The Razor-type Armor Dash Unit is a armor enhancement, designed for use with powered armor, and built by Hammerforge Industries.

Razor-type Armor Dash Unit

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
TypePowered Armor Speed-enhancement Upgrade.
Technical Information
Weight3.22 kg
Maximum Duration30 seconds
Known Users
  • Available for order by almost all factions
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

History & Usage

Developed by an elite scout from the Col'nesian Army, the Razor-type Armor Dash Unit was designed to fill in a fatal flaw of powered armors at the time - the relatively slow speed, only slightly faster than a half-pace run. For a scout, this lack of speed was a major issue, especially considering all the hydraulic assistance built into the armor, which was wired to only use roughly twenty percent of it's power, in order to compensate for the weight and allow them to serve as a 'juggernaut', a heavily-armored infantry unit who would simply walk into battle. Good for a melee soldier. Bad for a scout. Scout armors were typically lighter, but still restrained the wearer down to a walk.

In order to correct the issue, the scout looked into the programming of the armor, and found the test codes, which allowed for greater power in the hydraulic 'muscles'. However, when these were made to exert more than seventy percent power, it would simply snap the wearer's bones in two, which the scout tested on analogous substances. Finally, he went to Hammerforge with an additive item - a small, matte silver box with an input jack, designed to fit into the battle armor equipment plug. Once inserted, activating the device would override the armor's natural restrictions, instead allowing for much faster travel, the hydraulics set to sixty-two percent power. The head designers were impressed by the idea, and refined it, creating the Razor-type Armor Dash Unit. The function was near-identical, the only addition being a focus on the lower body. Similar units were planned for both strength and reflexes. In addition, a modified Steel-type Armor series was proposed, and dubbed the Mercury-type. With the Razor unit built in, allowing for a second enhancement unit to be fitted, the Mercury units were fully armored scout-focused suits.

Later on, with enhancement jacks becoming standard in most company's armors, the Razor units were purchased at an even faster rate than ever, in order to allow for almost any armor to be fitted with the acceleration unit.


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