These are the list of Razer's vehicles. All of these vehicles are land (cars, trucks, except bikes). The Asphalt Burner is Razer's canonical vehicle.

Razer's Vehicles (in RPs)



The Hopper is a 2-door SUV with off-road modifications, intended for rough, off-road terrain. In addition to having roof lights and a spare tire on the back, it also possesses a snorkel that allows it to traverse through rivers as to prevent its engine from flooding, though it is not recommended to traverse through deeper waters. It has 4WD capability and has a 5-speed manual transmission. While it's quite fast, it has a high center of gravity, meaning that even with its heavy duty suspension and off-road sway bars, it is still susceptible for rollovers if turning a corner too sharply. The bodywork of the Hopper has two paintjob; one a sandy brown, the other are red stripes, and both sides contain the number 12. In addition, it also has a roof rack, containing both a spare tire and a roof bag onto the rack, which is intended to hold items onto the roof. Its license plate is "R4Z3R", which stands for "Razer", the same name as its owner.

It first appears in Secret of the Sands.

Canon Vehicle

Asphalt Burner

The Asphalt Burner is Razer the Fox's personal racing car. Its styling is a boxy, 1970's-style muscle car with a large supercharger from the hood bonnet. Its mirrors are circular chrome and its exhaust pipes are located on the rear, and its overall appearance seem to resemble as the second generation Dodge Charger. Its four headlights are circular in terms of overall shape, though unlike its real-life counterpart, it does not have retractable headlights. Its base color is obsidian black like Razer's jacket with red, orange and yellow flame graphics on the front end, which reflects Razer's pyrokinesis. Its back wheels are slightly bigger than its front wheels.

Statistics-wise, the Asphalt Burner has the highest acceleration, though it has low boost and average top speed. In addition, it has average handling which can be easily mitigated with the use of drifting around tighter turns. Surprisingly enough, its defense is very good due to its sturdy build. If executed correctly right after the start of the race, it will gain significant speed and pull off a wheelie for a few seconds before its front wheels land back on the road.

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