Re-flame is a fire-elemental counter-attack move.


This attack involves the user inhaling deeply, in turn inhaling any flames in the surrounding area. After sucking in all of the surrounding flames (or as much as the user is capable of), the user releases all of the garnered flame in a powerful concussive blast of fire, severely injuring and burning the opponent(s) hit with this attack. The more flames taken in, the greater the power of the attack. However, pyrokinetic users can also supplement their own flames, and those who control multiple elements can mix in other elements to increase the attack's power and add other effects. This attack is mainly used by animals with large lung capacity (such as Frogs), or those with pyrokinetic or pyromantic abilities.

The elemental mixtures are as follows:

Water: Releases a concussive blast of hot steam, which can both disorient enemies and leave them with minor burns. This mixture is marked as a Boil element attack.

Earth: Releases at least one small ball of earth set aflame, which can break through physical obstructions or hit with greater force. This mixture is marked as a Magma element attack.

Wind: The resulting attack is larger and more powerful.

Poison: The flame has a darker color, and can leave a poisonous residue in the area hit.

Light: The flame is pure white and gold, dealing much more damage to evil or unholy beings; HolyFire.

Dark: The flame is black and dark purple, dealing more damage to good or holy beings; DarkFire.




  • Re-flame's name comes from "Regurgitate" and "flame".
    • Also, it is the only attack among its variants whose name doesn't contain the name of part of the body.
  • Re-flame is one of the few attacks that does not require the user to be pyrokinetic or a pyromancer.


Requiring large lung capacity for effective use, and some resistence to or control over fire to prevent internal burns, as well as being capable of causing great damage, this attack is a B-Rank technique.

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