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Razor the Raptor is a green dromaeosaur of ambiguous gender who serves Robotnik's empire within the Doriteverse continuity.


Razor is a green dromaeosaur with a brown snout, hands, and feet. Razor has a lighter green belly and flight feathers. Razor's tail is long and has a fan of light green feathers radiating horizontally from its entire length. Razor has magenta eyes and dark grey-green claws. Razor has three claws on each hand and foot, and the hooked, elongated innermost claw of each foot is raised to keep it sharp.

Razor has two feather crests positioned like ears. They are rounded in the "classic" design, but pointed in the "modern" design. The sides of the crests that face outward are lighter in color.

When drawn in a realistic art style, Razor should also be depicted with dewclaws on their feet, similar to real raptors.


Razor wears a light blue sleeveless shirt, dark blue shorts, and a dark blue cape. Razor does not wear any shoes or gloves.

The modern design is not in current use and will change--in fact, a new and unrecognizable modern design has already been made. It is only included because it was what Razor was originally designed to look like, I am not ready to reveal the new design for the same era yet, and it is significantly different from the "classic" outfit.

Razor wears a blue vest with a white zipper thing in the front and darker blue shorts and shoulder pads. The Eggman Empire logo is embroidered in black on the left side of Razor's vest. Razor does not wear any shoes or gloves.

Generally, an Eggman Empire uniform like this would have sleeves; however, those would get in the way of Razor's flight feathers, hence the presence of shoulder pads instead.

(Note: The Eggman Empire logo on Razor's vest is taken from official artwork. It will be changed in all likelihood.)

Posture notes

This section is mainly for personal reference.

  • Due to the elastic tension in their wings, Razor typically holds their arms in a zig-zag position with the elbows and wrists bent and their palms facing each other. Razor's arms will rarely if ever fall straight down at their sides.
  • Razor typically stands with all three toes on the ground; however, in combat Razor will stand on just the middle and outer toes, keeping the inner toe bearing the razor claw raised to slash their opponent with every kick.
  • Razor cannot pronate their wrists--if they hold their arms out in front of them with their elbows pointing down, their hands will always face each other. However, Razor can rotate their thumb much like a human can--this allows Razor to open some doors without having to rotate their whole arm.
  • Razor sits with their legs together and their tail sticking straight back. Razor struggles to sit in chairs that do not have a tail hole, as bending their tail at the base where it's most flexible has the awkward side effect of pulling on the leg on the side opposite of where their tail is pointing.
  • Razor runs with their body almost completely horizontal, their tail sticking straight back. When running like this, Razor will often use their wings to steer in a manner similar to an ostrich.
  • Razor's tail should not be shown waving up and down anywhere except the base. It can, however, wave sideways. Dromaeosaur tails are just like that.


Razor's personality is mostly unknown, but what is known is that they have a strong sense of pride and seem to look down on those who don't serve Robotnik. Razor is also known to see robians as lower and expendable. They still appear to have some code of morals, however, and tend to be less brutal than one would expect from a villain with such an edgy name.

Dialogue and Behavioral Notes

This section is mainly for personal reference.

  • Razor doesn't use people's names when talking to them. The only exception is where it may not be clear who Razor is talking to otherwise, such as when trying to call a specific person from a group.
  • Razor is likely to use words like "fleeting", "fled", "aloft", "lofty", and similar words where they fit instead of other words with similar meaning or use. Words unrelated to height or flight that have a similar sound to them, such as aloof, should also be used more often in the same manner. However, this is not a requirement and it should not be done if it ruins the scene.
  • Razor does not call Robotnik "dad", instead primarily referring to him as "Doctor" when calling his name would be necessary, but they may occasionally refer to him as "my dad" when speaking with someone else.
  • Razor should show a subtle preference for being high up, especially on things that can be climbed. Razor really likes being able to see things from above, and it's a great tactical position.


"Robotnik having a dinosaur child minion is absolutely absurd and I will do everything in my power to acknowledge that."
—Disgustedorite, creator of this page

Razor's history, including the reason for their existence in this time frame, is largely unknown. What is known is that they were apparently adopted and raised from an egg by Doctor Robotnik, but it is unknown where the egg came from or how Robotnik got his hands on it.


"That's not really a secret. Everyone's just dumb."
Razor's gender is unknown. Their voice is too ambiguous to make an accurate judgement from it. They do not correct anyone regardless of what pronouns are used, and neither Razor nor Doctor Robotnik have responded to questions regarding Razor's gender. Apparently, Razor does in fact have a binary gender identity--but they stubbornly refuse to give anyone even a hint as to which it is.


Razor is theoretically capable of using the chaos emeralds to teleport or go super, but does not yet know how to do so. Otherwise, the only apparent "power" Razor has is minor air manipulation, but this is a natural side effect of having wings.


Razor can:

  • See infra-red and ultra-violet colors
  • Slow their descent when falling by flapping their wings
  • Rapidly climb steep slopes, with assistance from their wings
  • Glide, though they cannot gain much height without any kind of updraft
  • Slice foes with their primary flight feathers, provided they've gained enough speed from gliding or diving to do so
  • Blow away lightweight opponents by flapping their wings at them

Razor also has access to the following attacks and abilities which have pages (list is incomplete):


Razor is apparently a skilled mechanic, able to repair badniks and other robots on the fly during battle.


Aside from general weaknesses common across all Mobians, most of Razor's weaknesses are currently unknown.


  • Razor was originally created as the protagonist in a game idea Dorite never did anything with, and later served as the placeholder protagonist in another unused game concept. Back then, Razor's design was "feral", resembling an actual raptor in overall shape and proportions rather than being an anthropomorphic character.
    • The mystery of Razor's gender is actually derived from the fact that Dorite did not know what gender Razor should be in either game concept. In fact, Razor's real gender was not decided until a few months after this page was first created in February 2018, and it is the opposite of the one Dorite was originally leaning towards at the time of the page's creation.
  • Razor is confirmed to be gay.


None yet

Gameplay Notes

In the event that Razor is modded into a Sonic game, including modding-compatible fan games such as Sonic World, this is a general guide for the type of gameplay Razor should have.

For fan games that are not rom hacks or games where it's possible to mod in custom abilities, Razor should have gliding momentum-based gameplay. Like a treasure hunter, Razor can glide, but they are also able to dive and swoop back up. Razor can also gain additional height by flapping, but this should be heavily restricted by a stamina bar. Razor should be able to climb soft or rough surfaces, including wood, fabric, and rough rock faces, but not relatively flat solid surfaces such as well-mortared bricks or smooth rock faces. Razor should have melee attacks based around kicking, and should be able to slice foes with their wings while diving. Razor should also have a ranged but inaccurate wind blast attack which can be used from the ground. When Razor doesn't have access to boost panels, they should still be able to climb steep inclines by flapping their wings--like with gaining height while gliding, this should have a stamina bar associated with it. If Razor jumps on an enemy, they should be able to pin it down and attack while flapping to keep balance, again with a stamina bar; this should also be an expected mechanic to be used often during boss fights.

Where custom abilities are not possible, the preferred option is "treasure hunter" gameplay--gliding and climbing with melee attacks, such as Knuckles or Rouge in the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic '06. If the game being modded is Sonic Heroes, Razor should be a flight type, and if the game being modded is part of the Sonic Boom series, Razor should play similar to Tails but should only use melee attacks except for the charged up attack, which should be a wind blast. Any time a ranged attack is required, it needs to be replaced with a wind blast. Homing attacks and enerbeams are acceptable if all characters already playable in the game have them.

If a super form is required, Razor's super form should be golden-orange in color and aura. "Dark" forms should shift to a desaturated blue-green hue.

Where applicable, such as when modding Razor into Sonic Generations for some unfathomable reason, "classic" Razor should be better at flight-oriented abilities while "modern" Razor should be more physically powerful.

Note: These notes, especially immediately above, are currently considered outdated for Razor's eventual modern redesign, for reasons that are currently the most well-guarded spoiler about Razor thus far. Speculation is encouraged.

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