"I will kill you!" -To Alcagorn

Razorveil the Ichneumon is a powerful and tactical lifeform, known for his brutality. Artifically created from a mutated blood sample of an Ichneumon; an ancient mythological creature. He is possibly the most dangerous bounty hunter in existance. He eventually took up the profession of Dragonslaying, and as and Ichneumon, he is a master tracker.


Razorveil is very one track minded, and his life is his work. He focuses on two things: His hits as a top class Bounty Hunter, and his instinct as an Ichneumon. That instinct is hunting and killing Dragons. As a person, he is cold hearted, and won't do anything that will not benefit him. Because of his mind and powers, he is the best assassin or bounty hunter one can buy. However, NEVER pay him in advance, as he can be easily persuaded to betray someone at the right price, always with disasterous results.

Being a Ichneumon, he has an intense hatred for dragons. He has felled over a dozen dragons, and has practically become his way of life. When a dragon is spotted, he will proceed to track it down and kill it. He, however, has never killed a good aligned dragon, simply because "I never killed a Metallic Dragon because I have never found one and noone has ever asked me to."

Either way, he will never ally with a dragon, never showing mercy or remorse. He believe they are egostically inflated scum that have overspent their undeserved time in the Life web. Hating dragons is in his DNA, and ridding the world of the lizards is what he believes his purpose in life is.

Although he never works with others, he is the the kind of person who puts the mission first. If it could jeopardize the misssion, he wouldn't do it. However, he is likely to save someone who is vital to the mission. He also believes it is better to kill your ally who has information too valuable for the enemy other than let your enemy get them. 

Also, he possesses a sort of "problem" with his brain. Because he had no idea of his origin, he is completely unable to grasp the concept entirely. He conceives origins entirely, but believes nothing when thinking of his own. He does not wonder where he come from, or even think about it all together. It is possible that he can't grasp it all together, even if he one explained where he came from, his mind would be totally unable to process it. If this is true, he will likely never know his origin.

After his first encounter with Alcagorn the Black, he slowly became maddened by the loss, and started to become nera obsessed with finding and killing Alcagorn once and for all. Regardless of his other missions, Alcagorn has stayed active in his mind.

But, can a simple mortal stand up to Alcagorn's might?


Razorveil is about 4 feet tall, and covered in green/blue fur. He appears around 20 years of age, although he ages slower than a normal mobian. His body is very reminiscent to a mongoose, and is also very dull in color due to constantly being covered in Dried mud. He has "Spines" but they are different than a hedgehogs due to they point straight down, akin to hair. On the spines are dull blue stripes. His fur is perfectly solid in color, showing no imperfections.

His hands are large, clawed gauntlets, made out of silvery metal with large, deep blue crystal on both sides of his hands, with the one on his palm being smaller and shaped like a diamond, and the one on his hands being shaped like ovular orbs.  

The claws are very sharp, but can be dulled and resharped at will. Despite the heavy gauntlets he adorns, his arms are actually quite spindly, looking not unlike a Mobian's Arms. Also, his chest has a scar on it from a time he invaded a dragon's lair. The fur there is white-gray.

His eyes tend to switch between different colors, blue if calm, red when exerting himself, and green when feeling extreme emotion. Because of his Gauntlets, he weighs a whopping 134 Pounds (nearly twice as much as Sonic the Hedgehog.) His mouth is rarely in a smile or frown, just a stone look.



In a government lab, DNA from a Fossil believed to be from an Ancient Creature called an Ichneumon, was being studied. However, at the same time, an expirement involving Animo Acids was also being perfomed nearby. While the expirements were being performed, a massive power surge occured, destroying a large part of the base in a fire. The energy gave life to the fossil, by invigorating the Animo Acids.

Before sentience was acheived, however, the mass that was made from the combination of substances absorbed several expiremental weapons, integrating them into its DNA.


By the time the Biomass gained sentience, it had made it so far from the base that it could not connect its origins with it all. The creature designated itself as male, and believed its name was "Razorveil" after seeing the word engraved on his right arm.

Baby's First Kill

After some walking, Razorveil spotted a Dragon flying overhead. As if by instinct, he covered himself in mud, and waited as the sun dried the mud. Slowly, the Mud became like armor. As the dragon landed nearby, Razorveil managed to attack and kill the dragon, being immune to its fire breath, and faster and swifter than it.

As the Dragon fell, Razorveil was spotted by some villagers who regarded Razorveil as a hero for slaying the dragon.

Starting a Buisness

In the village, Razorveil was personally thanked by everyone for slaying the dragon, who had plagued the village for generations. But, the Ichneumon simply wanted to be left alone, and to learn what he was. A young boy suggested that he go to the library, which he did.

Eventually, after weeks and weeks, he found a book about a mythical creature called an Ichneumon, a mongoose like creature who was the mortal enemy of the Dragon. The creature was known for being a near god-like tracker, and the way it dried itself in the mud to make armor. Considering his many similarities to the Creature, and the fact that he looked like one, he was firmly convinced that he was of this species.

Armed with weeks worth of studying and his origins, he decided to do what he does best: Hunt Dragons. After the villagers told him that up in the mountains one hundred miles westward was the lair of the dragon he killed, and that it was likely filled with treasure, he decided to make it his base of operations.

However, the villagers told him that he would likely be killed by the traps the dragon set for intruders. After recieving the book as a reward for saving the village earlier, he set off for the dragons lair.

Making a base

After a long time, Razorveil finally made it to the mountain. After taking only a few steps into the cave, he was nearly kiled by a spike wall trap. However, the weapons integrated into his DNA actived, shooting blue laser beams at the walls, disabling the trap.

Eventually, he made it to the treasure hold. Eventually, after some hard work, he furnished it, making the base into his own home. By chance, he found a Teleport Rune, and used a tome that came with it to find out how to operate it. He decided to explore the nearby area, possibly use the riches stolen by the Dragon for something.

Bounty Hunter

After going to a far off city, Razorveil saw a wanted poster for a criminal wanted for murder. The bounty was about 500,000 Dollars. Razorveil decided to test his ability to track people, and went to the local police station for something he could use to track the man.

The police gave him some records, fingerprints, and a small sample of his blood. He simply needed that, and managed to track the man down in just four days. After using the lasers to paralyze the man, he dragged him back to civilazation, and claimed his reward.

Building a reputation

Over the next few years, Razorveil built a reputation as being a professional bounty hunter. He moved his base to another mountain in Ancient Hill Zone after he killed the dragon living in it, and used the treasure to enhance the base to look not unlike a miniature version of Cheyenne mountain.  He was constantly hired by governments to hunt down criminals, and spent any free time studying, hunting dragons, and furnishing his home.

First Loss

At one point, Razorveil was assigned to kill a powerful dragon called Alcagorn the Black. After tracking the the dragon for weeks, found the dragon deep in a cave. In the middle of the great battle, Alcagorn realized he was losing, and tricked Razorveil into shooting the ceiling, causing a cave in. In response, Razorveil shot the the falling rubble, but Alcagorn used a spell to turn the rubble to silver, blasting Razorveil. Alcagorn escaped easily, but cockily dug of Razorveil, and threw him against the ground, giving him a serious head injury. To just throw salt on the wound, Alcagorn clawed his chest, leaving his scars.

With his mission failed, his body wasted, and his pride crushed, Razorveil exiled himself to his base in Ancient Hill Zone. after the Battle, whether it was because he hit his head really hard or through the bitterness of his defeat, Razorveil became a notably darker person.

Becoming a Mercanary

Razorveil had fixated so much on the frustration of his loss that he became almost obsessed with extracting his revenge on Alcagorn. He decided that he needed to get stronger, and to get stronger, he would need to pour more of his resources in to creating ways to locate Alcagorn, and make weapons to combat the dragon. This would require a lot of money to research the weaknesses of Dragons.

He decided he would have to step up his game. While he did not wish to make enemies, he did however realize he had to. He made deals to fight in wars as a mercanary, becoming an effective foot soldier for both Guerilla Warfare and up front battles. He studied how to make effective investments, and has used his skill to kill dragons to get better pay from the victims of dragons, making his hiring almost more expensive than it's worth.

The Anti Dragon Weapon

After a near incalcuable time of studying, Razorveil found out about a supposed anti-dragon weapon, made to combat dragons. It soon became his goal to find this weapon, with him pouring all the resources he could into it.

Hiring by Water Elementals

As Razorveil is a cruel hearted person, but not entirely evil, and hunts evil dragons, but not entirely good, he is technically of a neutral alignment. While he dosen't uphold law, he also dosen't oppose it either. This technically makes him Neutral in both senses of the word.

Eventually, he was aproached by a tribe of Water Elemnetals. They hired him to come to their plane and enter the Darksea Doldrums, a seaweed forest that was inhabited by many water creatures. He was to enter a lone ship protected by a spell that only neutral people could enter. The water elementals themselves could not enter due to the sheer danger. Inside he was to retreive a large treasure left by a powerful wizard. In return, he could keep half the treasure, and several items of his choosing.

Thinking the Anti Dragon weapon might be within the ship, he agreed. After traveling to the elemental plane of water, he searced the Doldrums. As soon as he found the ship, and entered. As soon as he entered however, the spell weakened significantly because noone had entered in such a long time.

Second Encounter

As he finished gathered the treasure into a bag of holding, he realized the ship was on fire. But not just any fire, but Blackish-Blue Fire. As he got on deck, he saw his mortal enemy had lit the fire. Alcagorn arrogantly stated that the Water Elementals had been under his control, and he had devoloped a spell to make sure Razorveil couldn't sense him. Razorveil, swearing revenge, attacked Alcagorn. This time, Razorveil had the advantage because of the little space the fire dragon had to move.

Razorveil also managed to stop the ship from burning by casting a spell from a scroll to supercharge his lasers. He shot the blue lasers at the water, causing the steam to put out the fire. Although the ship had a small chance of staying afloat, Razorveil was able to take Alcagorn by surprise. By shooting Alcagorn full force in the head, he blinded and wounded the dragon. Alcagorn fled, claiming that while Razorveil had won, he and every one of his descendants would be subjected to his wrath.

Razorveil had most of his trust shattered. As anyone could be an agent of Alcagorn, he made sure to limit his trust of others.

No Limits

Razorveil had slowly increased in power and intellegence over the years. He had more money than he could use. He was a successful person. Still being unaware of his origins didn't bother him. He decided to travel. If he was to beat Alcagorn, he had to find the Anti Dragon Weapon. He decided to set out.

Interactions with Others


Razorveil has little to no friends. His near obsession with his job dosen't allow it. However, he allies himself with powerful people, both in high and low places.


  • Several Governments:Being employed as a Bounty Hunter and later a mercanary, Razorveil has made himself a firm ally of his employers, with the deal that they keep his existance on low profile.
  • Certain Organizations:Razorveil has been hired by certain organizations for various tasks. Although he refuses to do anything illegal, he has carried out a large vareity of odd jobs.


The villagers he first met when he awoke are his only friends worth mentioning


Razorveil has enemies in anyone who fails to pay him, or those who backstab him. When you become his enemy, you make your life much harder on yourself. He will go out of his way just to get back on you, then continue to make your life miserable. He has a great memory, and knows how to hold a grudge.

  • All Dragonkind:As mentioned before, Razorveil is the sworn enemy of all dragonkind.
  • Alcagorn the Black:The only dragon to ever best him in combat, Razorveil has an unfathomable grudge and hatred for the Elder Dragon. He has put a large amount of his time and resources into finding and killing the dragon.

Powers, Abilities and Skills


Razorveil has spent a large amount of his time studying. He has intellegence equal to a college graduate, and has studied hunting, several languages, and the same studies that police use on crime scenes. He also possess an uncanny sense of smell, sight, and hearing, making hiding from him a difficult feat. A notable ability is sixth sense. He has a small organ in head that can sense a Dragon from ten kilometers away. The sense is not 100% accurate, unless the dragon is within a hundred meters.

Physical Abilities

Razorveil's physical abilities are all highly impressive. His agility, stamina, and endurance are by far the most. He can easily take multiple bites, slashes, and slams from a full grown dragon, and survive being buried alive, then being slammed against the ground. He utter relentlessness adds to his speed, along with the fact he much be able to chase a flying dragon. He can run at 145 MPH (enough to catch some of the fastest dragons), and he can move much faster by using the terrain similar to a monkey or a gecko.


As stated before, his hands are gauntlets. The claws are strong enough to rip through concrete with effort, and the metal is non-magnetic. There most notable ability however, is to fire blue laser beams out of the crystal on his palms at targets. Since blue is the most powerful color of light, these lasers can easily harm indiviuals, and tear through metal used to mass produce robots. However, metals such as silver will reflect the beam in another direction. While Razorveil can control the power of the beams, he cannot change their direction after he fires them. Since his weaponry is based off instinct, he cannot further alter his powers. In short, he has mastered his powers to their full potential, yet still with many flaws.

Mud Armor 

As an Ichneumon, Razorveil has the natural ability to coat his body in mud, dry it, and have it become a breath weapon proof armor. While wearing the armor, he is immune to ANY attack shot out of ones mouth. The armor is rather tough, but sufficient force can crack through it.

Dragon Combat

Razorveil instinctivly knows how to combat dragons. He knows how to combat breath weapons, dodge attacks, weaken the dragon while taking minimal damage, and predict patterns. It is near impossible for him to lose one on one to a dragon.


As hunting dragons is his profession, naturally, Razorveil has lot of money on his hands. Although a large portion of it goes into hunting dragons, he still has quite a lot of money. Also, his base in Ancient Hill Zone his practically an apocolypse shelter, with large stores of water, food, and other support should something happen.

He also has quite a bit of books, including the book he obtained about Ichneumons. Since his base is loaded with computers and such, he almost never needs to leave his base to contact the outside world. He also possesses the Teleportation Rune, which allows him to Teleport to several set locations.

He carries around several magic items. These items allow him to cast spells a limited number of times per day. As such, he must use them sparingly.


Razorveil has no traditional weaknesess to any type of attack. However, his weakness is 100% mental. His laser beams and dragon combating are contolled by instinct. This means he has little voluntary control over his attacks. This means that stopping at moments is not possible. This may ultimatly become his undoing, as his enemies can impove while he cannot.

Also, his urge to hunt dragons is very hard to control. His anger over his loss to Alcagorn has made him near obssessed with getting revenge. This has led to a large change in his personality, which effectivly made him the master mercenary he his.


Sonic Adventure 2 "Throw it All Away" Music Request

Sonic Adventure 2 "Throw it All Away" Music Request


Now wake up, up, up, up

Now wake up, up, up, up

Everyone tries to be straight,

But things are still unchanged,

It's useless to resist,

Their efforts, will be wasted,

Head straight for your goal by any means

There is a door that you never opened

For there's a window with a veiw you've never seen

Get there no matter how long it takes   

Oh Dark the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

Noone can break you

Noone can tear you

You live in Endless life forever,

Oh the Dark, the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again,

And again,and again And, and, a, and, and, and, and, and,


Now wake up, up, up, up,

Now wake up, up, up, up,

Oh Dark the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

Noone can break you

Noone can tear you

You live in Endless life forever,

Oh the Dark, the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again,

You live in Endless life forever,

Forever. . .

Now wake up, up, up, up,

Oh Dark the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

Noone can break you

Noone can tear you

You live in Endless life forever,

Oh the Dark, the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again,

Oh Dark the Darkness that dozes in the dusk

Throw it all away,

Noone can break you

Noone can tear you

You live in Endless life forever,


'Oh the Dark, the Darkness that dozes in the dusk'

'Throw it all away,'

'You see a light wherever you go,'

'You have to face it again and again,'

Relation to Razorveil

  • It's useless to resist- Razorveil being a near unstopable bounty hunter
  • Their efforts, will be wasted- Outlaws trying to escape Razorveil, but always failing
  • Head straight for your goal by any means- Razorveil become near obbsessed with killing Alcagorn
  • Get there no matter how long it takes- Also reffering to Razorveil quest to beat Alcagorn
  • No one can break you, no one can tear you- Razorveil never giving up
  • You live and endless life forever- Razorveil becoming consumed in his job
  • You have to face it again and again- Razorveil continously feeling the pain of his loss to Alcagorn
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