Razor Claw The Tiger
October 27th
Former Fighter
He liked a lot of things, mainly Fighting.
Long Ranged Combat, or at least he used to.

Razor Claw was once a fighter at the reknown arena, The Blitz Pit. He was well known by his name, especially since his fighting style involved his claws combined with built in claws on his gloves. He was a fierce fighter, but a good person outside of the field of battle. His current Whereabouts are unknown, as he went missing several years ago. One person reported to have seen him months after he had gone missing, murdering someone on the side of the road with his claws, and running out of the city. He had not been seen since.

What actually happened was, due to an accident, Razor had lost his mind and went permenantly berserk, also gaining new abilities on the side. He ran off out of Green Flower City, and nobody has heard from him since. Nor does anyone know about the "Accident" that occured.

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Razor The Tiger

Razor The Tiger

Razor is a pale brown tiger, with black stripes going across his body. He has crazy hair the same shade of brown as his fur, with random broken streaks of black every which way. He wears torn brown pants and a black vest, along with black shoes with spikes in the middle and on the tip. His gloves have three razor sharp claws built on the back of them, and have holes on the fingertips for his own claws to show. His eyes are crimson red.


Razor was once an energetic, fun loving person back in his glory days in the Blitz Pit. He got along well with a lot of people, and treated everyone equally. In the battlefield, though, he would be serious, focused, competitive, and nearly merciless. Those traits got him far in the Blitz Pit, and he was one of the most feared fighters in the arena. He bore that reputation with pride.

Now he has changed into a crazed monster, not thinking clearly about anything. He will hack and slash at nearly anything that moves. There is one thing that he can think of clearly, though: Revenge.

Strengths and Powers

Razor is a good fighter with quick instincts. His claws allow him to tear up his opponent with ease. After the accident, he now wears a Lightning and Fire elemental ring on each hands, now giving him powers over fire and lightning. He is also now far more physically powerful than before, and his durability is much better as well. He is resistant to many of the elements, except for water. Water is his one weakness, as it drains his energy now that he is using two opposing elemental rings. It will also short circuit him if he is in the middle of using his Lightning ring. Razor can also jump exceptionally high, allowing him to reach very high places that most normal people can not normally. What's more, he can climb using his claws.

General Info

Razor's current wherabouts are unknown. It is unknown to all but a few people what caused him to go berserk and to have an amp in his abilities. He will attack anyone he sees without warning. He rarely will introduce himself before attempting to murder them.

Back Story

Razor was one of the good fighters in the Blitz Pit. However, he fell victim as a test subject for an organization creating mutants. They placed two elemental rings on his wrists, and had attempted to mutate him. However, their experiment failed. One of their machines malfunctioned, and the raw chaos energy combined with the essence of elemental rings being used in the way it was, drove him mad. The experiments succeeded partially, as his abilities were enhanced greatly, but he did not mutate, nor did he take orders. Instead, He broke free and damaged up the facility badly. He then escaped and ran out of the city. On his way out, one of the kidnappers came after him, but he slayed him with his claws. Razor soon came back to the city, wanting to get revenge on the people that kidnapped him. He found a ship that was had elemental rings as cargo, and stowed away. He attacked and killed almost everyone on the ship, except for the captain, who was smart enough to get away before he was spotted, and still control the ship. The ship docked at a facility floating above the water, and Razor went inside and damaged the place up in a blind rage. He broke into one room, and found that the room had been torn up already-far worse than anything he could have done. He saw a capsule that was intact, contrast to several others in the room that were damaged. The capsule was filled with a pink smoke, but he could just barely make out the shape of a ring lying at the bottom of it. He then left without touching it and went to find someone else to "extract his revenge" upon. Seeing how they had elemental rings, he believed that they were the ones that mutated him. He found a helicopter taking off, and grabbed onto the bottom of it. The helicopter took him back to Green Flower City, at the back of the Elemental Rings Factory. He attacked the people inside the helicoptor, but they managed to fend him off long enough to barricade themselves inside the factory. After many useless attempts to break inside, he left. And that was the last anybody had ever seen of him.


Razor was somewhat old character I thought up, but I didn't know which alignment he would be. Good, bad, or neutral. He was then going to be neutral, then bad, then I dropped him as I couldn't think of anything for him. Later I decided to bring him back as a villain, but I lacked a design and a story. Even more later, I wanted to remake a sprite pic of all my characters, but I remembered that I had two characters that were unfinished so I'd have to finish them first. Which brought me to Razor, and I quickly realized that I already had a story next to me, so I decided to fit him into there. At the same time, I began designing him, and I believe it will do nicely.


(Has not made any official appearances yet.)

Relationships with Other Characters

Razor's relationships are unknown.

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