve extracted enough power genes, we can study the effects better. We’re not going straight to transferring them to Mobian hosts. History knows that’s a bad idea. Instead, we’re going to study them separate from any living organism and see what happens.

I’ve sent a small team to go to the Gaia Gate at the top end of town and leave some of the samples there. There’s been a lot of talk about Dark Gaia energy having some effect on power genes, although global communication was screwed over during the Shattering and nobody’s really sure if it’s true. Still, worth a shot.

25th July 2017

We have results, and a lot quicker than we expected. The power genes in the lab outgrew the Petri dishes they were in. We had to destroy them before they grew further. However, the ones in the Gaia Gate grew at a much slower rate. The Dark Gaia energy around the Gate isn’t even that concentrated. If we could concentrate it, we might be able to slow the power gene growth significantly.

Injecting patients with power genes has always been a lost cause. The genes grew too quickly, killing the host at best or mutating them into a monster at worse. Only one successful case ever happened, but the man who did it was executed by G.U.N, and the receiver is impossible to find, even if we all know who it is. However, with these new discoveries, we might be on the verge of a breakthrough.

15th August 2017

I thought getting the power genes would be the hard bit, but boy was I wrong. Collecting enough Dark Gaia energy to properly create a limiter, as it’s currently been dubbed by the team, has been a slog. We have machines to collect the energy, they were used when the world was shattered to improve conditions and win Kabletech another PR victory, but the Gaia Gate doesn’t produce the amount of energy we need quick enough. Worse, we didn’t have enough machines to hold the energy we need, so we had to fly more in from Adabat of all places. The board of directors are pushing for results, and we keep telling them we need more time.

We should have enough energy to continue tomorrow. Hopeful Kabletech don’t shut us down before then.

20th August 2017

We’ve managed to make the limiters. We’ve constructed bands that can wrap around your arm like a watch, and reduce the power gene’s rapid expansion. Although we haven’t injected someone, we have managed to reduce the speed of lab tests with it. We’ve informed the board of directors, and they seem happy with our progress for the first time since the project started. Kable emailed me yesterday, saying he was extremely proud of us for making the limiters, and that he had never lost faith in us and would congratulate us in person but was preoccupied on one of his charity things. However, the board of directors asked us to bring them proof of our success. They asked us to inject someone with the genes and use the limiters on them.

Everyone in the lab was terrified. We knew it was risky, but what could we do? We were close to being shut down before, and we can’t be shut down. Not when we’re so close. We’ve put out a classified ad, seeing if anyone would reply. If not...then the project is over.

29th August 2017

It’s been at least a week and no one has replied to the ad. We’ve given up hope of anyone replying, and so have the board of directors. For the first time, Kable is starting to doubt the project, and he needs results to keep it afloat. I’ve decided we don’t have a choice. I am going to talk to the lab team, make sure they have everything set up, and then...then I’m going to inject the genes myself. I know it’s risky, and there’s infinite ways this could go wrong, but we have to keep the project afloat. This project is my life's work, and I will complete it, no matter what.


You’ve done your mission well. This information is all we need to pick up where Dr. Param left off. I will send Kable Enforcement to the Elizabeth Kable Foundation to bring whatever you’ve found over to Kabletech Tower. However, I find it unlikely the facility was destroyed by the Eggman Empire, despite the dates lining up. Look into the destruction of the facility further, and question the villagers nearby. I will look into where the scientists working at the lab are now, although I think I already know the answer. If you find anything out about the lab’s destruction, expect a bonus for you and your team when you return to the United Federation.

Keep up the good work.


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