Cquote1 No way! I'm NOT wearing a dress! Cquote2
Razz the Bear

Razz the Bear
Razz the Bear
Captain Uptight (Fifi, Jake, and Raven) Cutie (Phoebe)
Grollar Bear
Citrine fur
Forest Green Shirt w/ Midnight Green Paint Splatter

Lime Green shorts Midnight, Lime, and Forest Green shoes

white gloves and socks
Romantic Interest
Phoebe the Wallaby (girlfriend)
pie, honor, syrup, sparkling water, sports, winning, not being annoyed
being annoyed, losing, people who gloat, getting sat on
Taz Spin

Power Roar Power Claw Electric Shock Electric Spaz Super Shock Uppercut

Fifi, Max, Jake, Maxie, Moe, Raven, Sunny, Cliff
Mr. Hollywood, Dr. Eggman

Razz the Bear is an original anthropomorphic, citrine bear created by pumpituppartyzone. Razz's name came from the Toontown Central store "All That Razz". He is a member of Team Wild, whose other members are Fifi the Bear and Jake the Wolf. He has a bit of a temper, and is very easily annoyed, he hates to lose. His best friend is Jake the Wolf, and is dating Phoebe the Wallaby.


Razz is very smart. However, he is very easy to hypnotise and brainwash. In Maxie Adventure, he was the fastest out of all of the characters to get brainwashed, and he was the farthest into it. but has a bit of a temper, as said before. If he gets mad, he begins to yell. The angrier he is, the louder he yells. Also, he is very easily annoyed. When he's annoyed, he usually glares at the person he's annoyed with, which usually makes people apologize. Well, everybody except for Fifi.

Razz is not good with electronics at all. In fact, the only thing he can do with electronics is break things. Aside from that, he is very friendly. He is the only one of pumpituppartyzone's characters that has a flicky and chao, not counting Fifi, who recently got a chao. His flicky's name is Chestnut, and his chao's name is Guardian.


Even though Razz is strong, he's not necessarily the strongest character. He can use Chestnut to attack his enemies, and used Guardian to guard himself from attacks, and sometimes counter them. However, he likes to do things himself, so he does not use his chao or flicky often.

He can create electricity through his gloves, though it's not nearly as strong as his father's. He can also control the electricity that he creates, and some that he doesn't. He uses this skill as a weapon, sometimes creating whips or swords with the electricity.

Because he is a bear, he can claw his enemies and has a super roar, similar to Sadie's. He can also spin rapidly, like his friend Max Flippercorn. Razz also has super speed, although not to Sonic's extent. This allowed him to almost evade Fifi and allows him to chase people who anger him.

Baseball Party Zone

Razz is one of the 16 team captains in this game, but is a secondary captain. His team name is the "Electric Eels", his special pitch is the "Radical Ball", and his special swing is the "Ohm Swing".


Name Team Name Special Pitch Bat/Glove Pitching Stats Fielding Stats Batting Stats Running Stats

Razz the Bear

Electric Eels

Radical Ball








Maxie Flippercorn

Max Flippercorn

Ike the Numbat

Cliff McMuffin

Jake the Wolf

Phoebe the Wallaby

Chestnut the Flicky

Squeaky Mouse


Twila Mouse

Fifi the Bear

Freckles Jeeperchomp

Bad Fairy


Fifi the Bear

See Fifi-Razz Friendship.

Jake the Wolf

Razz and Jake are best friends. They hang out all the time when they're not trying to out-run Fifi. They love to test each others' power and train together, and they also enjoy taking on other teams. Though they're both on her team, neither Jake nor Razz are very fond of Fifi. However, she is very useful in battle, so they hang out with her occasionally.

Shawn the Bandicoot

In Maxie Rivals, Razz got hypnotized by Dr. Eggman again, as he was off to preform a task for him. Shawn came across him and smacked him to knock the sense back into him. Before Razz could go off on Shawn for this, he told Razz that he would help him with the mission. Razz slowly got convinced that he was working for Eggman throughout the game, even though Shawn thought he already knew. When Razz finally came to this conclusion, he thanked Shawn for trying to help him. He shrugged, and the two have been on good terms since.


Jake the Wolf (Best Friend)

Phoebe the Wallaby (Great Friends, Love Interest)

Max Flippercorn (Good Friends)

Maxie Flippercorn (Good Friends)

Ike the Numbat (Good Friends)

Shawn the Bandicoot (Good Friends)

Bingo the Dingo

Raven the Pig

Shadow the Hedgehog


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Metal Sonic

E-100 "Zero" Alpha

Mecha Knuckles

E-101 Beta

Freckles the Rabbit

Mr. Hollywood

Wendy Witchcart

Carrotia the Rabbit



  • Razz is pumpituppartyzone's only Sonic Fan Character that is friends with Shadow the Hedgehog, not counting Freckles.
  • Razz is very fast, but not nearly as fast as the blue blur.
  • Razz is one of pumpituppartyzone's few characters that likes to fight. The others are Max, Jake, Fifi, and Shawn.
  • In dimension 83, Razz was one of the victims of Shadow's and Eggman's reign over Mobius. However, this did not affect Shadow's friendship with him.
  • Razz is a Grolar Bear: a hybrid between a Polar Bear and a Grizzly Bear. (This is a real hybrid.)
  • Razz is one of the 15 team captains in the game, Baseball Party Zone.

Memorable Quotes

"Any time, I'm ready!" - When Team Blast is achieved

"Time to get electric!" - Before Race/Battle 1

"I just can't wait to destroy." - Before Race/Battle 2

"This time, you're gonna get it!" - Before Race/Battle 3

"You just can't lose enough, can you?" - Before Race/Battle 4

"Hmmph! That was too easy!" - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"That the best you got?" - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"That was awesome! Whoo!" - S Rank

"Take me ohm!" - A Rank

"That was really cool!" - B Rank

"I guess I did okay." - C Rank

"That was worse than I anticipated." - D Rank

"I guess it's time to pull the plug on this." - E Rank

"What? I lost? No way!" - After Losing Race/Battle 1

"Beginner's luck. It won't happen again." - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"You're regret this...." - After being 'Killed'

"Riiieeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!?!?!" - After Falling

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