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Razer the Fox

Razer the Fox is a Mobian fox, "born" in an undisclosed location within Mobius. He might seem to be the reworked version of Johnny D. the Fox, whom he was secretly taken to a lab not by the G.U.N., but rather, a much secretive organization that not even his two allies are wanting to reveal, especially for classified reasons. Even if his friends do not recognize him at first sight, Razer himself doesn't show much concern. His "counterpart" is Stella the Fox, created by Eggman using his DNA extracted to create a clone of himself (albeit female).


"Was Johnny Before, But Not Anymore"

Prior to his complete reconstruction of his physical and mental appearance, he was secretly taken by an unknown faction (all of them were Mobians) and had soon taken him inside the hyperbolic chamber where his appearance was drastically altered. Though of course, he voluntarily accepted their offer before this had happened. As a result, some of his crucial memories had still retained, despite having secretly left his old friends without saying anything, not even the flame goddess. Moreover, during his transformation, His name was soon changed from Johnny to Razer, including his appearance as well having changed from brown to red, which is befitting for his pyrokinetic nature.

Although, his tone of voice had also changed, but, while his personality was altered, it remained mostly unchanged for the most. In addition, his vehicular possessions were replaced with newer, better ones, and both Ajax and Twinkle were secretly hired to assist Razer at any time. Once his transformation was finished, he almost didn't remembered who he was, most notably his former name. His appearance drastically changed as well, though surprisingly, his mental state was normal.

Razer, including Ajax and Twinkle, was soon informed by unknown officials to never tell anyone, not even his friends, about the location. With that said and done, Razer was off to a new beginning, but maybe try and find others who he is most familiar with, even if they don't recognize him as such.

Present Day

To this day, Razer was venturing on his own, mainly going incognito at times unless whenever danger is most present. Since his occupation is unknown, even for him, he occasionally aids others in need of help, or even do races when no dangers are present, often taking part in organized events, rather than unsanctioned races.

Physical Description

Because of the drastic changes, his entire appearance was altered, though his pyrokinesis was not affected. He now has a crimson red fur with white-tipped tail and muzzle, along with his ears. His ears are, however, covered by a hoodie, which also hides his bandages that were covered from the top of his head. His full hoodie is charcoal black. He also sports his full grey camo pants and steel black boots with red highlights. In addition, his gloves are black as well, with red that goes along the fingers from the gloves. His eyes were also a much darker red as well.

One of his notable features are his visor goggles that doubles as a heads-up display (or HUD), which contains various features including his health status, maps, and night-vision and thermal vision for him to see from low visibility. In addition to this, his back was also fitted with a small, solar equipment that functions from direct sunlight which also aids in keeping his body temperature from dropping as a result of traversing through cold weather, ranging from 5-15 hours, depending on how severe the frigid temperature is.

He also doesn't have any hair, hence the bandages covering around his head. If it were to be removed, he'll likely possesses obvious scars around the top of his head, covered by bandages. Additionally, most of his body, along with arms, hands and legs also contains bandages underneath the outfit, which can imply that he's been heavily scarred as a result of being experimented on from being genetically modified.


Despite his fiery nature, this wasn't always the case, to say the least; Razer is mostly laid-back and protective, not hesitating to provide aid to others in danger, no matter how minor, especially with the help of both his friends and allies alike. He is also a bit of a recluse when traversing alone, though only for a short time if around others who do not pose a threat. Though despite that he can maintain his positive attitude, he is also hot-tempered if his enemies were to belittle him or others, not hesitating to fight back, even though his anger is one of his main factors to his main ability.

And he can get even madder if his friends, or his prized possessions, were attacked, which can result in his pyrokinesis to rise in an alarmingly dangerous state if it were to prolong, eventually leading into a dangerous fit of rage if he's pushed over the edge. While this can help raise his power at higher levels, this can lead to a huge setback; if he is unable to maintain his powers, he'll likely accidentally harm others who are not a threat, which can lead to obvious remorse and regret, including nature because he's afraid of using it only to end up starting a wildfire.

As powerful as he does look, he fears that his powers can turn against him unless he seeks guidance who can help him master his burning powers. All in all, deep inside, he's shown to be protective, caring and willing to be in a line of fire (no pun intended), just to prevent the coming danger ahead.


One of his key factors is his pyrokinesis. This type of elemental ability has a number of benefits, including increased power in hot temperatures, including being around volcanic areas, which can significantly increase his potential powers. While he can use his anger to fuel his attack powers, he also depends on defensive abilities as well as to repel incoming attacks. In addition, he is also extremely resistant against other pyrokinetic attacks. The following list of abilities are as follows:

  • Firewall - A defensive ability that lives up to its name; with both palms on the ground, a large wall of flame forms in front of him as to prevent ranged attacks and from enemies attempting to charge at him.
  • Fireball (and Fireball Barrage) - As the name implies, a fireball is manifested around his hand, and soon lobbing it at his foes, depending on the range from the throw. He can also create more fireballs as a form of barrage as to overwhelm them.
  • Double Flame Kick - When airborne, he moves both feet together, with flames manifesting around them and come crashing back down. If it hits the ground, it creates a knock-back which can hurl foes back. If they make contact to them, then it can deal considerable amount of damage.
  • Dragon's Breath - A much notable ability which involves taking a deep breath as much as possible before exhaling, unleashing a stream of fire from his mouth, with a considerably large AoE (area of effect); he doesn't just fire it at just a single line, he can move either left or right until his flames become diminished. The duration varies depending how long he held his breath, though holding it for too long will only result in him coughing up smoke, rendering this ability ineffective.
  • Flame Thruster - This allows him to focus his ability by shooting a stream of flame on the ground, allowing him to catch some air, and be able to dodge incoming attacks, also be able to pick up speed. This, however, does not serve as a means to take flight as he must land back onto the ground to avoid depletion.
  • Fire Fist - His hands, when turned into fists, results in flames to manifest around them. They deal considerable damage if the attacks are connected.
  • Burning Tornado - He spins himself around at rapid speeds, soon manifesting into a fiery tornado before charging at his foes. Even if he misses, the searing heat is enough to cause fatigue.

Outside of his pyrokinesis, he is an adept technician, with the aid of his visor goggles that help point out the possible odds and ends. In addition, the visor goggles also provide night vision, including thermal vision, when visibility is lax. It also advises him to incoming attacks and even point out hiding spots when the situation becomes detrimental. He is also a highly skilled driver, as his vehicles were modified for him to be able to see where he's going, as well as being able to reach pedals, his performance are always a force to be reckoned with.

While his immunity to spicy foods are not considered his ability, he is able to consume even the hottest foods with no health risks involved. In addition, he can easily enhance non-elemental weapons for increased attack boost even if its only for a temporary time.

Additionally, if paired up with Bidane, it grants him the ability to use Elemental Link with her. With it, this can significantly double the pyrokinesis for an even more devastating attack with proper concentration. While her movements are graceful, Razer's movements consists of brute force, but if paired up with Bidane, he can match her moves easily.


Despite his finesse with his elemental ability, he is far from achieving perfection. His pyrokinesis can be relatively unstable if used in an unpredictable manner and without proper focus, Razer's own powers may backfire on him, resulting in self-inflicted damage. Furthermore, if his anger takes full control to the point where rage takes over in an uncontrolled manner, he'll end up blindly attacking anyone in sight, friend and foe alike (much to his obvious dismay). In other, extreme cases, he'd surround himself into a ball of raging fire, restricting him from making any normal movements unless he is told to release his anger if he takes hold of it for far too long. Due to this, he'll need to seek others who can help him out as his full mastery of pyrokinesis is yet to be achieved, including his impulsive temper that requires serious management.

Another set of weaknesses are both water and cold weather. While water can instantaneously sap his powers away if going too deep into the water, cold weather can also prove deadly if his solar equipment embedded onto his back doesn't have enough energy to keep him warm. And despite the solar equipment's usage, colder temperatures mean that said equipment uses up much faster than it normally should due to the drastic drop in temperatures, rendering him ineffective and resulting him to black out, which couples his strength being significantly diminished.

Unlike many other Mobians, Razer cannot turn "Super" through normal means such as Sol Emeralds or Chaos Emeralds (or any type of Emeralds). Both Emeralds will only fully replenish his health, but does not turn him "Super". Instead, his levels must meet certain criteria, especially with extensive training with the aid of other flame deities or other pyromancers who had fully mastered their abilities in order to achieve those. Otherwise, attempting to turn "Super" without fully mastering them will be futile.

To top it off, he clearly detests using his pyrokinesis if in a natural environment, specifically nature, as he's afraid of starting a wildfire when confronting enemies. He fears that he'll end up starting a forest fire, which can leave him wide open to be attacked unless he has his friends and allies to back him up. While he's not considered an environmentalist, he is extremely reluctant to use his powers at the risk of destroying nature altogether.

He is also not adapted to fight against foes with wind abilities, as his pyrokinesis can be easily repelled and can throw his aim off as well.

Unless he has truly mastered pyrokinesis, while his pyrokinesis are as equally as powerful as other pyromancers, his elemental power is unbalanced and chaotic at best, even with proper focus.



Also known as Fortunata the Wolf, they were quite close, even before his radical change, and they often team up with their equal powers even though hers surpass his own. This was further evidenced when Fortunata/Fiamme took him under her wing by helping him master his pyrokinesis towards full potential.

Bidane the Leopard

Despite that she and the Soumerca Egg Army members work for Eggman, he doesn't hold any grudges and instead aids them to stop The Silver Huntsmen from poaching animals. Despite the Soumerca Egg Army being villains (with Bidane being one of them), he refused to attack them, and is more than willing to help her in putting her pyrokinesis to great use.


Razer has indeed endured serious injuries throughout events:

  • Beast Legends - Has his pyrokinesis completely drained by Dr. Eggman, who used him as a living weapon to capture Tiamat.
  • All Bottled Up - Nearly blew himself up from holding his anger in for prolonged periods of time after being repeatedly provoked by both Orbot and Cubot (though Cubot was the main culprit).
  • Poacher's Intrigue - Was shot in the back by Marvin's taser rifle. The shot had penetrated inside his spine, resulting in Razer being paralyzed.


  • This character seems to be an incarnate version of the older and outdated character, Johnny D. the Fox.
    • Although, he might be considered to be a much more upgraded version of the former character, even though the background is much entirely different, likely to be a retcon.
  • Out of all other Mobians that can easily turn Super with the use of Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds, Razer is the only, if not few, Mobian that cannot turn Super through normal means.
  • Razer is not to be mistaken with Razor. While both are pronounced correctly, these two names are entirely different.
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